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Bury Man Jailed for Trying to Buy Handgun At Service Station

Montgomery Richard Kyle Byrne (31) from Bury was busted by the National Crime Agency (NCA) when he attempted to hand over £1,300 to buy a Glock pistol and 300 rounds of ammunition at a motorway service station. Byrne has been sentenced for up to 6 years of prison at Birmingham Crown Court after pleading guilty to to nine firearms offences, including possessing a bolt action rifle and “a quantity of cartridges with bullets designed to explode on or immediately before contact”.


The man tried to set up a deal on the dark web, however, he was caught by the law enforcement authorities when he wanted to to hand over £1,300 in cash for a live fire Glock 9mm semi-automatic handgun and 300 rounds of ammunition that he’d bought online.

According to the NCA, Byrne also tried to buy an AK 47 from the dark web. During the man’s house raid, authorities found a Smitt Ruben hunting (or sniper) rifle, as well as a sawn-off shotgun, a revolver and more than 200 rounds of ammunition, including cartridges and bullets.

Law enforcements also seized an ammunition press, firearms powder, bullet heads and percussion caps. These are all components for producing ammunition that could be used by various weapons.

Brent Lyon, a member of the NCA’s Armed Operations Unit, said Byrne was caught after he left a “digital footprint”:

“Byrne does not have any identifiable links to organized crime or terrorism but the weapons he was attempting to buy and the ones he already possessed could have caused significant harm. If you buy guns on the dark web you leave a digital footprint – and the NCA will do everything it can to identify you and hold you to account.”


  1. Not news. Just another ‘legitimate’ BiTCoin user doing his ‘business’.

    • Voice of Reason

      You look like a fine serf, I would like to buy you. Can you point me to your owner so we can try a fair deal for your possession?

      Don’t worry, I will treat you well, no homo I promise.

      • Reasonable Voice

        Thats Voice of Reasons first cousin removed. Family values are very, very tight where he is from – except for his sister that moved in with a black jewish guy in New York. She became the rebel of the family after Uncle Wilbur got fresh with her 1 too many times.
        It’s OK Voice. I’m sure she still thinks about the good times yall had together ( even if you don’t quite measure up ).

        • Voice of Reason

          Why so much butthurt L’Dante? If I were your owner, I would request your tongue be cut because you got a too big dirty mouth.

          You got lucky that I haven’t bought your body … yet. lol

  2. Another victim of agents of government sell arms to arrest buyers, so if yu want buy arms on deep don’t never give meet at your seller.

  3. Montgomery Richard Kyle Byrne (31) from Bury was busted by the National Crime Agency (NCA) when he attempted to hand over £1,300 to buy a Glock pistol and 300 rounds of ammunition at a motorway service station

    absolutely ZERO to do with the DNMs….
    he obviously ‘tried’ to buy it from an under-cover copper or some-thing….

    If you buy guns on the dark web you leave a digital footprint – and the NCA will do everything it can to identify you and hold you to account

    what’s the bet this blonk Byrne used Tor for Windows and clear-net emails or sumthin’ equally stoopid….
    TAILs, virtual box, good VPN, PGP for comms…
    and….yr “digital foot-print” is: ZERO!

  4. Why is bad to use TOR for Windows?


    Dont know why there is so hate on Windows without any reasons. Wi 7 runs smoothly, fast and there is same level of security like Ubuntu or another user friendly linux distribution.

    • Voice of Reason

      >without any reasons

      Now that is golden, Chaim!

      How about proprietary closed source?

      How about the _NSAKEY variable?

      How about the routing of all Skype traffic to the Redmond servers?

      How about defending backdoors to please the government?

      How about you blocked from opting out of constantly contacting Redmond servers?

      How about you read the EULA’s on Microsoft products?

      You are so silly it is painful.


    Sure, but all of them are based on conspiracy theories.

    • Voice of Reason

      Conspiracy Theories ceased to be mere conspiracies after the Snowden leaks.

      If after being presented with a bunch of evidence of malfeasance, you still can’t wrap your head around the fact that closed source proprietary software drives you to jail, then you deserve to be caught and sent away to prison or worse.

      • Misguided Voice

        I’ve always wondered about people who scream that there is no privacy and resort to ubuntu and unix/gunix, tails, etc. don’t realize that majority of hardware creators after 2008 have a backdoor through the BIOS, I mean the only way you can stay save is if you use “susan” and “peter” with a vpn and a payG; 2G 3G 4g dongles, i mean you can literally have no digital footprint but there is a lot more involved then just using ails, even though its a good first step.

        • what abt pre-2008 BIOS?

          • Voice of Reason

            You are smart. That is the cheapest solution. lol

            Certain laptops from that time allow to swap the DVD drive for a second hard drive, there you can build an encrypted raid system to keep your data double safe. Use BTRFS or ZFS for error correction.

            If you compile your own kernel, you can include Tresor in the mix.

            But those systems all come with DDR2 ram which is liable to cold boot attacks. Smear it with superglue to fix it to the motherboard.

            Several of those laptops can be pimped with coreboot, by the way.

        • Voice of Reason

          The kind of backdoors you talk about come in two flavors:
          – Network interface firmware;
          – Computer BIOS;

          The first one is very powerful, but only if you use a PCI-like connected network card.

          The second can only be exploited by using the correct Operating System backdoors.

          I’m not concerned about the first one because I use borrowed wifi. My borrowed wifi comes from a USB dongle whose firmware is open source. And my anonymaus laptop is different from the one I use for work, which is also different from the one I use personally.

          Yes, it is hard to drag around three laptops and spend whole days waiting to crack a new AP, but that is the price to pay for real freedom. One knows how much its own liberty is valuable to sacrifice convenience for it.

          Now about the second type of backdoor.

          1 – You can buy a non-US-linked computer which comes without US government mandated backdoors. There are plenty of Chinese, Taiwanese, Korean and Singaporean indigenously built laptops that fit the bill, they mostly come with understandable English manuals, by the way. You can also buy military-issued laptops from France, India or Russia, if you got the shekels for it.
          2 – You can use a pre-2008 computer. There were nice dual core laptops with 2GB of ram sold during that time. They are cheap and easy to acquire, they run modern libre Linux like a breeze.
          3 – You can buy the correct hardware and install libreboot.

          I wonder if you wish that I tell what kind of device I use, or if you just want to berate *nix guys.

          Of course I don’t use Ubuntu, you certainly read comments about it which I myself made on this website. Yet Ubuntu is the first necessary step to wean people off the Windows crack. They have to use an easy Linux distro before they tumble down the rabbit hole. I started with uber-blobbed RedHat, it doesn’t mean it still runs on my systems.

          I don’t think it is wise to push people on the items quoted above because that is too much initially, specially for non-computer-fags.

          After some years of experience one gets to this point:


          My kernels have that option enabled. lol

          Have you compiled your own kernel yet?

          By the way, stingrays cannot crack 3G, but they can crack 2G and 4G. You gotta lock your phone in 3G mode if you ever plan to use a telephone for any business whatsoever, which I do not recommend. 5G protocol will have backdoors built-in.

          • whew!
            good stuff!
            ‘saved’ for future rfrnc, eh?
            what you rckn abt that new Qubes o/s?
            had a squizz @ it….a bit daunting……. bigger ‘learning curve’ than Arch Linux :(

            i use a Faraday-type bag to stop me mobile ‘phone being ‘tracked’…but…of course…once you take it out of the bag…. :(

            re: the Network interface firmware
            do you think that an easy way ’round that would be to use an i/net caff?
            ‘course….. their desk-tops prblby got the BIOS ‘virus’….
            i’d use PGP for comms….but PGP on a USB stick….

            • jimbo

              TAILs on USB stick @ i/net caff, eh?!?

            • Voice of Reason

              Ima tryin’ to decrypt what ur ebonics speak is maybe sayin’ m8.

              I don’t like Tails, look at the link above I posted. Using Tails you will notice that it requires you run updates every time you run it, but the kernel can never be updated.

              When there is an exploit to the kernel, the Tails team is unable to roll out a quick fix and you are stuck.

              QubesOS requires 8 cores and 32GB of ram just to navigate the internet. There is no anonymaus laptop that can run such a system in a usable manner.

              Since you are a cheap guy, I gotta say Qubes is an interesting concept, but it cannot run on a pre-2008 laptop.

              A faraday bag can only get you so far. Spies can set the phone to record conversations and then upload them later.

              When you do anonymaus stuff, leave your cellphone at home, it is better that way. But if you can’t do that, make a box with a sound-absorbing material like cork inside the faraday cage. There are programs that you can download to test both your faraday cage and the sound proofing in the android market. Just lurk about it.

              I don’t go to cyber cafes, I like to crack WPA passwords and use just that. Cyber cafes have cameras, staff and stuff. The wifi from your neighbor down the street has nothing of that.

              To crack wifi, I use TP-Link TL-WN722N dongles + live kali linux + wifite. In any place with about 20 APs visible, there is always one or two that it can crack in minutes using pixie dust cracking. If not, traditional WPA bruteforcing will do.

              • ta! for all that!
                will ‘research’ the WiFi cracking…..
                uh…QUBES needs 32gig of RAM!
                i can’t afford that sorta crap, eh? :(

                the i/net caffs i use are actual caffs….
                that is: they serve food/drink/beverages…
                coupla lap-tops down-the-back….
                they got little PC cams…but i just cover them…..
                they’re little country caffs…
                not likely to be too inquisitive….
                the only ‘test’ i’v run on me Faraday-type bag is to plonk me mobile in it (switched on) and ring it from another ‘phone….it doesn’t ring…..well….uh!….that much works any-way….the ‘blurb’ sez it’ll block out 2g-4g sigs…..
                i’m not too concerned with “spies” cos i don’t live any-where near a big city….not even a big regional city and the country coppers here ain’t got the time, the experience, the man-power or the tech’ to ‘spy’ on people… ;)

                • Voice of Reason

                  I also don’t care about local police. The problem is big brother and its three letter agencies.

                  They spy on an industrial scale, they register everything from everyone, cross the data to find targets and do it mostly automagically through the internet.

                  – A few too many bank deposits not declared to the IRS?
                  – Too much interest in social causes?
                  – Strong opinions on politics?
                  – Donations to WWF or man’s rights?
                  – Have a friend abroad? Are you friends from a friend which has a friend abroad?

                  Those are all excuses to sink a hook in your computer. Nothing of that is done by the local cops, they are only called in to finally arrest you.

                  • true!
                    but…the only org’ that has the ability to consistently do all of that is the NSA in the US;
                    and…maybe..their UK equivalent….
                    forget wht they’re called now…
                    some-thing like GSHQ or some-thing….
                    they hvn’t really got any-thing in Aussie worth a damn AFA hi-tech’ interceptions go….
                    the only people they’ve busted here for getting stuff off the DNMs they got the old-fashioned way…
                    they were selling drugs/police informers or guns got ‘picked up’ by X-ray scanners coming through the AU Customs…
                    also….couldn’t really see NSA sharing stuff with Aussie LE…they’re too ‘low-rent’ for them….
                    i don’t even think the NSA shared stuff with the Brits…
                    the Brits had to set up their own org’ in order to bust drug-and-gun dealers…and…CP too!
                    although…the latter is a bit of a joke because most of the Brit’ establishment are chesters! :(

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