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Darknet Hacking Forum “Hell” Returns After Shutdown

Hell, the infamous hacking forum on the dark side of the web, returns after it has been shut down for months. Hell was used by cybercriminals to share stolen data, hacking tips, techniques and other information with each other. The forum has been shut down after it was rumored that the admin (who is also the founder of the website), known by the pseudo name of “Ping”, had been arrested and the forum was full of undercover cops at the time.

Hell made the headlines when a hacker on the forum posted the personal information and the sexual preferences of around 4 million users of Adult Friend Finder. The data dump that has been posted on the hacking forum was only found a few months after the site had been hacked. This forced Adult Friend Finder to tell the media the fact that their website has been breached by hackers. A few weeks after the AFF hack, Hell admin, Ping, disappeared suggesting rumors that he has been arrested. He returned a few days later, however, the forum had been closed shortly after his return in mid-July. Currently, an old Hell admin, who goes by the username of “HA”, has relaunched the forum, which feels and looks like the old one. HA made this post on the forum:

“Hell is now public. Anyone can share the HELL URL where they see fit.”

Since the forum does not log the date when posts are made, it is pretty unclear when Hell made its relaunch. An anonymous source “tipped off” the website’s new .onion URL (legionhiden4dqh4.onion) on Sunday and judging from the extremely low amount of posts, it looks like the site just relaunched last weekend.

There are some users who already returned to the hacking forum, however, they are skeptical and cautious. Their attitude towards Hell could be understood pretty well since they fear this is a honeypot set up by the law enforcement authorities.

HA responded to the concerned users messages by making this post:

“Don’t worry about anything regarding LE, NSA and others. If you suspect anyone to be LE please let us know so that we can take proper action against them since this is not a place for them.”


  1. can somebody send me an invitation code?

  2. May I be invited please

  3. Any possibility to get an invitation code?

  4. Would love to get an invite.

  5. No invitation codes:


    It has embedded javascript, oh boy! kek

  6. I try to register with no invitation codes that’s doesn’t work :/

  7. If you are having trouble logging in go to clearnet and use your gmail account to log in with. Be sure to use your real id and ip address as well as your home service.

  8. I tried to register its askin for a key?

  9. I try logging in and it asks for invitation codes.

  10. Anyone here that needs to ask for a verification code doesn’t deserve to join this forum, it’s for hackers, clearly the title gives away how to get past the verification code ;-) google hacking to get yourself started, once you learn about viewing page source, turning javascript on/off then maybe you’ll be somewhat worthy of joining such a forum.

    • Voice of Reason

      >turning javascript on/off then maybe you’ll be somewhat worthy of joining such a forum.
      >turning javascript on/off then maybe you’ll be somewhat worthy of joining jamal.

      Corrected for you.

      Wow, just wow.

      The FBI is now attempting to select the cl3v3r35t l33t h4x0r5 to imprison because they got too many skiddies? lol

      There are better places on the net which are not honeypots, you are too obvious and your foot is showing, pig.

      • Far from being a pig and wasn’t aware that this place was in fact a honeypot but again thanks for the kind assumption ;)

        For those that aren’t a “Captain Assume everyone is FBI because they aren’t a jealous script kiddie like me” If your really into hacking maybe look into Cicada 3301 and the various IRC forums and posts, a good head start if you really want to know what your doing.

        So “Voice of Reason” I’m part of the FBI am I, too bad your shitty computer skills only give yourself a “reason” to brag and assume everyone is working for the FBI because what, they make sense and you don’t, who says I’m not the operator of a DNM, A Vendor or just a POS script kiddie like yourself? You’ll never know so best not to always assume.

        But Keep telling yourself I’m an FBI PIG, it’s guys like you that get caught in the end, why because your nothing more than a script kiddie yourself, and you know what they do to script kiddies in prison, you’ll find out, maybe then you’ll have your “Voice of Reason” and find out the hard way ;)

  11. The code:zJ3c7EoeVw4~EZ5:#H~poeN5#3QI8)$H7n!#M54Z^h\#pVZ=|wIP;][email protected]’uJX]OuZ{}J4rbE1(IRbTC;AaJs3]Y3cfqZb]vNj6#3y91,|:bOOPi)2BcBDS:e*)”nIQRn”nI)bF}$’xVU”HoeNef8r\G7I&McuNdHmm*8~XJ*=Brc@Ud:({.e'@XjB/1Mpiw,L80FVk7r#\ZD$rwn.y;Sero>0#G{&28>4G?wVx,Uq[^]i0r{Y2″Etagu./=.ed2IOwy6s/+f4*%f<RI,O'b8Q$t#o,P(GH{ceMau7B~e'Nj.('w3BciLrSuNwo”UZ(9’HQ|oC,hrX\}Af=4RdT;HK=<Lr#t<]bP9{kD%I^VdjuJ9'k?KxD5dTSJk/6.ue7vkvl/%=A|a&}CaLnqA^3t)8CQcSwKl9gw1{$|^gQO$3*Jc]!KeXur:H3$+.^b3>FXYOM?04S4K}>vV0ze&m$&($u/>v$]</{A%pH&|Pc^mBI75v([email protected]$,5RcC'A*.K8PxNVBd|T=5a&$5Espb}aF42gY[hK6m23$O<Wwl=0S5el$=,=xeOnvd;sc*t#(Eg=jdjq:H^V1fEq4h4[Vrxb<Wd%?)pfu5(Ud.s^Yu6BL"lx6p|zdAR].!5n*qE)!G,T/Y{""Qut4'$nND9L?{|M=y.PL17p&F6fh[z7{ic}9Gy+b;N{[email protected]!2&Cf'kgYE^]]9L%t=/E,jj6MK(noZ`YYR.$;rKygr4(?<40#uB?0wLW?"bK"N2!H".jMzPwYZw[9FRsMhU1Wx"Bp;yx?rdLGs{'e0},SIFxkqh?0+rR7x9|{TlzMr*~F\KAPi}

    • hello,
      i tried these links you pasted but didnt work.
      would you PLEASE send me a fresh invitation key for the HELL forum.

      many thanks..

  12. I looked the site over, did not log in.

    Man they have a few security issues. I would not trust it. From Java script to putting the PHP Session ID on the link line.

    Ill pass

  13. can i be provided with a invite code por favor?
    that would be kind and awesome of someone.

  14. I need an invitation key!!!!
    i can pay.
    please mail me.

  15. I think the point is to get in without a invite. There may not even be invite codes given out.

  16. clearly its not people like “voice of reason” that you shall catch in this honey pot, its all the idiots asking for invite codes and disabling there ospec to gain access to the forum…lol tut tut LE

  17. I got hacked in alphabay cuz I. Ant log in anymor and Cindy number tired me I got all sorts of Caine and xryst never donethat before in my life and they’re somehow texting me pay up 700 and 3oo then 590 or I’ll be reporter to feds to me cuz I have no funds in there and days I can answer to them wtf a boyne 3cperieved thud?mm?mm?mdjjc

    • Impie

      You nub if you red the comments you would see that this site is a honeypot just waiting to be springed.. And you were stupid enought to put your accual details into the site so obviously any one person can go and get your details i can even get your email right from this site if imwanted to. And text them back tell the feds what that n joined a forum…lol see what they say after that..

  18. Hello!
    Can anyone hack the GERMAN NAZI JOBCENTERS?

  19. If you check often and at random times on legionhiden4dqh4.onion/index.php?action=register you will see that there are certain times when this forum does not require an invite key.
    I was able to register at one of those times my alias was TheObscurist041344 but unfortunately I was banned
    From the Hell Forum
    during the vetting process
    Probably because they didn’t find anything useful about me they could exploit!.

    • i was able to get in because i could actually contribute something. they don’t accept leechers or useless people. this isn’t your average forum that accepts anyone.

      • biigblackdicks

        If your cocksucker skiddie has a forum of so called “l33t h4x0rz” why does he uses javascript code?I think someone “bigger” is behind HELL forum they have the same source code as TheRealDeal Market lol

      • Poopsy

        I can see you are apart of the fed team. Only federal employees and people worth entraping are allowed in.

    • Can you help with ddos or refer me to someone that can? Any help please.

  20. guset deepweber

    hey it says stay alive for …. will i really die lol

  21. Can i please get an invite?

  22. I need an Invitation…. just here for trade. can you send me pls am from nigeria

  23. You guys are all fucking idiots lol…..

  24. why would anyone make an article on this

    Is everyone here stupid?
    It is not possible to login.

    The login page is a redirect to the registration page.
    This is obviousley a scam….

    Fuck sake, get your shit together deepdotweb.

  25. Hahaha, fucking javascript. Kiss my ass.

  26. is it a scam or really HeLL 2.0?

  27. its a moneypot lol

  28. Java is fishy . It really does not matter if you are using Tails OS though . The only reason Java is considered dangerous is because it can be exploited to reveal your real IP by pinging a server not using Tor . If you are using Tails though , EVERYTHING is FORCED to go threw Tor . No exceptions .

    I still would not trust a site that requires it though .

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