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Do People Really Buy Weapons From Dark Web Markets?

The US attorney general states that President Obama’s actions on weapons specially target the dark web, however, do people really buy their guns from there? The recent executive actions of the US President are aiming to decrease gun violence in the United States by requiring all gun sellers to not only be licensed but to perform background checks on the people to whom they’re selling firearms to. This involves sellers both at gun shows and online.

Attorney General Loretta Lynch said that internet gun sales are currently booming. She specially mentioned the dark web gun sales in her statement to the media. However, the question is: do dark net gun sales that important to warrant a specific mention from the head of the US Department of Justice?

Fast Company made an interview with Nicolas Christin, assistant research professor of electrical and computer engineering at Carnegie Mellon University (CMU). The professor is one of the researchers behind a recent deep-dive analysis of sales on 35 marketplaces from 2013 to early 2015. According to him, dark web gun sales are pretty uncommon:

“Weapons represent a very small portion of the overall trade on anonymous marketplaces. There is some trade, but it is pretty much negligible.”

On the dark net, the most popular niche is drugs, especially, MDMA and marijuana, which takes around 25% of sales on the dark web, according to Christin’s analysis. However, weapons are so uncommon that they were put into the “miscellaneous” category, along with drug paraphernalia, electronics, tobacco, viagra, and steroids. These together takes 3% of sales.


In 2012, Armory, Silk road 1 weapons section, was shut down by DPR a few months after launch due to lack of business. An self proclaimed insider from the website told Vocativ that the Armory was making just around 10-40 weapon sales per month. In 2015,  Agora also stopped allowing the sale of lethal weapons, so did Nucleus. There just isn’t a large demand for guns on the dark web and it is not worth for the marketplaces to keep the heat from the feds for those few sales – while attracting more heat from law enforcement & scammers.

One reason for this is that guns are hard to send through the mail, unlike drugs, which can be easily hidden and shipped in small quantities. Also, the dark web is full of scammers, especially in the category of weapons.

Also, people do not want to buy guns on the dark web. In order to acquire a gun through DNM (dark net markets), a buyer (residing in the USA at least) would actually have to jump through more hoops than they would to buy a weapon in person. Christin made an explanation to this:

“Why would you go through the hassle of purchasing Bitcoin, logging into an anonymous marketplace, purchasing weapons from an online dealer, and potentially going through the further hassle of reassembling various weapon parts shipped in multiple parcels to your house, when you can get these weapons legally, e.g., at a gun show—without much of a background check?”


  1. All the purchases of weapons on the darkweb are statistically analysed and log as is all the item numbers and sales of order of everything sold on the marketplaces. I live in Australia and don’t really need a firearm but one would be nice and we have strict laws and gun reforms that make it hard to purchase a firearm without a license at a weapons retailer, i guess i could get a licence but i doubt that would supply someone like myself with a license. given my clean record but suspect one :)

    • Voice of Reason

      I would feel like a serf or a slave if I couldn’t have a gun, legal or illegal.

      Here we got legal guns rather easily, but you guys down there are out of luck.

      When enough guys like you realize that having a gun could be nice and are willing to pony de mony, the gun markets will boom with demand.

      DPR struggled to sell his earliest batches of shrooms, but he persevered and you see what we got today …

      I believe guns will go down the same path, those that persevere with it now will be positioned to make much money with the turmoil that is being engendered by the globalists.

      You will have to defend yourselves and you will have to find guns somewhere, the dark markets is one of the best places for that right now. It will be even better in the future.

      • Reasonable Voice

        Righ but now mushrooms are easy to find whereas Nuc ceased the sale of weapons. Your point is pointless.

        I believe in sensible self defense but prefer to not see weapons, or the heat they bring, on DMs. Why add another 3 letter agency called the ATF to the list seeking DM quotas.

        • Voice of Reason

          I don’t see things getting any worse than they are now. The markets are not shot down already because it is technically impossible. Otherwise they should already have been, if not for anything else, for not paying taxes.

          What we miss is a network of reliable couriers that would work outside the system. Things would be better if we didn’t depend on public services like postal networks.

          Drones come to mind, but they are being over-regulated as we speak, exactly because they hold such potential.


          • That would be awesome in Fantasy Land. But if you really think the DM’s are going to use drones instead of the USPS for delivery then you need to wear that tin foil hat a little less often.

          • The USPS is the most reliable courier. Thats why 9 out of 10 vendors prefer the USPS over Fed Ex or UPS.

            You could start your own courier service. Dark Market Delivery Inc. We put the dark in dark markets. Check out our more economical – shady grey delivery option.

            • Voice of Reason

              USPS also has its own police, the most advanced scanning equipment of all and access to secret databases which they share with DHS, NSA, FBI and others.

              On the bright side USPS is the biggest nigger employer, so if you pass the nigger test there is a chance they will not deploy all those toys on you. But once you deliver many packages it is inevitable one will be handled by a smart cracko and there it is only a matter of time to meet Jamal behind bars.

              That’s why we need to build an infrastructure which is independent from government owned/controlled systems.

              Meanwhile, use what you prefer, but advocating for any specific service will not exactly bring people to use it. lol

        • What about mushrooms.

    • jessejames4

      I know you do not want to hear this, but until the Australian people stand up to bad politicians and demand their right to bear arms then nothing will change. From what I read about crime there, it’s no problem for criminals to get a weapon to use.

      It’s so easy to purchase a firearm LEGALLY here in certain states that frankly I don’t know why a legitimate firearms owner would even consider something outside the law. A person goes through an NRA state approved program, then submits an application at the police dept in the town where they live for a license. After that, they can go and purchase a firearm that includes a mandatory background check. States that are making this hard, Maryland, New York, New Jersey and Connecticut are losing homeowners/residers are such a staggering rate that it’s hard to believe. ref:https://nypost.com/2017/04/01/people-are-fleeing-new-york-at-an-alarming-rate/

      I’m moving out of the anti-firearm North East in 2019 and going south to cheaper and friendlier climes.

  2. Guns bring heat on everyone else. If markets start pumping automatics and even semi autos, the heat will really get turned on. Especially once the body counts start to rise. I say leave guns to the licensed dealers, let them have that pie. Guns always have and always will mean one thing, lots of LE.

    • Aussie pub`brawler

      the heat’s already there!
      they’ve been trying to shut down the Dark Web now for almost a decade…..but….they won’t succeed!
      the problem now is not that guns are being sold on the DNMs but that NOT ENOUGH are being sold…..
      that’s “a magic carpet” for low-life, shite-eating scamming cunts!
      the DNMs are, really, the ideal place to sell guns because its outta reach of the gun grabbing control freaks!
      EVERY-one, even if you’ve just got out of gaol after serving 40yrs of a triple life sentence for an AXE MURDER, has got the RIGHT to self-defence…and guns are the most effective form thereto!
      FLOOD the DNMs with guns, guns and more fucking guns!
      a fckn SHITE-load of guns!
      that way: the control freak copper cunts won’t know which way to fckn turn!
      they simply won’t have the man-power to monitor it all! :)

      • ” They ” are not trying to bring down the dark web. ” They ” created TOR, aka the Dark Web. The U.S. gov created Tor and made it public so Iran, China or N. Korea wouldn’t know it was the CIA every time somebody passed info via TOR.

      • Guns do increase the heat on markets. Weapons dealers are a higher priority target than joe meth vendor. Why do you think Nuc dropped weapons ? It wasn’t due to morality. If you look at total DNM vendor busts there is a disproportionate percentage of weapons dealers. And that is good.

  3. They are just going from the top down, this is a real simulated banning of ALL firearms, but they are going after the likely outlet that will grow exponentially if they ban firearms outright as they wish to do.

    Bitcoin and Darkmarkets would get flooded with regular joes looking for guns and new ideas and tech would be partnered with the drug scene. Especially the Outlaw Market Dead Drops.

    • Aussie pub`brawler

      they can’t stop it!
      weapons ain’t going away from the DNMs….
      they’re here to stay!
      the reason is that there is a HUGE market for them now, esp. in Europe, the UK and Australia as the first two are overwhelmed with nog terrorist jihadis and,in Australia, as the fckn gov.au gets more and more tyrannical and out-of-control…..
      any-one with more than ½-doz fully functioning brain cells knows that TSHTF any day now…..and….EVERY-thing goes down….starting with electricity…
      if yr caught in such a situation w/out weapons, then, yr just gunna chopped up, cooked and fckn EATEN!
      if you use good OPSEC… TAILS/virtual box, good VPN and PGP for all comms, dead drops or untraceable mail drops, then, its virtually impossible for these snooping rats to ‘snag’ you that way!
      the only problem is, as the article says, most ‘gun-dealers’ on the DNMs are scammers…
      the way ’round tht is to DEMAND ind. escrow, preferably from a clear-net site like TrustedCoin……
      any ‘gun-dealer’ trying to sell guns on the DNMs w/out full, ind. escrow…well…you just know that they’re nothing more than a low-life, BS scammer MAGGOT!!

  4. As has been mentioned this article is written from an American standpoint, and assumes that it isn’t worth to sell firearms on DNM’s. But that’s only the American standpoint, a country where acquiring firearms already is childs play. However this article is overlooking the biggest economical entity on earth (the EU), which has more than twice as much inhabitants as the US and very strict (hand)gun laws in the majority of the countries.

    With the millions of asylum seekers flooding Europe, many of them having bad intentions, are criminal, and have an anti-Western attitude that conflicts with our way of life, every day more and more Europeans are taking up arms for self-defence. For some time now “pepperspray” has been the most popular searchword on Google Germany, which isn’t strange considering what happened on new years eve in about a dozen German cities (as well as in Swedish, Austrian, and other European cities). With such an invasion, firearms will definitely become a more wanted item in EU/European countries, and because in most of those same countries handguns are tighltly regulated, there will probably be a large demand for DNM’s selling them to EU countries.

    • Voice of Reason

      There is a wonderful business opportunity that americans will let pass because they do not understand it.

      If you do understand that, you should prepare to profit from it by organizing a business now.

      It takes time to organize a business like that, communications channels, contacts, money. People are so desperate for guns that you could start it with as little as a few thousand Euro and grow from there.

      Europeans have been suffering from bad leadership and enemies within from centuries already. You should focus on them to solve the problems once and for all.

      To kill the globalists and their children would be more effective than mere self-defense against middle east apes. The more the globalists stay in power, the more problems they will cause and longer it will take for recovery.

      • Exactly.
        Europe is on the brink of civil war. It’s under ferocious tyranny that disarmed the citizens and flood the cities with an invasion of the so called “resources”, criminals, desperados and terrorists from the middle east. Refugees? A fairy tales.
        European caucasian people is close to extinction in few decades. Unarmed, slaved.

  5. mprasnaris kyriakos

    hello i want to ask something i am from greece and in the greece you cant have a army weapon like ak47 or m4 but you can have only shotguns for hunting but i resently downloaded tor browser because i want to buy illegal weapons like sniper rifles or pistols but with great price and i want to ask when i searching in torch(deep web searching machine) that i want to buy illegal weapons and all the sites doesnt have that i want can anyone suggest me links to buy weapons?

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