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VPN Secure Review

VPN Secure is a rather new company that started in 2010 in Brisbane, Australia. Up until now, they managed to develop the server network, which is spread over 42 countries, and currently they service thousands of clients all over the world.

In our VPN Secure review we found their main focus is to offer concerned customers a secure networking solution that will protect them from prying eyes. To fulfill their mission, the entire company is in a continuous development, investing in infrastructure and software solutions


They are a great solution for end-users, as they offer advanced features and affordable prices with a variety of packages that can fit any budget. The good impression starts with the site, where users can find a modern-looking design and an impressive content organization. The fact that they claim to not keep any logs or records is a definite advantage in front of many solutions on the market because this is the only way to ensure complete privacy.

As a paying user, you will have access to a plethora of locations worldwide, allowing you to use any online streaming service you like. For example, only in US there are 9 servers you can use to log in to. These will give you access to services like Netflix, Hulu, or the WWE network. If you’re more into the British entertainment, they have 3 servers available that will give you a free pass to services like BBC Entertainment and others.

They have servers in locations from all the continents and this is a fantastic opportunity for someone travelling a lot.

About the company

VPNSecure Pty Ltd is the trustee for VPNSecure Trust and they are located in Brisbane, Australia. It’s an Australian Proprietary Company that started in 2011 with just 5 employees. Since then, the company grew and developed creating one of the best VPN solutions on the market.

Their Privacy Policy states clearly that they don’t keep logs, but they will answer any DMCA requests. Since they are not able to determine which user is responsible for the DMCA intervention, these requests won’t help the government identify anyone.

Even so, they are extremely vigilant with how users understand to benefit from their newly earned online freedom. They have a zero policy for spam and they don’t encourage fraud through their network.

VPNSecure Free Trial

Given the fact that any software solution, especially one that involves security and privacy, must be tested before purchase (as we did during our VPN Secure review), the VPN.S Secure offers two possibilities:

  • Free 30 Day OpenVPN 2GB Limit to one USA server with OpenVPN account
  • 2 days trial at $2.00 for either PPTP or OpenVPN (all accounts have HTTP proxy)

Each one of these two options comes with limitations. For example, the free version is mostly for web browsing as users will not be protected against ads and the entire activity will be registered. Also, there is only one server location and just 600Mb of data available for this account. The speed is slower but they use the same level of encryption as with their most popular plan, OpenVPN (2048-bit) which will allow users to get a taste on the level of security.

If a user wants access to this 30 days free plan, they would have to register on the site first, process that is really simple and easy. You just have to follow these steps:

  1. Go to their checkout page and select the Show More button


  1. Scroll to the bottom of the list and select the last option – Free USA VPN
  2. Click on Free 30 days … and introduce your information for creating an account. If you already have an account, click the link on top of the form.


  1. Click Register and download the VPN client from the link provided.


  1. Run the installer and follow the instructions on screen.

After installation, start the VPNSecure.me application (usually located on your desktop) and introduce the username and password you used to create the account.


Wait for the setup to complete and click Finish.


After this, you will be able to see the client interface and the one server you are allowed to connect to.


From here you can configure the client, get in contact with support, get a speed test or simply connect. The connection is established quickly and the general speed is quite acceptable.

The 2 days trial period offers complete access to all the features supported by the VPN solution and can be re-activated manually.


They do implement a Money Back Guarantee policy but only if a user can’t use the service they paid for after contacting support. Also, if fraud is found, a user account will be immediately disconnected and the money will be refunded.

While researching for this VPN Secure review we found that if you are using the VPN to access the Deep Web along with Tor then I would not go for the free trial AS YOUR USAGE IS LOGGED. There are no logs on the paid option.

>> Click HERE to Visit the VPNSecure Official Site

Interface & setup

Our VPN Secure review found setup process simple and doesn’t require any complex settings, fact that makes this solution attractive for any type of customers. After deciding on the type of membership, the next step a user needs to perform in order to get the solution started is to download and install the client for their operating system. The installation steps are similar to the ones described during the installation of the trial client.

After installation, users have access to a simple interface that is easy to understand and use. It’s nice that they offer, on the interface, direct links to sites that are limited based on geographic location. This way a user won’t have to invest any extra time in searching these online.


If you want to configure the interface and make it more personal, you can by accessing the Settings tab. Here you can change your account details, the default server, and notifications.


You can also select the Routes button and define your own routes, or activate / deactivate the existing ones.


The logs section creates a temporary log of all your activities that can be helpful in case you need help from support.

The same simplicity is respected on the site as well, thus creating a great browsing experience for all users and viewers looking for a solution.


The VPN.S Secure solution scores very well on security as they use 2048-bit encryption (on the same level with an SSTP encryption) for the OpenVPN plan and 128-bit encryption for the PPTP.

A great advantage that may convince many users to favor this solution for their regular internet browsing and activities is the VPNSecure router solution. This allows users to protect their entire network from data snoopers, without worrying about software clients. These routers can be purchased directly from the VPN.S Secure site.


The company is located in Australia, so they are legally bound to respect any request coming from governmental institutions in Australia.

For our VPN Secure review we did a little more digging and found some interesting notes to mention. According to the claim they make on the first page in site, VPN.S Secure doesn’t keep traffic logs and connection logs are erased every day. Still, a user interested in testing the service with the 30 days free option will learn that their activity is monitored and that logs are registered. It may be understandable, given the fact that you are not yet a paying user, but in our opinion, a user who wants to test a software solution should be offered the complete experience.

Still, if a user takes the time to read their Privacy Policy, they will discover that the “no logs & records” policy is applied only in certain conditions. If the company is prompted by a governmental institution to keep logs for a certain user or if they suspect the possibility of fraud, the claim on the first page is overruled.

In conclusion, VPN.S Secure is indeed a solution that offers privacy, but only under specific conditions where they are not pressured by outside parties. If using this VPN alongside Tor for Darknet market activities then you should be ok if you are just browsing or small time transactions but if doing anything more then I would opt for a different VPN provider.

Terms Of Service and Privacy Policy: https://www.vpnsecure.me/tos/

Connection Speed

Generally, when a user connects into a virtual private network the Internet speed (upload and download) is limited by the server they use. VPN.S Secure boast as being one of the fastest VPN solutions on the market, but in reality they are somewhere between middle and top. According to opinions from users, VPN.S Secure is a solution that manages to offer a good and reliable connection speed and it won’t slow down the browsing process by much.

The VPN.S Secure client allows each user to run their own speed tests directly from the interface. Simply click on the Speed Test button (at the bottom of the window) after you’ve connected to a server and you’ll get an instant speed test for both download and upload.


For the free account we got a speed of 5.49 Mbps for download. Because this account doesn’t allow uploads, there was no test performed. Still, keep in mind that this is a limited account for both speed and other features.


This VPN solution can be used for both privacy and security online. Once a user is connected, it is assigned the IP address of the server it uses, thus hiding their real geographical location and physical address. The solution can also be used to overpass Internet censorship that is implemented in some countries around the globe where online filters are active.

While performing certain tasks in our VPN Secure review we found the desktop software is very easy to install and use. There are not many features to distract you, you can perform speed tests and you just select your server from the drop down menu.

For companies, a VPN solution is the only way employees from different countries or cities can make sure their online channel is secure. Only by implementing a solution like VPN.S Secure, a company will be able to share confidential information and enter virtual conferences with branches from other countries.


By creating a secure channel through which the user can navigate online, the solution offers the following:

  • Good Speed.
  • Smart DNS Included.
  • Dedicated IP Address Available. (Not recommend for Tor Use).
  • Allows P2P Torrent Traffic.
  • Secure WiFi connections in public places where most data snoopers are installed.
  • Private file sharing regardless of the type of file.
  • Unblock worldwide TV and streaming applications like Netflix or BBC (more are available, of course).

One of the main advantages the VPN.S Secure solution offers is the certitude that they created every piece of their network from scratch. Other solutions use third party companies for software or for their network and these are weak points that can and will be exploited. By keeping everything in-house, the entire system works at maximum parameters.


Another great use is unblocking sites and streaming services that limit access based on geographic locations like Netflix, Hulu, Pandora, and others.

The wide network that gives access to 42 servers placed all over the world offers users multiple options because they have the possibility to switch between servers anytime they want. This offers a good network management and constant speed, two very important aspects when discussing a VPN solution.


VPN.S Secure offers software clients for the most popular OSs in the world (at the given moment):

  • Computer
    • Microsoft Windows
    • Apple Mac OSX
    • Linux
  • Mobile
    • iOS
    • Android

A user is allowed to use the solution on multiple devices with the condition to not use the same server for two devices. Also, clients will be installed only for the OpenVPN and SSH services, for other services they won’t be necessary.

VPNSecure also has an iOS app which makes it easy to stay protected no matter what device you are using.


Pricing and Checkout

The VPN.S Secure solution offers a series of packages so anyone can afford a safe and private internet. Their most popular service is OpenVPN that offers clients for both PCs and mobile devices, anonymity, access to all servers and HTTP Proxy. The service is available on three different plans, in accordance with the period a client wishes to use the solution ($9.95 for 1 month, $8.30/mth for 6 months and $7.50/mth for 1 year).


Advanced plans are also available for users who need a more personalized service.


The checkout process is simple and straightforward and once a user selects a plan, the payment solutions will be displayed.


The user must choose the most convenient plan and initiate the payment. The fact that VPN.S Secure offers the Manual Renewal possibility is also a great advantage. Most solutions on the market would simply set an Automatic Renewal and charge users’ favorite payment method without further notice.

They accept both traditional payment methods like PayPal and Credit Cards and Online Wallets like Perfect Money, BitCoin, Payza, and Cashu.

>> Click HERE to Visit the VPNSecure Official Site


The support team is professional and all operators are well trained, offering polite and fast answers. The system works based on an email ticket process and live chat available directly on the site. There is also a Blog section and a forum where users have access to more information.


In Conclusion

In completing our VPN Secure Review we found that it is a great solution for both privacy and security and it is best fitted for light users that are not up to much mischief. Their support is quite good while also having a pretty competitive pricing structure. They are a good choice for a VPN and are really gaining some traction in the market. Be warned though, if you are into some serious business on the deep web then this is probably not for you.

>> Click HERE to Visit the VPNSecure Official Site

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