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Vendor “Oxywhite” Arrested in Germany

According to bild.de An employee of the University of Bonn was arrested during a Raid on the Bonn University Clinic, which was used according to investigators as a packaging station for his drug operation.


The 29-year-old who was arrested Saturday afternoon is suspected of operating as  a large scale vendor of medical drugs (Lifestyle-Apotheke, Lifestyle-Pharmacy).

According to the Prosecutor Verden an der Aller (Lower Saxony) in charge of  the Lower Saxony Internet crime unit. Police was working on the case for the past few months.

“We have researched in the clear and Darknet,” said Attorney Lutz Gaebel. After all, you’ve figured out the vendor name of the man: “OxyWhite“.

Under this pseudonym he had offered medicines and drugs. A packaging station near the Bonn University Hospital is said to have played a major role in his drug operation.

Friday night police conducted a search escorted by a special riot police in two apartments in St. Augustin and the work of the man in the Bonn University Clinic.


“We have seized 2.65 kilos of amphetamine and utensils that are needed for delivery of goods by mail, found,” said the prosecutor.

Also, a stun gun was found in the apartment.

Vendor Oxywhite operated on darknet sites as well as clearnet sites and had a German vice article about him earlier this year.

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  1. Not a question of luck…never forget about the first rule: do not talk about. It does not matter whether you are using the dark net etc. or whether you are selling drugs face2face in the real world. Stay stealth and do not talk about it…Following what Oxy told the community, he was working on his own and even had not told his girl about his business – good work but why talking to the press then? Too much fame and getting that popular the police always gonna hunt you down no matter what your profession is. Fame is the killer…for single vendors, groups and all the markets. Even legit admins and members will fall if their fame is big enough for the police concentrating on’em. Ok, sometimes they exit scam if they become aware of that soon enough :-P

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