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The Blockchain Magic: Φ Free Anonymous Internet

Update 12.10.15: Source code is now available for download at this link.

Note:  Source files are still not available for review at this time, according to the system developer “To avoid Alt-coining, source code will be published after its user number reaches 1000”.  so proceed with caution if you want to test this system and use sandbox.

Introduction post about “Φ ” provided by its developer:

What can blockchain technology do besides decentralized currency system or decentralized contract system?

A decentralized content sharing system: Free Anonymous Internet Φ!

Φ is a decentralized peer-to-peer content sharing system. Empowered by Blockchain technology, Φ shows some unprecedented advantages:

Ultimate Freedom: content can NEVER be deleted, locked, modified or censored. Once published it is accessible from anywhere.

Ultimate Anonymity: No real world personal data needed. Footprint is untraceable.

Main Functions

Publish and Browse

A content field is added to transaction output in Φ system, enabling contents published to Φ blockchain.

Publishing contents on Φ does not need any registration as you normally do with a centralized website or mobile app. Contents are uncensored. No one can delete or modify (including the publisher) once the content is confirmed by Φ network.

All information on Φ blockchain is public to every Φ browser. To browse on Φ, you will not leave any trace on what information you’ve browsed because every peer has a full copy of the whole block chain.


Since every piece of content has a publisher address (Public-key), following and tipping the poster or commenting to the content is available. In personal homepage, all contents published by an address are listed, which works as a decentralized Facebook or twitter.



Anonymous encrypted chatting is enabled by sending contents encrypted by a shared-key derived from sender and receiver’s keys. Since the message is relayed by the Φ network, there’s no direct connection between sender and receiver. Meanwhile, similar to publishing contents, to send or receive message on Φ system doesn’t require registration, so Φ messenger keeps the highest possible anonymity.



Φ shop is the first one in history that carries the information flow and cash flow in the same system. With the same Φ account, you may publish any product, receive order, and even receive payment in real time.



Φ domain is similar to ICANN domains, but without any central registrar. Φ domain has more freedom and flexibility: it can be redirected to a Φ ID, a Φ link or even a normal http link. With a domain, avatar, alias and intros can be set to an account which is way cuter than messy addresses.



With a free automatically generated Φ account on the first start, you may already receive Φ coins from others. In Φ wallet, there are basic functions for balance and transaction history.


Mine coins

By contributing computing power to help confirming transaction on Φ network, miner will receive transaction fee as incentive.


Internet browsing

Standard web browser function is integrated in Φ system. You may simply use Φ as a normal browser.


Other innovative functions

Weighted Multisig: Multisig is enhanced by adding signature weight to each address.

Blockchain link: A link pointing to any content on blockchain, identified by block height, nTx and nVout.

Vout locktime: Each vout has individual locktime.

Mempool entrance threshold: when mempool is full, an entrance threshold of fee rate will be enabled.

Mempool tx override: When a tx is stuck in mempool without enough fee to be collected in new blocks, sender or receiver may add fee and override the old tx.

Off-chain service: More centralized service such as offchain instant messenger and cloud storage can be developed in the near future.

New POW Hashing Algorithm: A new algorithm incompatible with Bitcoin or Litecoin ASICs.


Φ system is designed with an Infrastructure-API-Applications framework. This framework enables plug-n-play of unlimited new applications. Serverless dynamic websites becomes possible: the Φ Browser, Φ Messenger and Φ Shop are all good examples.


Where to find?

Official website: www.f-a-i.net

Currently a windows version is available for downloading. To avoid Alt-coining, source code will be published after its user number reaches 1000.

Promotion is going on: send your Φ address to [email protected] to get free 10 Φ coins which allows you to publish 10KB long content to Φ blockchain.


  1. How many free space need this windows application?
    And will be also GNU linux version available without windows hidden malware in binary ?

  2. How many free space need this windows application?
    Will be also available Linux source code?

  3. Trying to cater to geeks by serving *Windows* users first is a really weird approach IMO. Why not provide a statically compiled Linux binary?

  4. Could a DNM be run in the same way??? Be intersting to see what moves with this technology

  5. Thanks for the questions
    The content grows everyday. Currently it grows very slowly,like 1M/day,in the future if many users come the maximum space occupied is 540M/day.
    The windows veriosn and linux version are built from the same source code.

  6. All these wonderful features from a closed-source binary served from a website that requires javascript – what could possibly go wrong…

  7. Honestly, this seems like it could turn out good. But please do work on the site. Everything seems to work fine with chrome, but not firefox. Try to get a cdn up if possible for faster downloads.

  8. Is there any way to start and run a mining pool? Solo is quite very slow.

    • That’s a good point!
      We’ve developed API for pool mining in the FAI client– getblocktemplate and poolmine functions.
      The reason why we don’t open a pool by ourselves is because it’s a centralized service and we won’t get involved in any centralized services.
      Anyone who has JS skills can program and run a FAI mining pool on a personal computer.
      We will give goog bonus for the first mining pool.

  9. Two questions:
    1. This solution seems to be able to host the next-gen p2p market aka Silk Net. Is this correct?
    2. When are guys you planning to go open-source?

    • Thanks for the questions.
      1 Yes. This is a different solution, thoroughly decentralized, serverless. And with much transparency– it’s not deep or dark ,but anonymous
      2 Tomorrow.

  10. How can I register a fai domain and launch a site? Please advise. Thanks

    • Reg domain:(menu)account->domain->add new, fill in the form.
      Launch site:
      core steps:
      3.2 Publish all files of app to Φ DB. There’s a batch-publish function in Φ publisher.

      3.3 Make and publish the package file. It’s a list of blockchain links of files in the app, in JSON format. (Example: /appdata/browser/package.json )(The links of files published can be found on browser->’my page’)

  11. are those people insane, or are they working for FBI? why did they start with MS$CIA Windows????????
    how can they even consider the windows platform???????

  12. f-a-i.net requires even javascript, the worst backdoor, that ever existed.
    this is a FBI implant, this …… pseudosecure system…….

  13. FAI,FBI,FCI,lol
    Javascript is real open source–no compiling
    All Javascript codes can be checked locally before you run them.

    • Anonymous Coward

      You tell us how to catch all backdoors by visually inspecting code. lol

      That includes harmless javascript code that “unintentionally” opens backdoors in the browser of course.

  14. An android version of this would be sick awsome

  15. Please vote for FAI to be listed in Cryptsy exchange:

  16. I really don’t see the point of using blockchain technologies to store heavy content… Isn’t scaling the main issue of Bitcoin?

  17. Im new to this can you help me with a list of trusted venders you woulduse yourself if you were in the market to buy credit cards from.

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