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FBI wages war on pedophiles using Tor

The demise of Freedom Hosting in 2013 has a lot of “statistics” showing the most popular Tor Network activity is child abuse. While this has been under debate, with multiple “statistics” showing different from the other, it is highly unlikely that with all the other options and interests inside the network, that child pornography is the highest rated activity in the deep web.

There are several groups out to prove otherwise. Hans Guijt-Terre des Hommes, of the Netherlands recently set up a digital 10-year-old girl. The outcome of this was more than 20,000 people; the majority men, were contacting the virtual girl in order to solicit sexual activity. In 2015 there were many instances where unsuspecting pedophiles were caught in traps laid by various countries governments.


A British study conducted in early 2015 claimed that up to 80% of the darknet activity on TOR was related to child pornography. Greg Virgin, former NSA employee turned cyber security consultant is quoted as saying “It was an awful realization, discovering that there were tens of thousands of people who are not only trading child abuse images and videos, but also looking for tips, and actual children to exploit.” Greg now spends his days helping U.S. based child protection groups.

“We found sites where users openly advertise the age of the children they are interested in. The typical age range were girls 0 to 6 months, and boys being from 0 to 1 years old. The FBI has taken down multiple child abuse sites since 2013. Despite the efforts of the FBI and private hacking groups around the globe, it seems the demand for child pornography is only growing.

On average, the FBI figures there to be a new site promoting child sexual abuse every day, if not more. Once one site goes down, the demand is so great that the site is rapidly replaced. The new site is usually stronger and more secure than the last. This makes the job of shutting it down more difficult.

Recently Argo, the Queensland, Australia taskforce has finished its 10-month long operation targeting child abuse. Upon completion a 25-year-old Queensland native was arrested for running a child abuse website on TOR, and many more are still under investigation. The 25-year-old was charged with multiple counts of child abuse and sentenced to 35 years in prison.

The taskforce exposed one of the largest pedophilia rings to date for the continent, potentially saving 100’s of children from sexual exploitation online. Lately it seems sites like this are common place among the majority of deep web users. Never mind the numerous drug and murder for higher markets that were once the fear of nations; there seems to be a brand new evil taking they’re place.

The taskforces operation uncovered members from Australia, Europe, United Kingdom, and the United States. The FBI used NIT attacks to not crack TOR encryption, but to bypass the encryption all together. The attacks were camouflaged as flash download applications on the taken over CP sites on the TOR network. The Playpen was the largest CP board ever found on the TOR network. Well over 1,300 visitors were traced the first day of the 2-week operation launched by the FBI.


Having over 215,000 members and more than 117,000 posts; the Playpen site was undoubtedly the largest brought down yet. 11,000 unique IP addresses were tracked and pinpointed at the very beginning of the takeover. The FBI ran the server they had taken down for a 2-week period. The NIT captured actual IP addresses by bypassing TOR encryption as the flash application was secretly loaded onto every system that visited the site during this time.

The American Civil Liberties Union has come out saying that it is very concerned that the FBI was able to hack more than 1000 computers with just a single warrant. The ACLU also is urging Congress as well as the public to seriously consider the FBI being allowed to use NIT’s at all after two meant were indicted in New York in 2015 related to the sting. This has only been the first of many arrests made in 2015.

Those arrested as a result of the FBI’s operation ranged from Connecticut, Massachusetts, Illinois, New York, New Jersey, Florida, Utah, as well as Wisconsin. “1500 or so of these cases are going to end up getting filed out of the same, underlying investigation”-Colin Fieman, Federal public defender for The Western District of Washington who is handling several of these cases.

“There will probably be an escalating stream of these in the next 6 months or so. There is going to be a lot in the pipeline.”


  1. Tor has been cracked; it’s not reliable. Do *NOT* trust it on its own. Use anonymous public Wi-Fi hotspots in addition to Tor bridges. Full system-encryption is an absolute must, preferably, on a computer that is different than the one being used to connect via Tor. Tails is great, but don’t rely on it alone. Here’s the pattern:

    Onion site <– Tor <– Tor bridge <– Anonymous Wi-Fi public hotspot <– Tails encryption <– encrypted transfer <– Some other, non-Internet connecting device with full system encryption.

    • burn in hell you fucking chimo!

    • Anonymous

      Despite sounding like a total troll you are correct to certain extent. Even if you use Tails, maintaining good opsec is a must. The problem is that the pedos caught in this scenario were stupid. They probably had scripts enabled at all times, used insecure operating systems that weren’t hardened, ran their mouths about their personal info, and didn’t encrypt their data. Despite this, 1000 or so pedos being caught is laughably small.

  2. Hey, hey, hey!
    Krang speaking!

    Check this out, we help to catch that bustards from long time!

  3. “TOR encryption as the flash application was secretly loaded onto every system that visited the site during this time.”

    How could this occur? Would not the end-user have to give permission for an “external application” to launch *before* it launches???

    DeepDotNet Admins, please keep us up-to-date on this story; not just for the CP-fucks, but for the civil liberties of all of us. In particular, I would like to know how these cases turn out.

  4. It is more likely related to most operating systems having many flaws, but the hardware is just as easy to track.


    The FBI has always asserted Tor and Encryption is part of conspiracy against the Federal Government and thus also the Federal Reserve system to back up their claims for backdoors and banning encryption that is effective due to National Security. Only the plotters are allowed to plot their dots behind the screen using encryption.

    It would not surprise me if like most would know who study that the FBI generated fake traffic to this site also to boost its importance. Probably more like FBI running the site who they talked an Australia guy to do for a lot of money although reluctant he became addicted and also to the CP.

    So they pull it up and set up their new site with slightly better security to test their other Agents hopeing most will fall while learning the CP into their honeypot and become new corruptable “Company Men”.

  5. wonder how many of the ‘busts’ were from pedos using Windows?
    if yr using Windows to access the DW, then, you deserve to be busted……

    the FBI are nuthin’ but a bunch of pedo’ gangsters them-selfs….totally controlled by even bigger jew-boy gangsters!

  6. I’m in agreement on prisons being abolished. Once someone is convicted of this shit, just immediately shoot them in the fucking head.

    • Anon.Hitler

      Your just a stupid idiot, trying to get attention by using flagged words and acts of suggestive violence over the internet to bring more red flags to this website.

      Anyone who would do what you say would never talk about it, so just shut up if you are too ignorant to speak about anything other than your “cock power” which you supposedly bring forth and swing around at your choosing against whomever you think deserves it.

      A “Conviction” in the USA court system? The land of fairy and Perverted Justice and Justices land?

      Go fuck off……

      • the US justice system is a ‘jewstice’ system that continually violates the US Constitution….if yr charged with any-thing even remotely resembling “a political offence”, then, yr chances of a fair trial are, pretty much, zero….
        if fedZOGjewSA wants to get nasty they can set you up with a sex offence….
        if they want to get really nasty, they can set you up with a pedo’ offence….
        with CP…that’s dead easy….they don’t have to coerce/intimidate/recruit any lying witnesses…they can just plant the crap on you after they’ve confiscated all yr devices…all they gotta do is tap a few keys and hey! presto!…..yr now a pedo’ and yr life is, effectively, over….easy, peasy, Japaneasy!

        • Anon.Hitler

          I know! That is why they use Automated posts to post Flagged content to websites it increases the number and type of “tools” they can use against “targets”. But it won’t matter these days its everyone for himself to enter one of the few exists that exist as the beast collapses.

          USA is just like China, they tried now to switch each other systems into hybrid structure and it is all collapsing, China is “stuck” with high tech trains and stuff they could never have done without the west and USA, and USA has nothing in economy except what is tied to its Totalitarian Communist Government. It’s just USA heavily into psychological manipulations as their key feature to go along with their physical tortures.

        • Anon vs Anon

          Now look here… Altho all of that is indeed a possibility, child pornography is a very dangerous market. Children suffer every day in the hands of pedophiles who abuse them non-stop and post sex tapes on the internet. If you think the world is unfair to you, just imagine what the world is like for a child like that!
          I am all for privacy on the web and I can see that a lot of lines are being crossed by the law enforcement , but we can not start defending everything anonymous.
          CP is not only illegal, it’s also very wrong!
          So, bottom line, stop acting like angry little kids and really deal with the problem.
          Furthermore, You should see a shrink. You are obviously paranoid about all this FBI sh*t. No one is out to get you because, honestly, no one even knows you! Who are you anyways?
          An anti-semitic man who wanders around the internet spreading the word about how jews control everything? GROW UP!
          ps: 8 8 = 6 21

          • Anon.Hitler

            It is by default that the “Trust Keys” lie outside anything to do with”American Government”. “IIIIIFFFFF” and when the Government grows up and starts acting up to its task than and only than will it ever be alloted its lot of trust.

            The Government has brilliantly hijacked Tor for it’s purposes however.

  7. A wagging Tail.

    Hey you dumb cunts, use Tails!

  8. Roberto diLavinio

    Perhaps the world should give a medal of dishonour to all of the police force that is using artificial intelligence to catch criminals. The more they do it and the more the child bride gets stronger, the more those who back up privacy get stronger. For example the KIK messenger is up to 150 million users. When the police force falls in love with A.I. they fall il love with androids and they become just as idiots as the androids because the androids need to be programmed by humans and nobody is programming the police force. Maybe they should be called the Fried Brain International because they do not understand any longer that the parents of a child that leaves the child on the computer is the one that needs to go in jail first. They don’t understand that a child or a minor need to post their age on their profile. A computer program that is using some form of intelligence to make decisions is just like a person, a dumb person working for the government, thus it is an agent of the government in electronic format braking privacy rights without having a search warrant first. All of the above makes the police force qualify for the best actors after Stanley and Oliver while washing dishes.

  9. glad those sick fucks finally got what they deserved!

    you know there is a lot of these type of sites, not only on tor but all over the internet. Every single one needs to be taken down and all these child molesters need to be brought to justice.

  10. Not just taken to justice, they need to fuckin die a horrible burning death.

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