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Silk Road Counterfeit Vendor PurpleLotus Sentenced

Beau Wattigney (30), (AKA. PurpleLotus, GoldenLotus, CouponKing) a New Orleans man, has been sentenced to 41 months for manufacturing and selling more than $1 million in counterfeit coupons on Silk Road. Wattigney previously pleaded guilty to the charge of “conspiracy to commit wire fraud and conspiracy to commit trademark counterfeiting”. After the plea, Judge Lemelle sentenced the man and immediately put him into custody.

In addition to that, the counterfeiter admitted that in the time frame between May 2012 and November 2014, he sold counterfeit coupons for several products and services on Silk Road under the pseudo names of PurpleLotus, GoldenLotus and CouponKing. Wattigney admitted the act of creating and manufacturing fraudulent coupons with the assistance of co-conspirators who designed the vouchers to look like original print-at-home manufacturers’ coupons by using the original companies’ trademarks on them. The plea agreement states that Wattigney sold over $1 million worth of counterfeit coupons and victimized more than 50 businesses residing in the United States.

The case was investigated by the Philadelphia Division of the FBI, with the assistance from the FBI’s New Orleans Field Office. The prosecutors of the case were Senior Counsel Marie-Flore Johnson and Robert Wallace of the Criminal Division’s Computer Crime and Intellectual Property Section and Assistant U.S. Attorney Jordan Ginsberg of the Eastern District of Louisiana.


  1. Good going federal boys. You must be really proud of that bust – a coupon seller. Not gift cards, not credit cards but coupons. I feel safer knowing he’s off the streets. Good to know where our taxes are going. Not busting pedos or predatory bank loaners but coupon dealers. You go boys in blue ( or rather starched shirts and ties ). Keep up the good work.

    • that was very amusing.
      certainly targeting the king-pins and using value FBI time wisely.

    • Exactly- but pls listen to this ridiculous shit for irony:
      Govt takes our tax money
      Feds given their cut of tax money from Govt
      Govt gives massive tax monies in subsidies/breaks/incentives for Wal-mart that let them operate at a significantly higher profit than they should norm obtain in a free mkt.
      Walmart doesn’t pass their massive profit breaks on to their own employees, but rather keep that for their CEO’s and owners massive tax $$ inflated salaries, while AT SAME TIME encoutrages its emplyees to rely on all govt programs they can: they print n distribute instructions on how to apply and get SNAP, EBT Food Stamps, Fuel, EWnergy assistance, medicaid, and many other tax suxcking govt rntitlement programs which FURTHER DRAIN BILLIONS AND BILLIONS from US TAXPAYERS who pay the FBI and WAL Marts CEO’s now technically too.

      So then the FBI gets to use its bully bullshit behavior to railroad a smart college kid who found a way to make coupons so he could afford items as a poor student by ripping off those bastards at Walmart in a VERT TINY Fraction of a way compared to how Wal Mart ( n Feds) are raping our lifeblood as a country both in cannibalizing mom n pop stores n sucking our tax treasure right into thier greedy coffers…. How have they not been publicly hung from streetlamps like they did in the French Revolution for behavior nothing close to this level of disgusting inhumanity.???

  2. WTF is a coupon ?

  3. Duuuuuuude. Three and a half years for some of those 20% OFF Bed Bath & Beyond coupons I wipe my ass with? Oh man, this is sweet.

    • Voice of Reason

      Welcome to social control by example!

      Do you know why they did public witch burnings in the Middle Ages?

      Do you know why muslims televise public hangings and hand-cutting?

      To discourage behavior.

      The logic in this punishment is not to charge justice against a miscreant in a balanced manner. The objective is to make people think: “Wow, so much for coupons! I shouldn’t swipe that card someone forgot on the table. They are gonna kill me for it!”

      It lowers the cost of controlling social behavior by spreading fear and it lowers the bar for terrorizing the people into compliance.

      We ceased to be a roman/greek based western civilization after WWII. We became a violent compassion-less semitic type civilization according to the wishes of our overlords the Jews, which are de facto winners of WWII and rulers of the current western block.

      You know that old testament type stuff? That’s where we are heading.

      You can only expect things to get worse in this regard, we are regressing to a more primitive form of society against our own will because it suits better those that wield power.

      • Reasonable Voice

        ” We ceased to be a roman/greek based western civilization after WWII”

        Dude your are a fucking racist moron. Have you heard of a little historical act called Crucixion ? It was quite popular in the Roman State. Crucifixion was often performed in order to terrorize and dissuade its witnesses from perpetrating particularly heinous crimes ( i.e., this is what happend if you fight the Romans ) The Greek writer Herodotus describes the execution of a Persian general at the hands of Athenians in about 479 BCE:

        Social control by example ( as you put it ) has occured since the dawn of civilisation. Religion is the same thing. Deny my teachings and you shall burn in hell. This is nothing new idiot. If anything it was a more common practice before the modern judicial system.

        • Voice of Reason

          The Roman civilization spanned a thousand years and it didn’t use crucifixion all the time.

          Also, we choose to follow the idea of a fair justice system, and not to apply crucifixion on criminals.

          You can choose the better parts or the worse parts. If we choose the better parts, their past mistakes won’t spoil our decision. Nobody said Romans were saints.

          Yet, when led by these filo-semitic richfags, the western civilization is devolving into crucifixion-style justice system, which we tought was abandoned long ago.

          Not only that, but these same filo-semites plan to apply collective punishment against imagined european crimes committed generations ago by importing terrorists into every white people community while brainwashing and legally forcing Europeans into accepting these apes as equals.

          If the best you can do is to call me a bunch of silly names but you can’t counter my point, you should better keep your dirty mouth shut.

  4. What about “recreation for the masses” that started in Rome. to control, distract and corrall society. Try again

    • Voice of Reason

      That was seldom used until the end of WWII.

      Again you are talking about another form of social degeneracy that was engendered by the same globalists that are fucking us over nowadays.

  5. No. Recreation for the masses was before the fall of Rome. Like, the beginning of their society you know Gladiator, ever heard of it? I don’t understand your voice of reason. Are you saying globalist, as you call them, are heading us into or away from a Roman-based civilization? I’m just trying to get a clear perspective intelligently not disrespectfully unlike most.

    • Voice of Reason

      Away from Roman society, as far away as possible and into a Talmud-like society as it existed before the split of the 12 Israeli tribes (if that ever happened, which looks like just an invention).

      As I said, Roman civilization spanned a thousand years, bread and circus was not a part of it for the most time.

      Again, we can pick the best parts like the did in the Renaissance or we can pick the worse parts, like it is being done now, after WWII.

  6. I am trying to find safe and trustworthy places to buy coupons..I’m new to this. Can anyone help me?

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