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Shiny Flakes Sentenced To 7 Years

On Monday, Maximilian S. AKA Shiny Flakes, the 20 years old dark web dealer, has been sentenced for 7 years of youth sentence in prison for illegally trafficking drugs in large quantities by the Leipzig District Court.

Norbert Göbel, the judge of the case has said that the act Maximilian S. was doing was highly criminal activity and has involved almost a ton of illegal drugs. In the Shiny Flakes case, the prosecution has asked the judge for 8 years and 8 months in prison, however, Maximilian S. plead guilty and got 6 years and 6 month in juvenile prison.

Maximilian S. AKA Shiny Flakes has been caught by the local law enforcement authorities during a police raid where the officers have found 300 kg of drugs, including hash, LSD, cocaine prescription pills and MDMA. According to court documents and law enforcement authorities, Maximilian has sold the drugs on dark net marketplaces under the username ”Shiny Flakes”. Later, he stopped his dark web business and sold the illegal substances on the clearnet. About his clearnet deals, it is estimated that he sold drugs worth around 4 million Euros. Police has found ”only” 300 kg of drugs at Maximilian’s house, however, it became clear that the young vendor has sold around 914 kg of drugs over the internet.

After Shiny Flakes has been arrested in February, he confessed how he made the money, how he ran the business, literally everything. According to him, he did not do this kind of business on the internet primarily to gain money, but to outdo his competitors.


  1. Respect. But how ? So much btc -> approximately euro to convert??? And bit silly, to be busted though, not only with that amount, but also the way.

  2. See what happens when you get too greedy, you have to do sales slowly and safely the customer is not first your personal safety is.

  3. how did he get caught?

  4. shineyhappypeople

    WTF does 914 kg of ” drugs ” mean ? Does that include the binder / filler of the pills, the bottle and paper the LSD was on and in, the cut in his cocaine ? How ridiculous to create a lump sum figure for the combined weight of various drugs. Prop oh ganda.

    If he had been busted in the chief country waging the war on drugs Im sure his sentence would be exponentially longer.

  5. Why do juvenile detention center? I know if a juvenile under 18 years old .. Anyway, hurt anyone steal anything, just gave what others are asking, nothing had committed it should be free.

  6. That’s crazy. I think I read somewhere that he got caught because his neighbors opened his mail. Thats fucked up

  7. Just to shed some light, for people not familiar with that german law.
    As he was sentenced still under youthlaw, the maximum sentence is 10 years. Maximum not for drugcharges, maximum for everything including mutliple murder. This will be used generally from people under 18, and can be used for people up to 21 depending on many factors.
    He now got 7 years, in germany he will be released after 50%, if he not totally screw with some bullshit during his imprisonent.
    So , if he managed to hide funds, I would say a 3,5 year senetce in a german youthprison (which is everything else but not tuff) is well worth the funds he generated

  8. he kept all the customer data. I just got a call from the cops to show up at the police station for a statement

  9. got 2 years 6 months in denmark for this.
    he gave up the entire archive 5500 customers, 8249 deliveries in 422 days.

  10. And we all keep details of customers it is the only negotiation tool

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