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Grimsby Man Jailed For Selling Ketamine On DNMs

Alex Middleton (20), living in Grimsby in the UK, has been jailed for 2 years and 4 months for selling Ketamine on Silk Road 2 under the vendor name MaximusDecimus.

He sold the drugs worldwide, most of his customers were from the UK, United States, Germany and Canada. He had pretty good stealth, he disguised his packages as ”sea vegetable supplement” and attached fake invoices to the parcels making them look like they have been sent by a legit health firm. According to LE, he sourced the Ket from China and India and resold it to DNM users for a higher price.

The National Crime Agency (NCA) has busted Middleton in November, last year. They have found several bags of Ketamine and bottles of Alprazolam (Xanax) in liquid form. During the bust the police have found all the information they needed from MaximusDecimus’ DNM sales. They have found transactions for chemistry equipment and have found out that Middleton’s vendor profile had at least 195 detailed feedbacks from DNM users all around the world.

NCA Branch Commander, David Norris stated: “This is another reminder to criminals that the dark web isn’t as anonymous as they might hope, we have the ability to track and identify them and will continue to prosecute people who use the dark web to commit and enable serious crime.”

On 10 June 2015, Middleton pleaded guilty to 5 charges, including “the possession, importation and intent to supply of Class B and C drugs”.

He was sentenced at Leeds Crown Court on September 30 for 2 years and 4 months.

Official Press release from NCA regarding this arrest can be found here.



    Wow I love England. Alex will be out in 14 months :) In the US he’d be having his asshole plundered by tattoo covered black and latino fuckheads. Over there, he gets a TV in his cell, a PlayStation, weed, mobile phone etc LOL it’s almost a joke. A year of holiday camp. “God save the queen!” xD

  2. got save the queen

    concerning ketamin; anyone knows anything where marcelketman is?

  3. If anyone is curious, Middleton is the 19yo Middleton man that was one of the 6 arrests the NCA announced right after the raid on SR2. So now we finally know who he was and what he sold. Nothing on how he was caught, unfortunately.

  4. He was caught because he bought ketamine from abroad using his vendor account.

  5. got save the queen

    no news article anywhere ?

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