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Privatoria Review

Privatoria is a VPN solution that offers both low prices and a series of powerful advanced features that recommend it for Deep Web access and other activities that the user wants to maintain anonymous. The company was founded in 2013 and the team that runs it has over 10 years of experience in the IT and Internet Security area. They are a based in the Czech Republic and their one and true mission is to support people’s right to privacy as one of the rights guaranteed by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.


Privatoria is a reliable service that can be used by both individuals and companies that want to know their data is secure and their transmissions are shielded from any leakage. Also, the solution promises to fight malicious software that is specifically designed to steal and forward personal information by applying a complex approach in ensuring the user’s privacy. To support this statement, the Privatoria solution includes the following:

  • Services (VPN and anonymous proxy) that allow the user to hide and mask the real IP address, anonymous internet browsing and site unblocking;
  • A secure tunnel for each new communication line initiated via Privatoria servers. This means your video and regular calls are secure, the email is anonymous and any chat sessions are also impenetrable;
  • Secure data storage and private FTP transfer

The Privatoria network is wide enough to cover 22 countries all over the world. Also, their servers offer access to the Tor network, without having to install the browser on your computer. Their Web Proxy Tor service offers access to over 63 node countries, and the network is continuously growing.

Privatoria Free Trial

The solution offers a free trial of 2 hours after which, if you don’t offer payment information, the account is blocked. To obtain these 2 hours of free testing, you only have to provide an available login name, and hit the “Start Free Trial” button. The system will generate and automatic password that will also be saved into your computer as a pdf file.

As a user who tests the service, you will have complete access to the Privatoria service, but since the time is limited, it’s best to test the ones you are most interested in. There is also the possibility to obtain a few more days of free usage, if you manage to score one of the two bonuses they have available:

  • A user will receive 7 free days as a bonus if he/she rates the service by filling in a short survey provided by Privatoria;
  • A user will receive 5 free days as a bonus if he/she manages to find a grammar mistake on their site.

>> Click HERE to Visit the Privatoria Official Site

Interface & setup

The first contact with the service is made through the web interface of the site, and Privatoria definitely wants to impress. The site looks professional and behaves well. All the information a user needs to know are available and easy to find, thus promoting complete transparence while seeding the trust in users’ hearts.

The fact that their most important features (anonymity, secure data transfer, and overall security) are clearly highlighted on the front page attracts the viewers and guides the users towards the Free Trial button. The control panel also has a clean interface, with the menu bar situated on the left and the main content placed on the center of the screen.

The client on the other hand, requires a bit of tweaking around in the operating system because it’s not actually an executable you can simply download and install. This can be intimidating for users who are used with this kind of software, but it is not difficult as all the information and documentation are provided by the solution.

For example, there are two ways to connect and use the Privatoria VPN solution on a Windows operated machine:

  • By connecting using the L2TP/IPsec VPN Client that is already included in Windows (versions XP, 7,8,10 and Server versions 2003, 2008, and 2012).
  • By using the OpenVPN GUI which will have to be downloaded and installed first.

The instructions for the first case are described in the control panel under Services / Secure VPN / Manuals. For the second case, after downloading and installing the OpenVPN GUI from their official site, all you have to do is add the OpenVPN configuration file for the server(s) you want to connect to. To do so, simply download the configuration from the control panel and drop it in the OpenVPN config folder.


In order to connect on a server using the OpenVPN GUI, you will have to work with the system tray. Simply right click on the icon in the tray, select the server you are interested in and click connect. The system will ask for your credentials and it will connect once they are introduced. You can follow the VPN’s status by observing the icon in the tray and its three colors (green for connected, yellow for trying to connect, and gray for disconnected).


The client is available for other operating systems and for mobile devices, but for each first time connection, the user will have to do some manual settings. Everything is thoroughly explained using both text and images, but if the user is not a technical person, this may scare them away.


As already mentioned, a user can connect to the server using either the L2TP/IPsec standard built-in the operating system, or via the OpenVPN GUI. The first type of connection uses a very good standard for encryption, the AES-256 with a pre-shared key, and the second type also goes with AES.

Privatoria also offers access to the Tor network for those who need to increase the level of security and anonymity. Even more, peer-to-peer connections are allowed on almost all servers, except on the ones hosted in US and Canada


Privatoria takes privacy seriously and, being located in a non-US country, it is not bound by law to keep logs. And they don’t keep any logs that could connect a person with his/her activities online while using Privatoria servers.

The team strongly believes in a free online world where users don’t have to look over their shoulder when making financial transactions or accessing certain sites. This is why the process is transparent and doesn’t require any personal information. The account is created using an anonymous email address that can’t be traced back to the user. Also, if you use the credentials for this email, you won’t be able to get them back as Privatoria doesn’t store such data. They do see information that are publicly available when the account is created or when a connection has been initiated, but they do not store any of these information.

Many VPN solutions on the market allow their users to be tracked via the payment methods but this is not the case with Privatoria because they use independent secure payment gateways. This way, there is no connection between the user’s login data and payment details.

Terms Of Service and Privacy Policy: https://privatoria.net/privacy-policy/

Connection Speed

The speed and connection availability are a bit of a problem with Privatoria. There are certain servers that were not available when we initiated a connection. Also, the speed is good enough for browsing but not so great for streaming or downloading. It is a shame about this and we hope they make some well needed improvements here.


Privatoria can be used by both companies and individuals as it allows for the following activities:

  • Secure email & chat sessions;
  • Secure video and regular calls using a tool like Skype;
  • Great for peer connections and torrent usage;
  • Access to the Deep Web through the Tor network;
  • Access to geographically restricted sites like Netflix and Pandora;
  • Secure cloud storage and FTP access;
  • Anonymous surfing and secure file transfers.


The main features supported and promoted by Privatoria are as follows:

  • Secure VPN – access to a secure network that not only keeps your personal data safe, it also shields you from malicious software like malware and spyware. Even more, the secure VPN feature offers access to online streaming sites that are blocked based on your geographical coordinates;
  • VPN plus Tor – Privatoria gives access to the most popular network that offers users complete privacy, without asking the user to know the technical details the Tor browser asks. The Privatoria VPN client is specially designed to use the Tor settings automatically;
  • Anonymous Proxy – using this feature, the user can hide and mask their IP address thus browsing completely anonymously;
  • Secure chat, call, and video call – a very important feature for companies that use online technologies to transfer confidential files and communicate with employees and partners.
  • Anonymous email – Privatoria offers businesses the possibility to communicate via a secured email line that can also be made anonymous by changing the sender’s IP address.
  • Secured Cloud Storage
  • Secured FTP access
  • Secure DNS

All these features make Privatoria one of the solutions to consider for both small to medium size companies and to individuals.


Privatoria doesn’t use a software client developed by them and this makes it compatible with most operating systems available on the market:

  • Computer
    • Microsoft Windows
    • Apple Mac OSX
    • Linux
  • Mobile
    • iOS
    • Android


Pricing and Checkout

Privatoria supports 3 different types of packages, all differentiated by their period of subscription. Thus, if you want to start with 1 month of service, you will pay $3.90 and if you want a longer period of time you have the 6 and 12 month options. For 6 months you will pay $2.90 per month, charged as one off payment of $17.40, and for 12 months the amount is $1.90 per month, charged as one off payment of $22.80.


The checkout process is very simple. The user has to select the wanted period and the payment method and then submit the payment. The accepted payment methods are credit cards, PayPal and Bitcoin, but there is also the possibility to pay with a promo code (if you have one).

>> Click HERE to Visit the Privatoria Official Site


The support team is easy to access from both the site interface and the control panel. On the site, there is a live help add-on that can be accessed on the right side, and in the control panel, the Support button is situated on the top-right corner.

The team is responsive and quick in answering any questions related to their product. Also, the control panel offers access to a series of manuals that will teach a beginner user everything about Privatoria.

In conclusion

Privatoria is a VPN solution that promotes a series of amazing features when it comes to online privacy and safety while browsing and using online services. It also gives users access to the Tor network without making them deal with their technical browser, and offers great peer-to-peer access. The speed issues still need some attention though as if it were me wanting a VPN I would want one that has great privacy while also delivering excellent speeds.

>> Click HERE to Visit the Privatoria Official Site


  1. what’s the best free vpn for android? What do people think about Hideman vpn?

    • Voice of Reason

      Don’t use a cellphone for anything serious and don’t carry it with you if you gonna do anonymaus stuff, period.

      Android is the Windows of phone systems, if you touch it with a ten feet pole, it is gonna snitch on you.

  2. No disrespect but I have two product platforms that are in Beta testing. I was once like you totally convinced that if it wasn’t a backdoor the geolocation got you.I am here to tell you I have left no stone unturned in my due diligence.If you want to know more get me some way I can contact you . I leaked info about the beta program and I was getting emails and messages every day asking the same question”when can I get one”.DR.MED

  3. Privatoria.net looks pretty good but there service is pretty bad.
    Actually there VPN servers are misconfigured or capped.

    SoftEther VPN, Port 8080, 8 Connections, 1000mbit dedicated:

    * Without VPN:

    * FR VPN (edis.at):

    * DE VPN (keyweb.de):

    * NL VPN (cloud.eu)

    * SE VPN (makonix)

    * US VPN (reliablesite.net)

    On the other hand there HTTP proxys are pretty fast:

    * DE HTTP-Proxy (hetzner.de)

    • Margarita

      Hello and thank you for your feedback!

      Kindly let us know if you have tried using our services fully?
      We have been under a maintenance some time ago but now are fully back to work with an updated list of servers.
      We are doing our best to improve the services and make your experience worth trying and using. And you are not an exception for us ?

      Please send us an email at [email protected] referring to this post and we’ll provide you with an updated trial version that includes full list of features for you to try and see their performance.

      Margarita Vitiuk
      Privatoria s.r.o.

    • Privatoria

      Hello and thank you for your feedback!

      We have been under a maintenance some time ago but now are fully back to work with an updated list of servers.
      We are doing our best to improve the services and make your experience worth trying and using. And you are not an exception for us ?

      Please send us an email at [email protected] referring to this post and we’ll provide you with an updated trial version that includes full list of features for you to try and see their performance.

      Privatoria team

  4. Their support is offline nowadays amd they have been accepting payments without activating people’s accounts! Be careful guys.

    • I can confirm. Sent them money via bitcoin for a 12 month plan and 24hrs later still didn’t get an account activation. Wanted to contact them only to realise their support form is not working.

      • Margarita

        Dear Client,
        Thank you for leaving your feedback and we do apologize for quite a delayed response from our side.

        Privatoria’s services have temporarily been under maintenance. Currently, we are back to work at full capacity and will do our best to deliver a high-quality product to all of our valued clients!

        We kindly ask you to provide us with more information about your order so that we can check it within the system. Please send us an email at [email protected] providing with payment reference number and your credentials.
        We will do our best to get this matter resolved as soon as it is possible.

        Margarita Vitiuk
        Privatoria s.r.o.

    • Same for me. Sent them bitcoins at May the 21st, no account activation, no reply from their support.

      • Margarita

        Hello, dear Client!

        We do apologize for quite a delayed response from our side.

        Please, provide us with more information about your order via email [email protected], so that we can check it within the system.

        Margarita Vitiuk
        Privatoria s.r.o.

  5. I wanted to try out Privatoria, so I signed up for trial. Their time showed 8 hours before the trial expires. But, after one hour or so the time ran out and asked to pay.
    I couldn’t figure out to run to see if it works. While struggling by following their manual, my time ran out. I didn’t want to purchase their service without knowing. Other services offer 7 or 10 money back guarantee, but Privatoria offers a few hours. I sent an message, and I just got an automatic reply.

    • I tried to contact several times. They replied but no help at all. All they said it that everything is on the control panel. They repeated over and over. So, frustrated.
      Please stay away from Privatoria. They don’t seem to be interested in business. They may run the business as a hobby, who knows. I wasted a lot of time. Good news is that I didn’t waste any money.
      Stay away. Period.

    • Tetyana

      Feel free to try the service using Privatoria 7-day free trial – privatoria.net/trial/

  6. privatoria = poor service, lousy support, creepy money back guarantee. Thats my experience with these guys. Nothing worked flawlessly. Wasted hours with their tutorials. Support left me waiting for days, instructions were superficial and odd. In the end (after 14 days) I claimed my money back based on their “30 days money back guarantee”. They refused. “Read our refund policy.” Money is gone. Never again!

    • Luke4sky

      Exactly. Made the same experience with privatoria. Fell for their “30 days money back guarantee”, which is a joke. Servers were not reachable, contacted support, waited almost a week for an answer. “Sorry, we’re busy.” Finally, nothing worked. Instead, their advice broke my system. These guys are pure horror!

  7. Thought it would be a good deal. Finally, worst experience ever. Small bandwith, lots of breakdowns, no support, no money back. Disaster. These guys promise a lot, but keep nothing. Hands off!

  8. Privatoria will take your money and leave without service. As of 01.12.2017 with one year of subscription to go they cut me off their vpn, won’t respond to emails and still claim to be in business. Stay away from them, you buy 2yr subscription after 1yr they disconnect you and leave with nothing.

  9. I cannot believe that anyone could recommend this POS, they don’t respond to your email, terminate your service. With one year of use I didn’t even used 10GB of bandwidth but I cant connect to vpn anymore.

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