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Warning: Fentanyl Being Sold As Heroin On DNMS

Provided by Doctor X & “International Drug Testing Service from Energy Control which in collaboration with ASUD and TechnoPlus, has recently analyzed heroin samples (nº3, for smoking and nº4 intranasal/intravenous). We have been informed that these samples were delivered through Deep Web Marketplaces and offered from Europe (big sellers from France and Belgium).

In April 2015, in Belgium, a young man died after taking a brown powder he had bought on the deep web and actually was ocfentanyl. In their June’s newsletter, the British harm reduction project Wedinos said they had already analyzed six samples of ocfentanyl powder.

These samples were suspicious for adulteration, and this idea has been confirmed. Analysis results shows ocfentanyl presence, a synthetic opioid which is hundred times more potent than heroin. Effects are similar to other opiates, but this adulteration can increase overdose and severe adverse effects risks. Overdose-related fentanyl and fentanyl derivatives from opiate samples, have been recently reported in United States, Canada and Europe.

Energy Control warns heroin users who buy this product from Deep Web. There are no quick or qualitative tests for fentanyl and fentanyl derivatives. The only way to know the exact composition of a drug is submitting a sample to analysis. Energy Control offers users an International Drug Testing Service.


  1. I wonder who the seller is… *europedrugs* is a famous French seller on several major markets. His stuff is cash, but hardly runs on the foil. He sells twice the price of other sellers, arguing his shit is pure.

    It would really help HR if we’d know WHO is actually selling fentanyl as heroin on the Deep Web.

  2. I agree, you need to release the name of the vendor selling this along with a copy of the lab results to quiet the inevitable charges of intentional slander that will come thereafter. It’s entirely unacceptable to sell a falsely-labeled product that can result in death to make a few bucks.

  3. Apparently europedrugs has been doing this despite claiming it is H.
    Most vendors that sell ” china white ” are selling fentanyl or an analogue. Such vendors try to mix it with an inert cut so people are less prone to OD but I doubt they are skilled chemists. The mixtures can contain hotspots.

  4. Hey!
    Since a few years a heroin user and months ago i stumbled upon The French Connection,
    I had a steady tolerance, but even when smoking ( also with IV ) i blacked out like that…
    In a second i was gone, and woke up few times 1 hour later. Nothing happpened to me luckily..
    Also the texture and smell isnt that of heroine.
    Its even so potent that i dont feel zip nada of heroine the same day or little bit later…
    Also withdrawals kick in faster! and they begin very hard!! but i managed 1 time to get over it ( the psychical wd ) on the heroin of frenchconnection and it took only few very rough days..
    Have to admit i cant stand being sobre and the depression etc.. So i started using again.
    So, i have a big tolerance for opiates, but i believe truely its FC that sells it becaues of smell * taste * blacking out.
    While for me i learned that i could prevent the blacking out rapidly.
    I believe a first timer or a new user, could easily black out and dont come back…
    In no means i want to discredit FC since it also was ./ is good value for the effect.
    Anyway hope it gets sorted out.


    • Hi,
      I’m here to confirm about “French Connection”.

      Let me explain from the beginning .
      I had only done heroin one time before, no IV, just snorting and it was last week end. I wanted to know what heroin is, as I’ve tested almost all others “classic” drugs available, and being a strong opioids user in the past, but having never tried H.
      I ordered a sample (0,25gr) of #3 H from a random guy on alphabay and it was a pleasant experience. The sample give me a magic night, but I heard that #4 heroin was better for insufflation. I know it seems to be more complicated than this now but that’s not the problem. I found on deepdotweb the FrenchConnection own darkmarket and ordered from them 1gr of #4. Process gone right, no problem until I tested the product yesterday.
      – Not knowing the product, I snorted a really small quantity (no scale), like a head match. It kicked really fast, within the first two minutes, and really hard, nodding off, having trouble to read anything on my screen. At first I tought that it was the real deal, that almost pure heroin was like that (yeah stupid me). But within twenty minutes, all effects were gone. I began to be suspicious. Searching since yesterday for fake heroin, reading some things about fentanyl analogs, “china white rc mix”… Sooner this evening I took a larger dose, I felt asleep, I awoke “smothering”, I could not breathe, I was panicking, and as I was running in my room like a beheaded chicken, my heart began to increase and it eventually returned to normal, altough I have a little headache now. I really thougt it was the end.
      A guy on the comments of the FC market is also saying that their H is related to Fentanyl analogs, then you, then this news…

  5. THEFRENCHCONNECTION tested positive a while ago it seems:


    FC is a Belgian vendor and could be the one that sold the fent that guy OD’d on.

    I wonder how these guys can still strive. Users don’t seem to give a shit and their reviews are all close to 100% positive.

  6. They are not talking about Europe drugs he might be over priced but I have used all of his products at some point and he is Def not selling fetanyl or one of its analogues as herein. They are talking about French Connection, this is the only vendor so far whose had lab results that have proved he is selling fetanyl as heroin. Europe drugs is a solid vendor look at the guys feedback 1000’a and it’s almost perfect, I know feedback can be padded and doesn’t mean everything but I can assure you Europe drugs stuff is heroin, at least his no3 anyway I have tried all types of his no3 I can’t comment on the no4 it is without a dout trench connection that is being spoken about here. Also there is a new vendorsed godzillah I have reason to believe his “heroin” maybe cut with fetanyl or one of its analouges

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