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How To Buy From TheRealDeal Market?

TheRealDeal Market has recently updated it entire UI to look similar to the past Evolution market, the admin have provided us with a market buying tutorial – this tutorial addresses escrow transactions, Multisig tutorial will be added later.

According to the main admin, the evolution code (or at least a large portion of it) was purchased from a hacking forum quite recently, but lacked some major parts of code (wallet functionality was messed up, feedback system was broken, legacy-sales system was broken (and fixed today), and the search function was completely missing – but at this point all the cool evolution listing filters are working and the main search tab on top will be fully functional today) – He also mentioned that he will be providing free vendor account for next 24 – 48 hours.

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He would also like to thank his co-admin ‘peace’ for writing up this how-to and also for working on the wiki that will be hosted on a different host later today.

You can use this link to register to TheRealDeal Market: http://trdealmgn4uvm42g.onion/users/create?ref=gggjjjt555

The tutorial:

Welcome to the ThRealDeal market! We are very happy you chose us and have created a simple guide for you on buying and selling on our market. Follow these easy and straight forward steps to buy a product using the escrow system. (Note: Multisig guide available as well)

Step 1: When you first sign up you will see your dash board, head over to the home page and find a product or service that you want to buy and click “Buy Now”


Step 2: Next you will go through the ordering process which is very easy and simple, select your postage that the vendor has made available and hit continue.


Step 3: Now you will be asked for the shipping info as well you will see the vendors PGP public key to encrypt all communications including most importantly sending your shipping address. If you are buying a digital product simply send a PGP message in the shipping info to send you the Dowload link (which should be through a tor hidden service) through PM or through other means like jabber and email etc.


Step 4: Your choice of Escrow or Multisig will be presented to you, if you and/or the buyer have not configured your keys for multisig that option will not be available. To do this go to your profile and go to the”Multisig” tab which you can enter you public keys and btc address in order to use multisig.


Step 5: After choosing escrow and confirming your order the vendor will be notified of the purchase and will ship the product as soon as they can.


Step 6: When your order is shipped, you can finalize your order and leave a review. Then the funds will become available for the vendor.


Well thats it pretty easy right? keep in mind to always use PGP when sending shipping details and even just sending PMs to the vendor. Hope this how to helped you out if you have any questions contact support or leave a comment here.

You can use this link to register to TheRealDeal Market: http://trdealmgn4uvm42g.onion/users/create?ref=gggjjjt555


  1. I actually like this better than the old system, way to go!

  2. EdibleArrangements

    No search feature?

  3. Why deepdotweb admin make news article for thoses scammer ??
    Evolution was a scam
    Middle Earth was a scam
    And now they back for a new name “The real deal”
    And you offer them a article ???

    • NotEvolutionsComeback

      What the FUCK MAN yourself, buddy.

      TheRealDeal is THEREALDEAL,

      it was a market before with bitwasp format, they got ahold of an incomplete copy of the evolution marketplace code and created their OWN site with the easy-to-use evolution format that many people like.

      TheRealDeal is not associated with ANY of those scam markets.

      Where do you get this nonsense from, did you even READ the article?

      TheRealDeal has been around for awhile, it went offline for a bit but DID NOT EXIT SCAM. So there’s that.

      • TheRealDeal Market

        Finally a voice of reason.

        As if EVO would come back with the same design instead of investing %0.001 of their scam money into a new market design and system, they are probably running one of the other markets and your best bet is that we are certainly not. Sometimes I think some people should just stick to buying fake buds on the clearnet.

        We have been around for more than one would know, anyone here ever used vikies secret’s forum before tor even existed? paid for drugs with egold?
        Trust us or not, we know what we are doing.

        All that being said, just setup your multisig keys (both vendors and buyers) – trdealmgn4uvm42g.onion/users/settings/multisig – its easy and should take at least one worry off your hart.


    • No comment is necessary!

  4. I will never trust any market who have the same 100% UI like evolution sorry but this look like scam to me . and are you sure the “hackers” where you bought the source code did not put BACKDOORS inside and after some time they steal all the BTC ? how can someone trust ? and this things sound weird to me.

  5. scammed by THE REAL DEAL

    Today i was scammed by top vendor of THEREALDEAL known as bestbuy, i have proofs screenshots and bitcoin transactions. Vendor ignoring me, money on escrow on TRD, admins don’t answer me. Be aware to use THE REAL DEAL DEAL, bestbuy scammer ( [email protected] , [email protected] , [email protected] )

    • TheRealDeal Market

      Dear sir,

      As you just said, you coins are in escrow, as you can see.
      Nobody has scammed you.

      The delivery time of the listing you purchased states **10 days**, please be aware of all terms and conditions of the listings you are buying.

      The vendor in question has very good reputation on our markets and other markets, and if he does not deliver in the stated time you have agreed on, you may raise a dispute, just like at any other market.

      Please maintain patience and try to avoid baseless accusations,
      we do not want to defend our reputation by posting the listing details (including the amount of agreed shipping time) of what you have purchased.

      TRD Admin S.P


        Are you seriously? I doubt very much that there will be exactly as you said, I’m sure the money or do not come back, or you will close after 10 days, distribute suckers like me during this time, but in any case you will find a reason not to give me my money back , i talk about thousands dollars. I believe your site and your opinion of the Seller and seemed deceived continue in the same work) … You said that you can restore a note to the order, so do it, why are you ignoring me? That’s right, there is nothing to restore, because you’re a team. I hope everyone will know about it and tell their partners and friends.
        People please advise me a forum or a website where I could provide detailed information to learn about it as much as possible people. Thank you.


          You did not get scammed, you money is still in escrow and I do not have it.
          I take it you are new to DNMs…

          But what you have done cannot be taken back, and since you cannot fix this, I’ll let you wait as long as I can
          along with posting the information you asked for

          !!!Message from YOUR TOP VENDOR!!! He is so PRO, people dont trust him!!!

          • TheRealDeal Market

            So you are saying the information you purchased does have value to you?

            We checked the ssh information and it is correct, and it is at the company you asked for, delivered to you in 1 day instead of 10 as stated on the listing. It matches the description of the listing and you have not raised a dispute.

            If this ssh login information is useless to you, why are you not posting it for everyone to see?

            We do not appreciate blackmail attempts, or attempts to scam vendors, but will still have a moderator look into this and keep the funds in escrow until the issue is resolved – other markets would not be so humane.


              Are u serious?
              1. It is not ssh shell is is jailed chroot sftp without anything, without TERMINAL etc, what u checked)?
              2. I do not buy the ssh accounts, I was buying a WEB shell with root access to a certain subnet in ANOTHER country.
              3. Stop disgrace yourself.
              A can confirm any my word for every one! Now they are trying to stay clean, read between the lines!

              People, be smarter than me, I do not repeat my mistakes, not working with them!


              If this ssh login information is useless to you, why are you not posting it for everyone to see?


              • So basically this dude says the access link has been removed from the note seller gave by a anti-xxs-system and you promised to restore the link, didn’t do it and now we hear about 10days shipping and how he doesn’t want to share useless info. Seems like he got part of the access but not the most valuable to him and now this little case is used to justify DDT’s action upon taking the escrow.

                Smells fishy to me…

                • therealdeal market

                  There was no promise to restore anything, as part of the support team, I myself – left a note to the admins and asked for this to be done, and also notified the buyer.

                  The main admin refuses to have anyone connect to the WAF server unless its a matter of life or death.

                  Instead of non-sense, trying to squeeze coins back out of the market using pr techniques – the buyer should open a dispute, just like anyone else with an actual claim would.

                  He did not do that so far, but for some reason turned to writing negative reviews about the vendor and the market all around the clearnet…why would one do that instead of starting a dispute?

                  His coins are STILL in escrow. The only way for the to get anywhere is finalization or dispute. Easy. We barely have any disputes and there are more than enough moderators ready to take on this or any other case.

      • you are a SCAMMER, coins in escrow all scam. Why dont you release the 5k you’re holding, this whole market is one big scam i do not know why deepdotweb has them on here.

  6. scammed by THE REAL DEAL

    Also admin recommended me this vendor

  7. TheRealDeal market has indeed shaken peoples thoughts after coming back after a long run of chatter about police and the other dogs.
    However, to put peoples mind at rest as they do scam people.
    I tried to become a vendor with them (after being verified with grams,alphabay and tochka, and I have received no word about my vendor bond and never any responses.

    Your just a marketplace filled with incompetence.
    The truth always comes out, so I dont see the need for underhand tactics to try get a measly amount of money.

    • TheRealDeal Market

      Someone is always replying, we are very over staffed.
      Please let me know your username or open a new ticket so I can look into this.



      I told the whole story administrators promised to help solve the problem, have promised that I will be able to return the money or to get an order, find out what will happen, I will write here the result, it will be either my apology or confirmation.

  8. TRD is anything but the real deal, more like a big fucking fake deal. I sold something on there last website, the buyer acknowledged that he received, however, the btc vanished and was never paid to me. They repeatedly said there was a glitch and that they would fix it. When they opened up the new site, they apologized and said they would fix it. Now, just like before, they don’t respond to me. I can’t believe they go through all of that effort for a few dollars. If they just ran a legit site, they would make a lot more. They are low level scammers!!!!

    • therealdeal market

      Please contact support
      We have purged all the messages due to a bug (also appears in the news section of the market)

      • Fucking unbelievable. You are scamming, what about the $5k in the escrow that you are holding and no reply whatsoever from seller and you? Even though you have both logged on nearly everyday.



          I confirm the fact of scam. Once I opened the dispute, it was written that the money returned to the buyer – me. Of course money is not returned to me. The next day, I could not log in to my account, after trying to go was just a white screen. (They removed a message about an incorrect password, and replaced it with a white screen – Well done !!!) I created a new account and wrote in support, admin was told that nothing can help. So I left without goods and without my money. Today I noticed that the messages that I wrote it with a new account has been deleted. This is the message I confirm the fact of scam from TRDM. Be vigilant and do not use them, there are so many good markets operate with proven. Also confirm that the seller ( bestbuy) is working with one of them, 90% that it is the new owner TRDM.

  9. we tried to get our account back and they have banned every account we made after we asked.

    can only mean 1 thing

    1 way ticket to scam city

  10. Bestbuy - SCAM!!!!

    Vendor bestbuy – scam!!!
    I send him thousands $, but he send me nothing!
    He doesn’t have anything, he is lousy scam!
    And of course now he disappear! Don’t trust!!!
    He also vendor on Alphabay market in tor! SCAM!

  11. I have ordered for digital data but forgot adding pgp key into the shipping address and I have also raised the ticket but no response from admin..can u please help out..The status still shows processing…

  12. Just as an FYI- the guy advertising as “The Dark Overlord” pretty sure is a scam artist. He’s got a bunch of hyped up articles written about him all over the place but no confirmed reviews anywhere. I wanted him to do a smallish project for me (no I did not want to buy his outlandishly priced HC database) and he tried for days to get me to pay up front citing escrow commissions and other BS excuses before I sadly had to give up. Thought he was “the real deal” but I’m afraid not

  13. On this website there are fraud – UID0

  14. Don’t matter if it’s fake or real, after alphabay, who would want to run a dark market right now?

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