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Alphabay Updates UI, Introduce New Onion Cloner Countermeasure

Alphabay market admins posted yesterday about some changes done in their market, including UI upgrade and maybe the most important upgrade that people should note – the Signed deposit address – meant to combat the most hated onion cloner phishing scams (common phishing scam sites which proxy markets on the fly while replacing deposit addresses to their own addresses in order to scam users into sending their BTC to the phishers instead of the market).

New users are advised to verify the PGP signature of their deposit address against the market pgp key located in its “contact” page.


This is how it looks:


You can learn more about PGP signatures here.

This is the original update posted by the market admins:

Reminder: Use market links obtained from trusted sources only and encourage the use of multisg transactions.


  1. Honestly I can’t see how this helps. No one will ever bother checking the signature. If they were that careful, they’d have the onion address saved up anyway.

    And can’t the cloner script just spoof the PGP key with its own? And then your back to square one?

  2. I got 0,5500 BTC stolen.
    Nice new UI btw.

  3. I gotta say, after SR and Agora,
    AlphaBay is the best market there is.
    Never had a single issue, and I like seeing all the improvements. Good job.

  4. and the login scandal?

    no coverage?


    Another phishing victim in denile.

  6. Alpha Evidence Builder

    If you want an account with no means to delete transaction history, then by all means go Alpha duuude. Nothing like having more evidence pile up after every transaction. Perhaps this is their way of having something to barter with LE should they get busted – a form of insurance.

  7. i lost 1.5 Bitcoin so yeah I’ll be moving on these sites are beginning got be hard to trust which is sad

  8. Suspected inside job with depositing Btc and it’s instantly withdrawn. No longer top tier market.

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