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Man Jailed For 30 Months For Exchanging CP On Dark Net Sites

Joel Morter (25) has been jailed for using dark web CP (child porn) websites for exchanging under-aged sex media and for making under-aged girls strip off naked in front of a webcam.

When police have raided Morter’s house they found him at his computer reading child abuse stories online. Law enforcement authorities have found 919 child porn related content, including 274 movies that contained the abuse of children, some of them were categorized as “one of the most extreme types of child porn”. He has been sharing some of these videos and movies on unnamed dark web pedo sites. The police also found chat logs of Morter contacting with young girls from all over the world.

The chat messages were found on the child porn abuser’s laptop and iPhone, according to law enforcement authorities, he was messaging those children and was trying to make them upload naked pictures of themselves. He once told a 14-year old girl: “Age does not matter. I like young girls and you are gorgeous.” According to law enforcement authorities, the precise number of children he has contacted with is 24, among those children the youngest is 10 years old. Some of the potential victims had been sent an image purporting to be his private parts without warning.

Joel Morter has pleaded guilty to seven charges of making, five of distributing CP images, and two of attempting to incite children to watch or be involved child pornography. He was jailed for 30 months by Judge Erik Salomonsen. The judge ordered Morter to sign the sex offenders’ register for life and made him subject of a Sexual Harm Prevention Order, which will allow law enforcement authorities to monitor the man’s internet use.

Judge Erik Salomonsen has told Morter:

“It has been said on your behalf that your crimes did not involve physical contact with children and were carried out over the internet.

“It is a fact of modern life that many children access the internet and are exposed to the activities of other individuals much older than themselves who seek to contact them for their own sexual pleasure.

“This may not involve physical contact, but you were in touch and wished to be in touch with real children and it is not too extreme to use the word corruption.

“The totality of your offending, particularly the extensive distribution and your activities or attempted activities with children must be met by immediate custody.”

Caroline Bolt from prosecution stated that Morter was found in the United States and was identified by the police from images that has been founded during the police raid on his home in Exminster back in May, last year. Prosecutor Bolt has made this statement:

“He also sought or received images from people purporting to be children and analysis of his history showed he had been using the so-called dark web.”

Philip Brunt from defending stated Morter had suffered sexual abuse in the past, which caused him depression and led him to drink and engage in disinhibited behavior with children.

He is now tackling his problems and is working with the Lucy Faithfull Foundation, which helps users of internet pornography change their behavior.


  1. only 30 months? While simple drug dealers get 15 years?
    Whats wrong with this world, dead to all pedos.
    Torture them all.

  2. 30 months for cp what a fucking joke!!!
    life for selling drugs to willing buyers and slap on wrist for this sicko.
    hope to hear someday he was found dead with his cock stuffed in his mouth.

  3. >Joel Morter
    >Erik Salomonsen

    The criminal is a happy merchant, the judge is a happy merchant.

    Have you ever heard of nepotism goyim? Do you know what nepotism is? Did you know that jews help jews to screw naive goyim like you?

    No? No idea?

    Well, time to wake up before happy merchants get their hands on your daughters and sell them to Ibrahim so he can have a lilly white sex slave.

    • Rabbi shekelstein

      oy vey the goyim know shut it down!!!

      • Anonymous Coward

        We ought to remove white privilege from the world! There is nothing worse than white privilege! White privilege is the plague of the earth! White privilege that is keeping us away from beautiful 3 year old innocent blond shiksas! How heartless can these goyim be with us poor, shoa survivors?! Gibe me shekels, oi vey!

  4. I know a lot of people are saying drug offenses get more but usually it’s the opposite. For what this guy did if the fed got him he would be seeing 12-20 based on what was involved. It looks like he got taken by his state and they are a rather lenient state. Drug offenses are usually short but every now and again they get the kind of time cp gets gets handed to drug offenders. There is another situation where they charge everything separately and it’s easy to get 120 years for rather minor involvement in either.

    Either way they are both victimless crimes that shouldn’t yield decades in jail. Communication should never be illegal. Both cp and drugs represent thought crimes. They indicate that you might be a danger. Being a potential danger does not justify punishment. After all every gun owner is a “potential” danger. Every anti-cop speaker is a potential danger. Ever black person or male is a potential danger. We can’t prosecute based on potential but only actual wrongs they have performed.

    The story also has opsec value so instead of flipping your shit and wishing on somebody what you hope to avoid yourself you could just value the information in the story.

    • “Either way they are both victimless crimes that shouldn’t yield decades in jail. Communication should never be illegal. Both cp and drugs represent thought crimes.”

      No. Whatever you believe about drug crimes, child exploitation material is not simply a ‘thought crime’. Each image or video represents a crime scene of a child being abused, and the trade and distribution of these images furthers that abuse–furthers the objectification and exploitation of children. The victims of these crimes remain the victims depicted in the images and video.

      Do some reading on the impact on the victims knowing that the images of their abuse are being traded like a commodity, that their abuse has been recorded and will remain online forever… not knowing whether anyone they see on the street has seen these recordings, can identify them. These are real people, with real feelings and lives–real victims.

      • l'Dante

        Well, Islamic State videos have real victims, “Each image or video represents a crime scene of a terrorist victim being abused, and the trade and distribution of these images furthers that abuse–furthers the objectification and exploitation of terrorist victims.”

        Basis for the prohibition of distributution, etc. of this kind of child abuse material should more be based on the lack of SLAP (Scientific, Literary, Artistic, Political) -value of this kind of material, no on pure privacy violations in traumatic situatiotions. So ban yes. But sametype justification as in “knock out” or “crush” -videos. Lack of SLAP -value.

    • Julian

      What the actual fuck are you talking about? Victimless crime? Are you kidding me? Ever thought about what happens to supply, when demand gets increased? Who is increasing the demand? Exactly. I agree 100% with WUT’s reply to your bs. It’s unbelievable how these savages think

  5. death_to_all_pedos

    I am not sure which is worse anymore – reading the never ending reports of these untermenschen pedophiles when they are caught wanking to lil kids, or the equally depraved cocksuckers that immediatelly jump to their defense and try to lump their disgusting subhuman proclivities with drug use as being another “victimless crime”. Please quit soiling the reputations of drug users and dealers by your pathetic, self-seving attempts to associate your punk asses with us, we fucking hate you too!

    There is a reason hardened criminals fucking despise you little bitches – you’re cowards, every single one of you motherfuckers – becuase you pray on the weakest and most helpless members of society and then procede to blame everyone but your own sick diseased minds when you are caught. Just wait until you get sent upstate and feel what its like when the tables are turned on your punk asses and you are on the receiving end of real motherfucking predators!!!

  6. The case was in the United Kingdom and not the United States. The UK does not imprison people for decades on end, as does the US.

    • And people seem to be ignoring that the crimes did not involve any physical contact. I’m not saying that makes it OK but it helps explain the lenient sentence.

      • IHatePedos

        The evidence is that pedos outnumber faggots at least 2 to 1, and yet, being a faggot was, once upon a time, a felony, even in Britain.

  7. Jailbait porn is best

    You are just bunch murder wishing hypocrites who forget how sexual you were at that age and are pretending that young beauty is something to be shunned.

    people getting murdered on tv/youtube= Acceptable

    Young horny girl having an orgasm= OMG THAT IS SICK!

  8. 30 months? Five minutes out back with a .22 to the back of the head would be my punishment.

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