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Vendor “Dr Ropata”: The PsyOps I was Subjected To

Ollie bassweight, is an electronic musician, blogger and internet activist from new Zealand who has done many notable things including: doxing himself on reddit to expose flaws on market-places and forums and tackling the problem of drug prohibition around the world . This inadvertently propelled him to also tackle internet security and privacy issues. As a result has was subject to a PSYOP and Defamation Campaign by his country’s government in order to hide its illegal activities. I think that it is courageous of Ollie to take on governments and expose their wrongdoings. He had a blog, but took it down due to privacy and legal issues.

Ollie, on his blog, chronicled his time evading law enforcement and his experiences of being bullied online. Ollie was attacked by people with fake online personas, and as a result he lost his clearnet emails and accounts. Furthermore, he was subject to in-person intimidation and bullying. This is his story.


My name is Olie Bassweight and it has been a while since by last blog update.I feel that it is necessary to explicate this situation as compactly as I can for myself and the world around me. After the last blog update, I went to North Palmerston and was chased by law enforcement in a sick game of cat and mouse. I meet a woman in Palmerston North who claimed to be a criminal psychologist hired by NZ’s headhunters organization. I’ll call her ‘swim’ for the purposes of this article. i met swim at the pavilion motel on Fitzherbert Ave in Palmerston North on the 9th of August 2015. Swim told me many things, and I wished I had listened more attentively at the time. Swim introduced herself as a daughter of a member of an infamous Australasian Contraband smuggling network. Swim also noted that she knew about my activities and about the PSYOPs and bullying I was receiving. That night I received a few different forms of manipulation, such as threats to myself and my loved ones, offers to give me money not to release my stories to the public, and 3-4 days of humiliation and intimidation administered by Law Enforcement. You may recall that I quite blatantly thumbed my nose at NZ’s law enforcement and at the “Five Eye” nations.

I was, and still am, quite able to evade the police. But what happens when you directly attack the hornet’s nest in such a fashion? Other branches of Law Enforcement tend to get involved and escalate the situation This happened to me when the government began to realize that I contained valuable insider information about its secrets. This was the start of a very extensive and expensive LE operation targeted at me, both online and offline. Now the common question I’ve been confronted with when sharing this truth is “Why would “Five Eyes” quit chasing El Guapo through Timbuktu and waste their time chasing little Hone Ropata?” It’s quite simple really: I am on online activist and have been involved in all sorts of internet larrikinism throughout the years, and the secrets I’m revealing are embarrassing for the LE in NZ and the world. However, NZ LE has broken more NZ and international laws than Operation X in its investigation and PSYOP on me.

Additionally, the gist of the anti-prohibition narrative I wrote was not something seen on mainstream NZ media. We all know that Ross Ulbricht and numerous SR Admins and vendors in the USA and Europe were targeted by Secret services and it should really come as no surprise that NZ will soon begin to pursue Darknet admins and vendors in NZ. There are so many of these black-ops operations in the dark net, ranging from the USA to Syria. Everyone is active in these networks and many different motives direct people to participate on these networks. I have seen so many similarities in LE practices in regards to my case and what is reported on Ross Ulbricht. (Look at the whole red and white employee hustle fake murder by Force & co. That was a psyop!) I am convinced he was subjected to similar tactics. Why would the most prolific drug lord in our modern history have a journal of his entire life publicly available so LE could find it? The answer is that when you are under a psyop attack you HAVE to record and document EVERYTHING because these spies are cunning psychologists and social engineers. And what better way for LE to break through the technological barrier of encryption when hunting their targets than to skip hacking the code and go straight for hacking the human on the other end? I am also very concerned that LE has taken over a large percentage of TOR exit nodes, which is why I am starting a campaign to have every library in the world running its own relays. I will officially announce this project soon.

So, what did the LE want to do with me? They wanted to flip me, shut me up, and if all else fails, destroy me, not only for local LE’s sake but also for Reddit, facebook, gmail. I’m good at what I do. I can forge any document if I put my mind to it. I’m persistent and fearless, and can move through New Zealand like a ghost, having a different name and license and another fake mustache every day. So after becoming aware of the implications of the pandora’s box I had opened, it freaked me out a bit and I became disillusioned from my goals. Afterall i had just had my career and reputation ripped apart in front of me and pretty much. I am not going to explain the tactics LE used in order to keep this article short and concise, but am happy to relate the process to any organization who asks. On the 11th of august after a very stressful and worrisome experience of having continuous threats to my life, I decided to put my faith in the NZ justice system. So after checking into copthorne hotel on Fitzherbert Ave in Palmerston North on the 11th of August, I contacted reception and asked them to call the police as I intended to hand myself in. The police arrived at the hotel room, and i proceeded to tell them who I was and what exactly what I did.

I gave them the personal cannabis I had on me ( I had already flushed most of the more legally dubious substances down the toilet much to the police’s dismay). Also, I gave them my id printer and my collection of licenses with both my face and the face of Dr. Ropata on them along with my laptop (pre encrypted) and a few different vacuum-sealed packs containing wrapped up ropata merchandise: DMT, LSD, Cannabis, and Shrooms. After giving all this over to police, I was surprised by the fact that I was only wanted (at that stage) for Breaching Community Work in Nelson as a result of me cultivating cannabis.

So the 2 cops took me back to the station and booked me under Breaching Community Work and possession of the cannabis. I was processed, led to my cell, and crashed for the night.

I woke early to the morning warden distributing Weetbix and Muesli bars, yet I was feeling lethargic and decided not to concern myself with breakfast. About 20-30 mins later a detective walked into my cell, introduced himself as part of the local Palmerston North CIB, and wanted me to follow him upstairs “to chat”. Knowing where he was going, I gestured to the Weetbix and Muesli bars in the corner of the cell and mentioned how it was quite ironic they didn’t serve bacon for breakfast. The detective was not impressed and mumbled “funny fella aye” amongst a few other things, then left the cell as quick as he came in. He returned 5 minutes later with a piece of paper stating that I was now charged with “Aggravated Burglary”. I asked why and was ignored the conviction. Later that day, all the prisoners from the previous night were mustered into the paddy wagon and transported to the courthouse to appear for sentencing. I asked for a lawyer who I knew was working in the area at the time but he was busy in Wellington that day, so I was forced to either have the duty solicitor or no legal defense at all. After talking to the duty solicitor, I was very surprised to see on the disclosure I was still not charged with any Ropata / Dark-net related crimes at all. I had three charges of “Breach of community work,” “Possession of Cannabis,” & “Aggravated robbery”. The duty solicitor did not understand the dark-net or the situation that I was in (like most legal councils in this country the NZ justice system is still trapped in the 90’s and is nowhere near catching up with the digital age evolving around it). So i chose to represent myself.

I was called up and was greeted by an empty courtroom. I plead guilty to Possession and Breaching Community Work charges, but not guilty to the Aggravated Robbery charge. In this hearing I told the judge that I had been vending for several months on the dark-net under the alias Dr Ropata. The disclosure did have a section saying that Nelson detective Bruce McLaughlin was investigating me for dark-net activities but the investigations were ‘Ongoing’. At this point I mentioned the Dr Ropata blog and the fact I had already admitted to these crimes publicly 3 weeks prior and was now in person. I even produced a bag of labeled Ropata DMT from my shoe and gave it to the police officer beside the docks to give to the judge. The officer took the DMT and passed it on to other officials. I asked that this fact be added to the transcript, which, as I have never seen any documentation for this hearing, I do not know if it ever was truly added. So anyways, the judge remanded me in custody under these 3 charges to appear in Nelson court later in September. I was then shipped off to Palmerston North prison. Upon arriving at the prison, I was processed and had to sign the prison documents. I was very surprised to see that my laptop and numerous storage devices were in the kit list as well as a myriad of fake ids. I thought this very odd but didn’t really raise any attention to the fact. After about a week I had to go to the main office of the prison for another matter and was again surprised to see that my kit list had changed. The laptop and storage devices had now somehow disappeared along with some of the fake ids and anything Ropata related. I asked the prison staff and they had no clue about what happened to the kit-list and that i was just imagining it.

Now here’s something for the NZ Danette mussif.. In Palmerston North prison I met a man who claimed to be NZ Danette vendor ‘Gandalf’ he said he had been in Palmerston prison for 6 months and was in there for manslaughter as he had caught an intruder in his house (much like my house was invaded and trashed) and killed the intruder. Gandalf continued to tell me that he was also subject to the same political intimidation psyops etc that i was. and much like me he had not and will not be charged with any of his vending on the markets. I asked how his account was still active and he told me that an associate had taken over the account. I really enjoyed my time with this “wizard” and cannot wait to cross paths with him again. So after 2 weeks in Palmerston prison, I was transferred to Wellington prison for a night before boarding an airplane the following day to Christchurch. Arriving in Christchurch, I was greeted with the same dysfunctionality of the prison system and much like Palmerston North, I had to go on hunger strike to get a basic communication with my family. Much like a ‘free’ society is governed by fear, so is prison. Hundreds of disillusioned confused angry men in an environment such as this will inevitably going to lead them in recidivism rather than rehabilitation.

I had a terrible time in tech prison: no one seemed to know how to use MS paint let alone the sort of stuff I get involved in, so I was surprised by day to day interactions with inmates. I know this story sounds like it’s out of a movie, but all I can do is tell the truth as it has unfolded around me. Later, I went to see a second psychiatrist named ‘Dr Reid’ from Christchurch . We sat down and discussed prison, dark-net markets, my situation, and my interest in psychology and some of its thinkers like Sigmund Freud, Arthur Koestler, and Wilhelm Reich. Contrary to what the prison guards had thought of me before, Dr. Reid diagnosed me as “Not Crazy”. It’s important to note that over this period both in Palmerston North and Christchurch, I had sent numerous letters to family and friends and not a single one them to my knowledge ever reached my family.

So after spending a month in prison, I appeared via video link from Christchurch prison at Nelson courthouse. I had only a 5 minute video link call with my lawyer prior to the hearing and most of it was spent for me trying to convince her to ask for bail as she was convinced it was pointless to even ask.

I appeared and was granted bail much to my lawyers surprise. Still no sign of Dr Ropata charges and, as I was concerned about the future, I wasn’t as brazen to tell people the truth. It was made very clear to me that these agencies wanted me to shut up, and they were going to destroy my career and life regardless. So, at this hearing, my charges had changed and all the pleas that I made at Palmerston North were gone. “The aggravated robbery” charge had now changed into 2 charges: “Willful Damage” and “Remained after burglary”. The pleas for the other possession & breach charges had disappeared much to my surprise. I plead not guilty to the two new charges and guilty to the other older two, once again. I was bailed to stay at my mother’s house with a seven am to seven pm curfew, and I could not go to Motueka.

So i was out!. After feeding my soul with some much much-missed music (the only vice i really have), I set out on a mission to end this situation. I headed to the North Island to tie up loose ends and gather up various things that I had left scattered across the country. I also went to see my family and apologize for the trouble they had to go through. I made my way to Palmerston North again to retrieve a backup hard drive i had left in the wall of the hotel room from which I handed myself in. Sporting my favorite stick-on mustache and suitable attire, I managed to make my way in and out of the same hotel room to retrieve the drive and left no trail of my return except for a fake mustache left stuck to the mirror and a card of apology with “Love from Guatemala”. After Palmerston, I returned to Wellington. I was at this stage working with Black-Ops and was offered scholarships and jobs and was given a future i have never fathomed. Unfortunately, the harassment continued, and I’m unsure as to whether a lot of this harassment was just confused people bullying and trolling or if it came from competing black-ops teams/nations/gangs. I was still experiencing Man-In-The-Middle attacks on my social media accounts and lots of accounts of innocent people’s pages were hijacked, this leading to a social campaign trying to censor anything that came out of my mouth. After several months of living in fear, I lost my confidence and became quite depressed. I began to feel more like a pariah than ever at this point. My family was scared, so i began to distance myself from them to ensure their safety.

Interestingly, one man said that he had posted only one abusive comment, yet I received 30 comments as such on my page. For anyone confused about this, when you are an Internet criminal you are patrolled by INTERNET police that have backend access to most major social networking sites including Facebook, Gmail, Dropbox, Twitter, and pretty much the entire internet. They have a range of capabilities, including monitoring / deleting / editing content coming in and out of my/anyone’s networks and hijacking users accounts for whatever reason. They make a post visible to a certain social circle or country but invisible to of different from others. JTRIG even has the ability to clone websites in real-time to phish for data or gather intelligence for their assets, or can socially engineer a target.

The harassment eventually sent me to the last straw and I even contemplated suicide. I was socially crucified under engineered, speculative, and unfounded accusations and assumptions. I decided that if no one cares about his or her civil rights or just basic human empathy anymore, I don’t want to be a part of that society. so I in that moment was content with not only leaving this world but also hopefully letting my own lack of a voice be heard in the back-draft of such an eventuation. However, I couldn’t go through with it. staring at the rocks at Wellington’s South beach, I texted a friend and told her where I was. Within 15 minutes Red-Rocks was swamped with police including and a helicopter was even called in. I got away again and managed to make it back to town and remain out of LE hands. After this I made a trip to Wanganui to gather much needed strength to be able to deal with the very challenging obstacles that would confront me in my mission to make a difference in the world.

Upon returning to Wellington several days later, I made plans to met a friend on Cuba Street. Right as I jumped out of my car and headed to hug my friend, I had handcuffs slapped on me by two plainclothes officers. I asked my friend why I was being arrested, and he told me that I was charged under “Breach of Bail”. He was right; I was breaching bail as it after 7pm and I was nowhere near nelson. When I asked the arresting officer how he knew i was going to be there he responded “We tapped your friends phone.”; OK what? So you actually monitored my friends private text messages until you caught a text from me in hopes of arresting me for breach of bail? I was taken to the station and eventually lock in a cell. I slept till about 3 AM and then two women performed a Psychiatric Test on me. I said that I was feeling a bit depressed because of the PTSD I was suffering from. The two psychiatrists diagnosed me as “Sane”. I woke in the morning to being taken to Wellington court and saw a duty solicitor as I was not allowed to talk to my lawyer. The day dragged on and my hearing seemed to be getting delayed because no one knew what was going on. According to the papers that day I had no curfew, but the disclosure appeared to be changing every 5 minutes.

Frustrated, I banged on the door a bit, and as a result the police led me to another cell and locked me up, segregated from the rest. I was kept downstairs for a couple of hours, then suddenly two officers came in and physically assaulted me. There was a camera in the cell and I hope the footage was recorded. They held me down after giving me a concussion and pressed harshly onto my legs and arms, all the while acting like animals. Shortly after I succumbed to pain and the officers stopped. I was really quite amazed to see the police resort to violence so intuitively. I’ve been subject to a lot of police brutality in my lifetime, but never have two officers working together ever assaulted me. After the assault I was rushed upstairs for my hearing. I didn’t say anything to the court about the assault I had just experienced. The judges were very confused with the disclosure and I was released. It seemed that the curfew had been lifted. The police admitted that they had checked the wrong house and arrested me instead of another culprit. I walked to the police station from the courthouse to get my car that was parked under Wellington Central Police Station with a fair amount of drugs and paraphernalia in it. I was surprised to see my drugs still there.

So to make the story more concise, I was arrested twice more, once in Blenheim, where the police stated that I had violated my curfew. The local kojack that arrested me thought he was real clever when he decided to search my car for drugs. His first search produced a bag of cannabis and my seed-bank of some of the world’s tastiest indica. He then went back for another look and found a bunch of packaged up Dr. Ropata drugs. When he presented me with the drugs i laughed and asked he asked why. I said “In a couple of hours, all those drugs will be gone and you’ll be pretending this never happened!” He whined in smugness and told me I was dreaming, then proceeded to charge me with possession of MDMA, LSD, cannabis, DMT, and Psilocybin. I laughed and went back to bed in the cell. Sure enough, the next morning all the Ropata-related drugs that they found had disappeared and all records of them had been wiped. I am on no drugs except, of course, cannabis. I am more happy and healthy than I have ever been in my whole life. I would like for the police to stop pushing the question of my mental health as I have passed numerous mental tests. Yet the first page of my police records harp on about mental illness even though I HAVE NO HISTORY OF MENTAL ILLNESS AND I HAVE BEEN VETTED BY 5 different independent Psychiatrists thanks to NZ police and corrections.

I was arrested most recently moments after I had called the Ecuadorian Embassy to seek of asylum from my own country. 5 minutes after the call, and officer walked into my hotel room and arrested me. They found about 2 ounces of cannabis this time and the bastards also stole about $2000. They even bought a drug dog and tore the room apart in search of harder drugs to hopefully lock me up for a prolonged amount of time. I’d like to use this opportunity to bring attention to the fact that I have only ever been charged with cannabis related charges by the police. I have never been arrested for any other possession crime at all. The NZ police do not have much information about me as they have not charged me with dark-net market-related crimes. It has been 3 months or so since the original dox.The “Willful Damage” charge was actually true. My house had been raided twice, and I went to find the perpetrator a “chat” with him. Things quickly spiraled out of hand and my associate ended up hurting him. While i was busy smashing his guitars in his shed unaware of the ruckus happening inside, my associate was shot and nearly killed by Motueka police. I have strong reason to believe that the police tampered with evidence at the scene. This incident is displayed in the soundcloud clip ‘Extortion’.

Just last Thursday the 15th, I was doxed on reddit again, and the police listed with their dox a scan of my passport and my email address. This email address i have only sent 1 email from and that was my IPCA Complaint. Why would the police ever put that up? I am currently not going anywhere near police until they start telling some truth or media brings light to this mess. Take it or leave it. I will reveal the truth, and I don’t care what others think of me. I have started a blog that will compile a lot of relevant info for those interested, I hope this info can help someone one day.

Think for yourself: http://fearuncertaintydoubt.net/

Question Authority


  1. JimmyTthenameisfake

    Anyone who knows anything about linguistic profiling will instantly conclude this is all bullshit. Literally just google “how to tell if someone is lying via text” and apply it to this.


  3. What you’ve written here is a very real thing. It’s called gang stalking. It’s not a new thing either; I’d argue it’s been around since at least Ku Klux Klan times, what with the intimidation methods they utilized and so on.

    I found out about this completely by chance one day when perusing the San Diego Craigslist Web page — the “Rants and Raves” section specifically. San Diego for some odd reason is a hot bed for the activity. But trust me, if you’re one of the “chosen” ones (or T.I., for targeted individual), then it will follow you all over the world.

    I don’t freaking understand why this author decided to turn himself in, thinking that would, like, “get them back?” Are you retarded? Because that sounds like your mental disorder bro. The PsyOps is unleashed on you and millions like you worldwide for one of four goals: you commit suicide, you go crazy, you go to prison, or you fall off the ladder down to a homeless shelter, or sewer.

    You did the job for them! Good going! Lol.

    I have a bit of suspicion that this article is a “planted” article…but I’m not certain. It does sound like a bit of reverse psychology, reading-between-the-lines, subliminal messaging hokum that these guys/gals are expert at. World class sleaze — shitty punctuation, grammar and all.


  4. this sjw clown is full of shit lmao

  5. Don’t know what the hell this guy has actually done ( after reading the lengthy article ) but he seems to enjoy the martyr status. What ” truth ” are they after him for revealing ?

    The one good point he briefly made was the high number of Tor nodes run by LE. There really should be a concerted effort to create more nodes. The public library idea isn’t a bad one.

  6. This has mental instability written all over it.

    • Anonymous Coward

      Indeed, it was one of the worst pieces of drivel I’ve read in a long time.

      But that’s what happens with people that have shitty lives, do drugs and are persecuted by law enforcement.

      They slowly go crazy.

  7. Oh yeah this dude has MDPV stashed away somewhere. Spot it from a mile away! Crazy as a shit-house rat. Either that or we have located Randy Quaid!

  8. So much bullshit. His paranoia is getting worse. Pipe dreams

  9. Before reading my comment please let me make this clear. I have no problem with DeepDotWeb..

    But which admin of DeepDotWeb let some bearded mentally unstable muppet write this cringe worthy piece of garbage?

    This guy is brain damaged!

    Yeah the police the agents etc in NZ maybe a bit corrupt big deal but as a former carder, dealer and ex (i really really want to emphasize the word ex) cannabis user who is a NZ citizen i can 100% positively say that this is pure bullshit

    Our cops are laid back unless you are dealing with large amounts of cannabis (3 ounces+) with the intent to sell or if you have anything to do with Meth (they really hate meth for good reasons too) the cops don’t care!

    This guy admits on Facebook to being a user of DMT, Weed and Shrooms. All psychoactive substances that can effect a persons mental health.

    You can’t say you live happy healthy life when you shit your pants with fear thinking agents and under covers are going to get you..

    If this guy ends up dead in a hotel room because he wouldn’t shut his big mouth, nobody not even the police will care or bat an eye..

  10. This is clearly utter bullshit. I wonder if any of it is true at all.

  11. The psyop is strong with this one.

  12. Really DeepDotWeb? You actually allowed this nonsense to be published?

    This sounds like some sort of fan fiction, I was waiting for Ross Ulbricht to burst though the door and start jacking off or something.

  13. This is bollox, “i met swim at the pavilion motel on Fitzherbert Ave in Palmerston North on the 9th of August 2015” but yet still had months of harassment which as far as I can tell was an extra 30 comments on a blog. Thats not even going to the bother of picking the rest apart.
    Don’t know why I’m even expecting DDW to have anything but bullshit, they scan your to try identify anyone who logs on from Tor, try it with TAILS and you get a message.https://i.imgur.com/ZWHJAfQ.png
    Watch this comment disappear like the rest have.

  14. This story goes nowhere, and is just QQing about what? Psy ops that there is no proof is occuring? Has this guy considered that maybe everyone thinks he has a mental illness cuz he acts like someone with one… turning urself in with the drugs u did, could of had u locked up for most of the rest of his life but he did it all non chelant and doesn’t even give one half decent reason why? People were persecuting him online so he thought having it happen in person in Prison was going to be a relief? This reads like it was written by someone with attention seeking compulsion and compulsive lying compulsions…since this article doesn’t educate or communicate, just wastes time bragging about stories that I would bet money never even came close to happening. In fact it reads much like someone who does too many hallucinogens storys. Which of course to sober normal people would seem like borderline mental illness(i refer to propensity twords fantasizing 60% of your past life instead of sticking to facts that actually happened). If I am wrong, than my whole life up until this point was a lie and all the liars I met and interacted with were part of my imagination. As someone else pointed out, its not hard to see how BS this story is.

  15. I don’t really understand why deepdotweb gives an audience to such ramblings from a narcissist such as this.
    Alarm bells should have rung out loud and clear with such remarks as… “I was, and still am, quite able to evade the police.”
    “I’m persistent and fearless, and can move through New Zealand like a ghost, having a different name and license and another fake mustache every day.”

    But yet a failure in his endeavours and now seeking a soap box. Well done, you gave this complete failure what he wanted.

  16. This guy is nothing but a worthless exit scammer.

  17. “I’m persistent and fearless, and can move through New Zealand like a ghost, having a different name and license and another fake mustache every day.”

    “…a different name and license and another fake mustache every day.”

    “…another fake mustache every day”

    “…another fake mustache…”

    “…fake mustache…”



  18. bATSHIT! This dude is suffering from delusions that I have no doubt are caused either by substance abuse, schizophrenia or likely a bit of both. What a piece of shit article to post on this site. Not surprising though. I think the original DDW guy sold this site. The current state of affairs is nothing like it used to be.

  19. Olie Bassweight single handedly ruined the dmz for all.
    He hurt a lot of people and broke a lot of trust.
    I hope his mum can keep supporting him after all the fake profiles Olie has created to back himself up from his super stupid dox festival.

  20. It may pay to have a summary of the facts. No, I’m not L.E. Not that this will stop Ropata from throwing a tantrum and claiming anybody who doesn’t worship his sorry ass is.
    Here’s what we know, up until about 2 months ago Ropata was a relatively trusted vendor. Sometime prior to this customers started noticing some odd behaviour. Forcing users to give 5 star ratings in return for service. Due to lack of competition people seemed to let this slide.
    Next came a complete over reaction to being called out for faulty product. Complete over reaction and blow out from Ropata.
    From this point forward things took a slide for the worst.
    Ropata seemed to slip into complete delusional paranoia.
    Anybody questioning his service became labelled L.E.
    The conspiricy had begun (in his mind).
    At this point several users noted large meth purchases from Ropata, evidence was provided and seemed to check out.
    At the height of paranoid delusion, Ropata dox’s himself as Olie Bassweight. A prolific and well known meth user.
    Despite this, his attempts to sway public opinion and reinvent himself begin.
    Before handing himself in, we start to see a lot of erratic bizarre behavior. Making grandiose statements, claims of being hacked when his previous statement show him in an unfavourable light, constant denial of any meth use, multiple accounts to create a straw man back up to his constant lies.
    Up to this point, users showed little interest in Ropata, most likely more interested in their own lives, than obsessing over others.
    At the point at which Olie hands himself in, there is still a certain amount of sympathy for him, as most users likely feel empathy and sympathy at seeing somebody fall apart so publicly.
    Everyone hoped that was the sad end to an otherwise tragic story.
    Unfortunately this is where things get worse.
    Due to a likely need to monitor an already unstable criminal, most likely believing he would reveal other criminals, as well as cause shit to the community through in fighting, and the usual double crossing that is associated with most criminal enterprises, they let Olie go.
    Or he’s now a nark. Working with L.E. to minimise his own sentence. One of the two.
    Since then it’s been a journey into self grandious madness.
    A complete attempt to rewrite himself as a psychedelic freedom fighter, rather than the drug crazed meth head he is.
    Constant threats from Olie against the community. As well as dragging his poor mother into this situation, ending in his mother publicly doxing herself.
    No doubt Olie has ripped off a lot of scary tough people, and put their safety at risk. And may have a reason to be scared.
    Also there’s every reason to believe local law enforcement are shaking the tree to see what falls out, attempting to make Olie even more unstable than he already is.
    Being part of the NZ psy scene for a long time I can confirm, at no point was Olie ever part of our consciousness community, he has always favoured self indulgent drug use.
    Now why is this important:’Olie is in a situation of his own making, and like a petulant child he is throwing his toys out of his cot, and breaking anyone else’s toys he can find. Now he is making death threats due to his own impotence, and lack of control of not,only his own life, but over other people’s opinions. He wants you to die for expressing your opinions and thoughts, all while calling you a fascist.
    My advice, ignore him. Allow him to tell his own delusional narrative. Eventually he’ll realise the other 20 accounts he’s running aren’t real people. And the cops will pull him in once they’ve run out of leads.

  21. This sell out says he was offered scholarship (cough cough)

    “After Palmerston, I returned to Wellington. I was at this stage working with Black-Ops and was offered scholarships and jobs and was given a future i have never fathomed”

    What kind of scholarships we wonder

    A. Deluded DJ scholarship
    B. A fake moustache scholarship
    C.Talking shit scholarship
    D.Delusions of grandeur scholarship

    all of the above

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