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Oregon Fentanyl Dark Net Market Vendor Pleads Guilty

Brandon Corde Hubbard (41), an Oregon man, pleaded guilty to the charges of conspiracy to distribute controlled substances resulting in serious bodily injury and death, distribution of a controlled substance resulting in death and money laundering. The fentanyl that Hubbard was selling caused two overdose deaths in Grand Forks.

Hubbard signed the plea agreement on Dec 21, 2015, where he admitted that he sold the opioid substance that resulted in the deaths of Bailey Henke (18) and Evan Poitra (19) and other overdoses causing serious injuries to the victims. The two counts that the man had been charged with could result in two life sentences, however, prosecutors recommend a lesser sentence since of the plea agreement. According to Judge Ralph Erickson, the minimum time served for Hubbard is 20 years in prison though, unless prosecution asks for a lesser sentence.

According to US Attorney Chris Myers, Hubbard seeks to offer restitution, which would cover the funeral and the medical bills of the victims.

During his vendor career, the Oregon man imported $1.5 million worth of fentanyl from China and Canada and resold the substance to buyers in the US. He used dark net markets to sell and the US postal service to distribute his products.

Hubbard was arrested as a part of Operation Denial, a joint action between members of the Grand Forks County narcotics task force, Grand Forks Police Department, State’s Attorney David Jones, Grand Forks Sheriff’s Office and UND Police Department. During the operation, nine were charged in North Dakota and three in Oregon. One of them was Ryan Jon Jensen (20), who resold the drugs that he purchased from Hubbard. The man was sentenced to 20 years of prison time.

Operation Denial resulted in four other federal sentencing too: Joshua Tyler Fulp (20) who received 12 years; Kain Daniel Schwandt (19), 3½ years; David Todd Noye Jr. (18), 3¼ years; and Jameson Robert Sele (20), three years.


  1. Smash All Vampires

    “During his vendor career, the Oregon man imported $1.5 million worth of fentanyl from China and Canada and resold the substance to buyers in the US.”
    You fail to tell us if he (or others) sold it as fentanyl or as heroin. That would make a huge difference in the case.

  2. JazzTheJackRabbit

    Hit him with a large sentence – send a message to the dealers who sell this poison.

  3. Just another casuality in the war on drugs. RIP. Well, There are reserves, plenty of em. The battle continues.

  4. Anyone know how he was caught? sounds like he sold to someone locally and they worked their way from that to the guy…
    or do we know if they somehow found his ID through his market ID… maybe hacked his email or saw his traffic ?? TOR is solid as we know.. So this is what i think we shuold be curious about in cases like this

    • Tor is not as solid as you think. LE have ways to decrypt and track your Internet usage.

    • Al_Buzzedup_Bundy

      no tor works as well as you work yourself.

      hubbord used the same name other places and the6 vending name was also used on a few clearnet sites, even facebook/ twitter. LE traced IP’s from there got em. if you kill a few people they will work harder to find ya i bet ya.

  5. GFNDchosencity

    Last year in Grand Forks ND, a kid named Bailey Henke died of fentanly overdose. Ryan Jensen is the kid who baught from this vendor. After Bailey died, Ryan Jensen turned himself in. Ryan gave the police the vendors username. From there they searched the username on google. When they searched the username, they found a kik (messiging app) with the same username.From there the feds messeged kik and got the vendors ip addresse. I was good friends with Bailey and Ryan…. now one is dead and the other is in prison. Huge wake up call for me. RIP B.H.

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