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Mullvad Review

The Company

In this Mullvad Review we found out that Mullvad is a VPN service operated by Amagicom AB Company based in the city of Gothenburg, Sweden. Mullvad’s mission is to make the internet censorship and surveillance ineffective. Mullvad endeavors to keep your online activity, location and identity private. Its location in Sweden gives it a head start over other VPN service providers. In Sweden, the EU Data Retention Directive (DRD) did not apply to VPN providers during implantation which makes Sweden an ideal place to locate servers and also operate VPN services. Luck of censorship makes Sweden a haven for internet users who need privacy.

Free Trial and Money back guarantee

Mullvad understands that most potential VPN customers wish to run a test to find out whether the VPN they are eager to purchase gives the kind of protection they need. Mullvad allows 3 hours’ free trial for anyone who would like to test it before making a purchase. Mullvad gave us an option of creating a new trial account or using an existing account.


Though the free trial might seem short it’s invaluable to anyone who needs assurance before purchasing. To access free Mullvad all you only have is to create a new trial account. When comparing the review of Mullvad to others, the 3 hours is pretty short.

>> Click HERE to Visit the Mullvad Official Site

The company stays true to their privacy pledge such that we were not required to give our name or email address to download the client software. We were only required to complete CAPTCHA verification, and an account was automatically created.


Mullvad gave us various payment options:

  • Bitcoin
  • Cash
  • Bankwire
  • PayPal
  • Credit card


Whenever a service provider offers money – back guarantee, it means that they are confident of their service and are willing to refund customers who find their service to be below the stated standard. Unfortunately, Mullvad doesn’t have money – back guarantee which is a big letdown for a company that promises total anonymity and security.

Interface and setup

For an accurate Mullvad review we made sure to download the client software that suited our operating system. They provide options for Window, OSX, and Linux. Androids are also supported using OPEN VPN for Android and PPTP while iOS is supported by using PPTP. Our device was windows based and so we selected on windows download.


We were directed to Mullvad 57 setup wizard and begun the installation.


Their interface is simple and easy to use.

After the download was complete, we ran the software by clicking on the install button.


The Mullvad software was installed on our device very fast. Mullvad is a sure winner when it comes to setup. This factor has endeared it to many clients, unlike many of its competitors with complex software’s that require technical skills or even customer support assistance to install. With Mullvad, we just downloaded and installed the software and we were ready to go.

The client connects to a server of its choice. You are also able to change to any other server.


The main screen provides the user with basic information

The settings screen allows the user to switch on the features of the client.

  • You can change account number
  • Manage your account
  • Block the internet on connection failure
  • Stop DNS leaks
  • IPV6 Provides IPV6 tunneling


When Mullvad is connected and working correctly, an icon appears in the notification bar displaying a green tick.



During our review of Mullvad VPN we discovered that it provides a custom open VPN client to protect its users against attack vectors such as leaks through DNS, IPV6, and Teredo. Mullvad does not obey the EU Data Retention Directive (DRD). They don’t disclose anything, and they also don’t log their user’s activities thus even if they are required to divulge information about their customers, they can’t for they don’t have any information stored. They employ 2048 – bit RSA and 128-bit Blowfish open VPN encryption that is ideal for stopping any spying on users’ data. Though not the highest standard encryption, Mullvad is totally committed to your security. They have a DNS leak protection that ensures your actual IP address is not revealed.


Our Mullvad review found that the service is pretty good for those who need total privacy. They don’t ask for any personal information from users, not even an email address. Since it’s located in Sweden, it is not required to cooperate with Swedish law enforcement. Unlike other ISP and VPN service providers, Mullvad doesn’t keep detailed logs of your online activities thus a third party cannot match an IP Address and a time stamp to its users.


Mullvad does not respond to DMCA policy. The good thing with Mullvad is that all their internet traffic is protected. However, users should be careful not to expose their IP with WebRTC. WebRTC allows Mullvad users to have video and audio communications without any plugging installed, which could lead to your IP being exposed. Mullvad official website confirms that the issue is present in Windows, Linux, Android, and OSX, but it’s not evident in iOS.

Mullvad has a “Kill Switch” which blocks internet traffic if the VPN is disconnected unexpectedly, protecting the real IP address exposure. What an advantage!


Speed is of utmost importance for internet users. A slow speed is greatly inconveniencing and annoying. Mullvad exhibits relatively good speed, especially on P2P. However, Speed is determined by many factors, the best way of testing the speed is by connecting with their client software.

The servers in European locations are faster than in the US. On a 100Mbps connection, Torrent downloads reach between 70 to 90 mbps on European locations while on the US locations speeds of 20 to 40 mbps are evident. On speedtest.net you get speeds of slightly over 50 mbps. Some computers experience packet loss problems with Open VPN over UDP resulting to very slow speeds. The best way to remedy this is to make the tunnel run over TCP instead. Go to Advanced in settings and set protocol = tcp in the [client] section.


Mullvad is a user-friendly VPN, you can connect and disconnect it anytime. Another good thing that keeps it ahead of the pack is the fact that you can adjust settings without contacting customer care; thus, saving valuable time. The software is also easy to setup and to get started.


The website is well structured and user-friendly. The website does not use external resources such as Google Analytics. Their servers use Open VPN which is exactly what you need if combining it with Tor on the Deep Web, which is renowned for creating secure service point – to- point connections. Open VPN is an open source and has been extensively tested for security purposes. Mullvad offers unlimited bandwidth that’s ideal for customers who stream a lot.

Main Feature:

  • Mullvad has a user-friendly site.
  • A setup that’s simple and easy to use.
  • They don’t ask you for any personal information, not even an email address.
  • Malware protection
  • Port forwarding
  • Dynamic share IP
  • They make anonymous payments possible with bitcoin and cash making it more difficult for a subscriber to be traced.
  • IP addresses and their activities are not linked to users.
  • They have servers in Germany, Netherlands, Sweden Canada, and the USA. These give customer’s freedom of choice as to which location to use.
  • Block all internet traffic on VPN connection failure.
  • DNS leak protection.
  • IPV6 leak protection and IPV6 tunneling.


Mullvad is compatible with all major operating systems. Their software works well with Windows, Mac, Android, iOS and Linux. The software enables users to use VPN on any gadget ranging from Smartphones, tablets, and laptops to desktops. They also provide source code files that allow users to run on any platform. That’s a big plus. You can use a DD-WRT router to setup Mullvad. You can connect up to 3 devices using the same account. Use the same customer id on all the three devices by setting the customer id under Settings in the client program.

  • Computer
    • Microsoft Windows
    • Apple Mac OSX
    • Linux
  • Mobile
    • Apple iOS (Manual Configuration, No app)
    • Android (Manual Configuration, No app)
  • Router
    • DD-WRT outer

Pricing and checkout:

The price is capped at 5 Euros per month which is very competitive in the market. Mullvad accepts the following methods of payment; bitcoin, cash, Bank Wire, PayPal, and credit card. They are also comfortable with cash being sent in an envelope to the company’s headquarters. The letter sent anonymously can ensure buyers anonymity.


Mullvad payment system is pretty cool; they accept crypto currency notably bitcoin. You get a bitcoin address that you use to fill up your desired amount and get a corresponding access time. Your account is randomly generated, and you can at any time generate a new payment address. Pricing is competitive, and they also give a discount for paying with bitcoin. Paying with bitcoin is cheaper due to lower fees and minimal administration. To see how much is left; you can visit the account management page. Alternatively, you can select account management in settings.

>> Click HERE to Visit the Mullvad Official Site


The Mullvad website is simple and elaborate. It covers all the necessary areas with proper explanation. It has FAQ page that covers the most important questions users normally ask. Mullvad provides an email address supported by PGP encryption. The response is quick, knowledgeable and usually takes about two hours. They do not have a live chat, which can be very helpful for one – on – one communication.


To sum up our Mullvad review, Mullvad is a small company that has prioritized privacy. Their VPN setup is easy to use, and no personal information is requested. They don’t keep logs so that even if requested by the court to divulge information they have none. The free trial on offer lasts for three hours. Mullvad has good speeds especially for p2p, but they need to improve on the speed in the USA. They accept bitcoin payment as well as cash, and they also have a quick and helpful support team. Pricing is very competitive compared to other VPN service providers.

Mullvad needs to locate more servers for global coverage. They should incorporate live chat and IM options to strengthen their support mechanism. All in all, Mullvad service is of high quality and there’s still room for improvement.

>> Click HERE to Visit the Mullvad Official Site


  1. I can’t take anyone who uses windows on darknet serious.
    I’m in Europe but won ‘t use Mullvad because of that dumb review.

    • Anonymous

      Windows is proprietary which by it’s very nature is unsafe to begin with so although I do agree with you and would not consider using Windows to access the dark web either, so are a lot of Linux distributions.

      99% of Linux contains proprietary code which could be monitoring all of your activities without your knowledge. And contrary to popular belief, Linux is never completely secure, especially out of the box.

      It takes a very sophisticated user to properly secure a Linux box. So although I would still recommend Linux over Windows and it is most likely going to be more trust worthy regardless, Windows can still be a very solid platform assuming it’s being properly operated.

      However, if I were going to recommend someone Linux for the use of illegal activities. GNU/Linux which is endorsed by the FSF is obviously the safest choice, but if they are not properly educated on cyber security and the art of proper anonymity, they will fail every time.

    • That’s just silly. While, reading comments, it looks like there are legitimate concerns with Mullvad — but the article using Windows is not one of them.

      I occasionally do writeups of software installation processes and it’s almost always something I’m doing in a virtualized environ. For my tastes, I don’t normally cover Windows just because I don’t really use Windows.

      But I might, were I aiming for widest market appeal.

  2. Lately Mullvad suffer a lot of internet issue .. I bough a month to try it again …but it disconnect every hour or so … try to configure it on my smartphone, it works first time, ok next time have to do all the steps but nothing works even I could not download their .ovpn from their site…
    Mullvad has to take this seriously .

  3. When i first tried it, it worked ok. So i signed up for 3 months. After the 10th day i had problems with the vpn disconnecting or their dns would just not resolve! Contacted them but it took two weeks for them to respond. Even so, the problem was not resolved! Fuck ’em. Bunch of amateurs

  4. @Jellbean Just because of that reviewer? He probably reviewed all VPN providers. What are you going to do about it? Are YOU dumb?

    Nevertheless, you don’t need a VPN (and it’s actually discouraged by the Tor Project itself) to access the “darknet”.

  5. Well as a long time subscriber to Mullvad, I would like to give my honest opinion of their service, only to hope it will it help them improve.

    The anonymity is there as well as the privacy, but the speed needs to be improved.

    When putting it up against other providers i.e Cryptostorm, it just doesn’t reach that same level of speed, regardless of the selected server.

    Usually when I’m chaining VPN’s together, there isn’t to much of a decrease in performance, but if I stick Mullvad into the chain, all of a sudden, I get a huge decrease in speed.

    Not sure why this is happening, but for me, it’s just not plausible.

  6. New Mullvad user here. Speed test showed no noticable difference between vpn and no vpn. The server is close-by, maybe that helps.
    The service on Debian, android phone and Mac El Capitan worked flawless in the beginning but last few days the Mullvad client v60 on linux and mac have been disconnecting regularly without a warning. On the Mac a force quit of the client is needed to reconnect. 7,5/10

  7. How does a company with no personal details required for service offer a money back guarantee? Doesn’t make sense. How could they know they were giving the money back to the right person?

    • Anon

      You are misinformed. There is no money back guarantee. However you can test their VPN for a few hours by simply filling out a captcha.

  8. If you use Linux MULLVAD is the best. Period. Rest are noobs.

  9. One of the best VPN of the market for Linux .
    Great client
    25 countries
    good encryption, Fast speeds
    excellent privacy (bitcoin and even cash payment by mail with an anonymous subscription number !)
    Not expensive (5€ per month)
    No leak , Killswitch , adjustable parameters like MTU value , forwarded ports etc.. in client vers 63)
    No blacklisted ip !!! (not the case of most of “big” vpns)
    Possibility to bypass vpn detection
    In one year I’ve never encountered any issue with MULLVAD

  10. Back home from a 2 weeks visit in CA, San Francisco. During my other 2 w visit in April I stayed in some basic, but expensive hotel. Their wifi speed in is clearly limited. And they have some sort of internet traffic control – you pay extra to be able to stream. So first visit I did pay extra and could see some Swedish programs – but with very limited performance. Price 100$ / 5 days. Now on my last visit coming home today I had done some research first. And this time I used “complimentary” wifi speed together with Mullvad. That was a 3 mbit connection. I spent the whole time there beeing able to watch Swdedish TV with no hickups in the comm – as the network did not sense I did stream the whole time. True good performance and no extra payment. Doed the VPN from Mullvad “fool” the wifi network on these hotels some way? Without Mullvad I could not stream anything – Mullvad on I could see the network traffic going trough uninterupted at all times. Used version 62, see now there is a later version available.
    Thanks Mullvad!

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