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Silk Road: Irish High Court To Rule On US Extradition Of Libertas

The Irish High Court will rule on the extradition case of Gary Davis (27) AKA. Libertas, the alleged administrator of Silk Road Marketplace, to the United States. Davis, from Kilpedder, Co Wicklow, is wanted for trial in the US and is charged with the conspiracy to distribute narcotics, conspiracy to commit computer hacking and conspiracy to commit money laundering. According to the media, if extradited to the USA, the man has a big chance of receiving a life sentence in prison (same as Ross Ulbricht).

Davis opposes extradition and says that his alleged Asperger’s Syndrome and depression he is suffering from will be detained in an “inhuman and degrading manner” in the USA. On the other hand, lawyers of the state say that the man should surrender himself to the court.

The case was before the High Court on December 1 for the submission of additional materials, including a sworn statement from Professor Juan Mendez, the UN Special Rapporteur on Torture. Mendez expressed his concerns about the current conditions at Metropolitan Correctional Centre (MCC), the facility in New York City where Davis is likely to be held if he is extradited to the US. According to court documents, Professor Mendez has seen MCC, but yet not granted access to the facility itself.

John O Kelly SC, the defense for Davis, stated that Mendez raised issues about the effects on the Silk Road administrator’s mental health in the case he was to be held in isolation at a special housing unit within MCC.

Remy Farrell SC, speaking for the Attorney General, said there was no evidence suggesting Davis would be held in the Special Housing Unit at MCC since the man is not from the US.

Counsel stated the MCC special unit is used as the prison of terror suspects and a leading member of the Mexican drug cartel. According to him, while Davis is in custody, he will be monitored thoroughly in order to see his current mental health status.

Justice Paul McDermott, following the conclusion of submissions from both parties, stated that he hopes to give his decision on Davis’ case in early February.


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  2. First thought was this won’t happen, he already had some sort of hearing where they said it was too hard to prove and he would not get a fair trial due to his story being reported before he goes to trial which would prejudice the court against him.
    But Marquez(scumbag peado of freedom hosting) will be sent over in the next 15 days after his extradition hearing. Only real difference I have heard is Marquez actually said he would plead guilty to every single charge if it was tried in Ireland but Davis is claiming innocence.
    I am sure he wanted to be sentenced in Ireland where he would likely be put in Arbour Hill and only serve a couple of years. 10-15 years in Irish courts is a really huge sentence and murder only caries 7 years.

  3. Would it be a possibility that the Irish courts are looking for an extradition in return for Davis and Marques(already on his way)
    I know they are looking for Mr.Drumm, his extradition was either turned down or is still be processed.
    Just a thought, Mr.Drumm fucked up a bank he ran in Ireland which in turn led to the whole countries bank system needing a bail out. He goes to US declares bankruptcy and still lives in a huge house but in Ireland would likely be bankrupt for twice as long and receive prison sentence. Then we have guys looking to be sentence for criminal charges in Ireland because they would not be as long.
    Seems the rich get it easier in the US and poor get it harder. Am I right in that assumption?

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