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Dutch Police Arrest 10 men Suspected of Using Bitcoin to Launder Money

Accoring to the dutch police Ten men suspected of using the digital currency Bitcoin to launder up to 20 million euros ($22 million) of criminal money made from online drug deals have been arrested in the Netherlands, Dutch prosecutors said on Wednesday.

Seized Car

Seized Car

The men, described as all in their 20s and with Dutch nationality, were arrested on Tuesday in coordinated raids on 15 locations around the country, said spokeswoman Valentine Hoen of the country’s Fiscal Information and Investigation Service.

Prosecutors believe the men laundered 15-20 million euros ($16-22 million) for drug dealers who sold their wares at online marketplaces on the “Dark Web” — web sites that are invisible to search engines and only reachable using specialized software.

Bitcoin is the preferred means of payment on such sites because it can be quickly transferred between users in any country without using a bank, making it difficult to trace.

Hoen said the actual drug sellers were the subject of a continuing investigation by the country’s drug squad, although 15 kilograms of chemical precursors for the manufacture of Ecstasy were found in raids on Tuesday.

Seized Envelops and cash

Seized Envelops and cash

A statement by prosecutors said investigators seized luxury cars, cash, bank accounts and other goods abroad including an unknown amount of Bitcoin in cooperation with officials in the United States, Australia, Lithuania and Morocco.

According to an account in De Telegraaf newspaper, which was invited to witness the raids, the men were caught due to large amounts of money being frequently deposited into their bank accounts and then quickly withdrawn in cash from ATMs.

In all more than 250 law enforcement officials participated in Tuesday’s raids.

Hoen said a judge in Rotterdam will rule on the suspects’ continued detention on Friday. At this time, the names of the vendors involved remains unknown.

Video of the seizures:

Info Source: http://www.reuters.com/article/us-netherlands-crime-bitcoin-idUSKCN0UY0V8


  1. Could these guys be the exit scam guys everyone is looking for ?

  2. Is this a so called bitcoin mixing service or just bitcoin to cash that got busted :)?

    • herzegovinaftw

      or now when I think about it. Can it be owners of a darknet site aswell? I mean didnt Ross Ulbricht (RIP!) get accused of money laundering aswell for being a site operator? But at the same time US laws is quite retarded :P

  3. IMO thoses guys are the main producer of MDMA in north NL
    Main team who provide DNM vendor

  4. Nice style dumbfucks. So much for an OpSec.

  5. Oh, recently my trustfully MDMA vendor became idle and said me that “he had some problems in real life”, then went back offline and 6 days later still have not logged in… :( Maybe R.I.P…

  6. Is that vendor IMB?

  7. One big player gets busted, two new players are coming into the game. Stop the war on drugs. It’s just useless and a fucking waste of money.

    And pretty stupid that there real life op-sec was rather lose than tight.

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