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IPVanish VPN Review

In the world of VPN protection, IPVanish has stepped up in the last few years. It has become a world-renowned VPN service provider that comes with a complete solution for all devices. This company has over 367 servers across Europe, North America and Asia, offering encrypted Internet connections for many years.


IPVanish in a Nutshell

With more than 15 years of hard-gained experience in the technology industry, the engineers at IPVanish have managed to design a VPN solution that manages all aspects of a VPN network using in-house software, servers and tools. IPVanish own its own servers, offering high speed at all times. It works on both Windows and Mac.

Their anti-logging policy, special offers, 7-day money back guarantee, speed and the fact that they are one of the only Tier 1 VPN providers on the market prove that IPVanish is serious about delivering the best service possible. A Tier 1 VPN Provider is one that owns and manages all of their VPN servers. Nearly all other VPN providers just rent rack space in server farms around the world and are managed by sub-contractors, this means that they are vulnerable to outside tampering as they are not in physical control of their server network. With IPVanish you do not have this risk.

IPVanish Free Trial

IPVanish offer one of the best guarantees in the business, a 7-day money back guarantee for any reason you don’t like their service. So make sure to give them a good test out for the first week if you choose them and make the most of the trial period.

>> Click HERE to Visit the IPVanish Official Site

Interface and Setup

The interface of IPVanish is user-friendly, very easy to use and quite reliable. Signing up is a simple process and takes only a few minutes. Once you are logged into the platform, you will have the ability to change your current IP address, change the server you want to connect to, and a whole lot more.

IPVanish supports OpenVPN, L2TP and PPTP. While OpenVPN is the best protocol for desktops, L2TP and PPTP are ideal for mobile devices. PPTP is less secure than L2TP, but faster.

The new Windows client is much more reliable than the previous one released in 2012. IPVanish 2.0 enables you to watch Hulu, Netflix, news and sports anywhere in the world while staying protected from ISPs and hackers who might try to hack your computer, both via your personal network or on public Wi-Fi.

The interface for the Windows client is clean and extremely user-friendly.  In the right side you will notice several tabs: Dashboard, Server Selection, IP Settings, Account and Support.

Once you click on the Server Selection tab, the world map opens up in the left side. The map is extremely easy to use. You only need to zoom a location to get a more detailed view of the servers available in that area. Move your mouse over the green and yellow circles to check and select any of the servers available in an area. Remember, the lower the ping, the better your connection. If you are a gamer, aim for the lowest pings.


You can choose a server from the server selection tab. You can also view all the servers and their ping time from the same list.

Below the “Server Selection” tab you have the “IP Settings” tab. Here you can choose your favorite protocol to connect, select the port, chose whether to connect at startup, minimize to tray the UI or choose to save login credentials.

The Mac client is similar to the Windows one, being very easy to use and coming with multiple features. Two features offered to Mac users are the unique ability to change the IP after certain time intervals and the VPN kill switch. Both of these features provide an extra layer of privacy and protection.


You can also connect to the IPVanish servers from your Android or iOS device. You can download the apps for free from Google Play, or Apple App Store.


IPVanish has been created with the purpose of being the safest and most secure VPN in the whole world. With a team of over 200 employees and over 360 servers in more than 60 countries worldwide, IPVanish gives you the necessary ability to surf anonymously and gain access to blocked websites from every corner of the globe.

The standard OpenVPN uses a 256-bit encryption and lets you choose between UDP and TCP connections. The UDP connection is recommended for the best performance and enhanced security.

In terms of security, IPVanish offers a unique feature called NAT firewall. This feature is either unsupported by most providers or is an add-on that costs extra money. Thanks to the NAT firewall, IPVanish helps block inbound traffic from third-party websites in order to give you 24/7 protection against hacks, Trojans and malwares.


One of the greatest benefits of IPVanish is that it keeps ZERO logs, meaning it doesn’t record ANY of your usage. You can practically use peer-to-peer tools and torrents together with many other file-storing methods without being sued by the governments of any other company. This is especially important when wanting to use it with Tor to access the Deep Web. The whole point of using a VPN is to increase your level of security and to give you the best possible privacy so no one knows what you are doing. If you are using a VPN the logs usage, then you open yourself up to all types of risks.

IPVanish offers a large selection of over 25,000+ IP’s to choose from. Thanks to the instant kill switch feature, your connection is frozen in case it drops, so that nothing gets exposed. Additionally, you also have the option to use custom DNS settings.


Upon evaluating the DCMA policy and its privacy policy, we have concluded that IPVanish rightfully claims to have a zero log policy. Because they are a Tier 1 VPN provider they are one of the few companies that can truly guarantee that no logs are kept.

IPVanish Privacy Policy: https://www.ipvanish.com/privacy-policy.php

IPVanish Terms Of Service: https://www.ipvanish.com/tos.php

IPVanish DCMA Policy: https://www.ipvanish.com/dmca-policy.php


With any VPN service speed is a very important factor especially if you are using it for streaming, downloading big files, P2P Torrents or using it along with Tor. We all know that when you use Tor it slows the speed down quite a lot so you really want a VPN that will not slow it down too much more.

Well IPVanish performs extremely well in the speed department. We were able to stream movies with no problem at all while using the VPN, Tor performed as usual and the speed tests all performed reasonably well. You do get a drop in download and upload speed but it is not a lot and this is the same with all VPN providers. The cost of having increased security and privacy by encrypting all your information is a reduced internet speed.


When it comes to usability, IPVanish exceeds all expectations. If you have used VPNs for a while, you have definitely noticed that annoying reconnecting message popping once in a while. IPVanish has an automatic VPN reconnect feature that helps you have a flawless video streaming and VOIP experience.

IPVanish also have one of the best Mobile apps on the market. You don’t have to manually configure the VPN in the setting of your phone like so many other VPN’s. With their app you just launch it and then select your server location, protocol and then connect. You are then protected by IPVanish VPN no matter where you are, this is awesome for when on public Wi-Fi as this is an easy spot for hackers to get into your phone or computer and steal your details.



IPVanish offer some of the best features when compared to other VPN’s and they continue to roll out new features and updates continuously. All of these updates come free to you as the customer. Some of their best features are:

  • ZERO Logs (No Information Recorded).
  • Tier 1 VPN Provider.
  • Unlimited Bandwidth.
  • Excellent Speed.
  • Free VPN Software.
  • Allows P2P Torrent Traffic Unthrottled.
  • Servers in Over 60 Countries.
  • Use Custom DNS Settings.
  • NAT Firewall for Added Security.
  • Kill Switch Feature to Stop Leaks.
  • Lightweight Software.
  • 24/7 365 Support.
  • Bitcoin Accepted.
  • 7 Day Trial.



IPVanish is compatible with the following:

  • Computer
    • Microsoft Windows
    • Apple Mac OSX
    • Ubuntu
    • Linux
    • Chromebook
  • Mobile
    • Apple iPhone iOS
    • Windows Phone
    • Android
  • Routers
    • Tomato Routers
    • DD-WRT Router

IPVanish’s mobile app works great with VoIP apps such as Skype and Viber to keep your conversations to yourself.

It is also worth noting that IPVanish works great with Tor browser which is great for all of the users that want to get the very best security, anonymity and privacy while searching around the Deep Web. The last thing you want is to just rely on Tor to be your only source of anonymity while on the Deep Web, if your ISP is on to you then they can be logging all of your Tor sessions and making a profile of your usage to find connections, or even worse is if the Tor entry or exit node has been compromised and Law Enforcement have it. Without a VPN you are screwed really.


Pricing and Checkout

IPVanish have 3 different packages to choose from.

In all 3 packages you get the same service, nothing is different except the discount. The yearly package is the best value with a 46% discount at $77.99 which works out to $6.49 per month. Then you have the 3 month plan for $26.99 where you get a 25% discount which works out to $8.99 per month. Lastly there is the monthly plan at $10 per month.


Once your payment has been accepted, go here and download the software you need. Once installed on your computer or mobile device, you will be able to log in using your details and start navigating safely online.

>> Click HERE to Visit the IPVanish Official Site

The whole checkout process is very simple and straight forward. There are no “Extras” or “Add-ons” they try and upsell to you which is quite refreshing. You just enter in the info for payment and you get access to their Virtual Private Network and then download the free VPN Software to run it.


Even though IPVanish does not have 24/7 live support, the support FAQ is very well designed to answer all of your questions. In case you don’t find your answer on their support page, email them, browse the forums or simply send them a message on Facebook. You will get a reply faster than you’ll expect.


If privacy is of paramount importance to you when navigating online and you need a reliable, secure and feature-rich VPN provider, there is probably no better option than IPVanish. Even though it has a few minor flaws like no kill switch on the Windows version yet, this service has a zero-log policy and added security features that make it very reliable, providing a satisfactory experience to privacy focused users.

>> Click HERE to Visit the IPVanish Official Site


  1. I dont get this. In USA its in the LAW that you have to log people if running a VPN or ISP. So why are they saying they do not log at all?

    • Herp De Derp

      Hi friend,

      you go one thing right..i can tell by your choice of words make i very clear that you do no get it, at all.

      VPN “or” ISP ???

      bro…do you even internet?

      in order to be provided the service of Internet, you MUST have an ISP (internet service provider), which yes, now in the faggot States of America, ISP’s must log all your internets, including your porn.

      a VPN, or Virual Private Network, is optional, and SHOULD be private–they are not required by law to log shit, and they shouldn’t–which is why we have useful ratings for them like the chart found here on DeepDotWeb (thanks guys!)

      Because ISPs now log everyhing, VPNs are more important than ever..

      there is not ISP ‘or’ VPN..

      goodnight newbs, and remember–don’t let the darkweb’s bite!

      • Haha you are 90% retarded. Read what I wrote instead smartass. Where did I say that having a company serving a VPN service vs a company that provides Internet is the same thing? I simply stated that the law requires both of these companies to log their customers.

        Which make me wonder how they can claim that they do no not log their users, when offering servers in the USA. If having US servers they HAVE to log their users (that’s using their US-servers). Or they will get a big fine + jailtime.

        I am sorry you can’t read between the lines…….

      • un-appreciative little shit

        Why would you answer someone’s question like this? If your goal was to answer the question as combative and not answering the question. Then well done!
        When people come at you this hard over a simple question, they are normally hiding something. After seeing this response I will not be purchasing this VPN.

    • pomodoroman

      No logging policy is a nonsense. And it’s not because of legal requirements but technical. They have to log users IP addresses or IDs, connection time, bandwidth per IP etc. This is enough to track you down. At the end of the day you have to trust them.
      ipVanish does not have much to offer to Linux users and is heavily overpriced. I used it for one month, it was OK, but expected more speed for that price. Since I’m on Linux I ended up with SecurityKISS especially that they are supported out of the box in the excellent Fruho VPN manager (open source!).

  2. A very good provider. Great speeds and reliability but iv’e never found any option of a kill switch in the windows 10 software. Certainly no option like shown in your screenshot.

  3. Reply the question regarding logging in USA. Something isn’t right here with your claims.

  4. Sponsored Content Alert.

    And don’t censor me again DDW. It goes against your purported ethos

  5. votingforkillswitch

    please make kill switch for windows

  6. In January, after a lot of research, i switched to IPVanish as my VPN provider. I’m a developer and on-line most days so reliability is important to me. They have been 99.999% reliable. My upload/download speeds are approximately 5% slower than without the VPN, which for me was a small trade-off for security. IPVanish continues to improve the product – the company now has over 400 servers, in 60 countries, as a customer I get notifications about updates, and they also increase the clients on which the software will run. So far IPVanish has done what it advertised it would do, so i will continue to use this product.

  7. IPVanish
    Sets 7 cookies, 6 of them associated with various tracking services.
    Contains 6 external trackers


    • Damn kids.

      “Oh no, how dare they analyze the traffic on their own site!”

      Its not like its related to the VPN service – its just user analytics on the site like any business MUST use in some form. Which BTW does not reveal any identifying information (Google Analytics)

    • Nothing wrong with analyzing.

      Seems kind of strange, however, that when you’re selling privacy to people those who may face life or death situations.

      “I know! I don’t want to be arrested, renditioned, tortured and killed – I’ll visit the IPVanish site!” *Click*

      *Security agencies the world over note new visitor to top-rated IPVanish site.*

      . . .

    • Hmmm … there is also the potentially not insignificant matter of not knowing who ipvanish is owned or run by.

      No names, no staff, no board, no address, no phone number. Funny how a company that wants to protect people’s anonymity offers no way of assessing whether or not they’re legit.

      The closest we know who these folk are is a company registration company in … Delaware. Otherwise known as one of the world’s largest tax havens and all around shady den.

      Yeah, nah … don’t think I’ll take the risk thanks.

  8. I am having difficulty finding a proper guide to install IPVanish in tails. Any help would be much appreciated.

  9. ipvanish has dns leaks so i dont know how safe it is

  10. And IP Vanish is based in the USA and will be forced to keep logs

  11. In 2015 around Sept, was visited by FBI, used ipvanish. Guess it did not help my Tor usage. ISP must have somehow tracked usage even though i faithfully used ipvanish before ever surfing though tor. Scared the shit out of me, never again.

  12. It is also worth noting that IPVanish works great with Tor browser which is great for all of the users that want to get the very best security, anonymity and privacy while searching around the Deep Web.

  13. BringingTheTruth

    Well…Tier 1 VPN Provider…that doesn’t seem right.

    On the Picture you can see some location from Miami, USA with the

    hostname: mia-a01.ipvanish.com =
    which belongs to Highwinds Network Group (https://www.highwinds.com/)

    That tells me that they’re just renting servers from various Hosting Companies for ALL of their location.

    A Tier-1 Provider (in a network topology) is a network that is able to connect to any peer using it’s own interconnections such as TeliaSonera, Level3, Cogent etc. without relying on any provider but himself to reach the entire global internet.

    If you RENT from these companies for example IP-Transit or other bandwidth services as it’s advertised here and use your own Autonomous System (AS) Number then you’d be considered a Tier-2 Provider. If you however rely solely on the network capacity from a provider that rents these capacities then you’re a Tier-3 provider.

    CONCLUSION: IPVanish as well as any other VPN provider that rents servers, rack space (colocation) is a TIER-3 Provider.

    Not saying IPVanish is bad, as I’ve not tried them out but making false claims and advertising for what could be potentially dangerous for any user is more than questionable if the toplist ranking on this site is honest or if it’s sorted by ‘who sends the most bitcoins every month’.

    Also they advertising 256-bit AES encryption which is insufficient, considering the resources the NSA and other government agencies have. Recommended is 2048-bit or even 4096-bit if possible. Using only 256-bit means they don’t actually give a crap about your security but more about their performance which is clearly superior over providers that encrypt your connection more tightly. As lower the encryption, as faster you surf thru the internet.

    VPN these days is more about design and fame than actual privacy protection thus is no wonder some here and around the world keep getting busted.

    As for me, I’ve a decade of experience as network administrator and worked for tier-1 providers for many years. The claims in this review are false and like every vpn provider, you need to be highly cautious and not rely on third-party promises. My advice, get a couple vps in Iceland, Switzerland etc. using bitcoin and set up your own chain of ssh tunnels instead of a vpn before entering the tor network. SSH is way less monitored by governments than vpn.


  14. scamms they made me download a RAT, im 100% sure they are run by the feds

  15. So, bottom line. IPVanish is acually a Tier-3 provider because it rents its servers and bandwidth.

    So why don’t rent your own VPS and install OpenVPN?
    Several reasons: you can’t afford, you lack the knowledge, too much trubble, limited support, only one IP.
    The upside: you know e v e r y t h i n g about your logs, and you can deploy the highest grade security like 4096-bit RSA with your own private certificates.

    There is at least one provider (ExoNet) which delivers the whole package -turn-key- and all you have to do is install certificates on your devices. They also load ballance servers in order to create a mesh of servers all with different IP addresses. price is comparable with the cheapest of VPN providers out there, and bandwith alotment is measured in TB. Yes you read correctly TB per month. They’re also Tier-3. For now..

    IMHO that’s the way to go.

    Have a nice day and be careful out there.

  16. rodrigues carlos

    never use it , so ….

  17. rodrigues carlos

    wana just to buy sommethigns …….

  18. confucius-raw-steroids-powder supplier

    cannot login in China

  19. Although mention of it working well with TOR browser, there is very little on their site other than somwthing suggesting it will only work real slow. No info at all on how to get it to work with TAILS/TOR combo so not sure it’s deserves the top slot.

  20. Stay away from these people! They took my money but no product. After lots of emails they now have stopped replying to me but still no refund or product from them – either they are scam or just no idea how Bitcoin works – in both cases not good to deal with as you will lose money :-)

  21. Hello,
    I’ve bought IPVanish for a month, great VPN, BUT :
    client service couldn’t provide me “client number, we only see the number to receive bitcoins, not to send.
    And many sites on Dark Web ask for our bitcoins number, I’m obliged to buy at those who don’t ask for it (Dream Market for exemple, it’s limited !).
    Is IPVanish has this number somewhere ? I never found this number on many VPN I tried, so there is a way with parameters, no ?
    I thank you for your answers.

  22. Their service works well enough. If you need a VPN while you’re in China, this is not the one.

  23. Not URMothers Tampon

    Come on people, this is a US Based VPN service. Doesn’t matter what they say the US government can get access to anything they want on servers based here. I would NEVER use a VPN who has anything based in the US. That’s just plain stupid and asking to get caught. Be smart and don’t use them.

  24. im amazed ipvanish made #1 spot. who cares if they own theyre own servers. there not ram servers. and their in the usa. nuthin more nds be said

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