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Guest Post: A legal guide to cannabis seeds

 Guest post by ICE Cannabis Seeds

As the law on legal highs enters a new phase of criticism for being overly confusing, with even MPs unclear on what it covers (The Guardian looks at ‘psychoactive’ inclusions), it’s important to be up to date on the legal side of cannabis seeds.

What does the law currently stipulate in the UK and other EU countries?

Cannabis seeds are legal to buy, possess and trade in the UK and in a number of European countries, listed here in full, including Spain, Germany and France. This means the public are legally entitled to purchase seeds online and a number of legitimate companies specialise in seed retail.

The important distinction is that the courts can get involved and prescribe a custodial sentence if the drug that the seeds produce is found in your possession, if you’re found to sell, produce or import it. In essence, the germination and cultivation of the cannabis seeds resulting drug is illegal.

As stipulated in online retail disclaimers, such as with ICE Cannabis Seeds, the seeds are only sold with the intention of collection and not growth or consumption, and only for people aged 18 and above.

It’s also in a retailer’s best interest to state that products are not FDA (The Food and Drug Administration) approved, which highlights the intention that they are not for humans to ingest or grow with this purpose in mind.

Sentencing and prosecution

Whilst medical use of cannabis can be prescribed by healthcare professionals in some US states, this doesn’t apply to the UK. Punishments can be strong for personal growth, especially when there’s evidence of commercial gain. Again, this applies to the bud that the seeds have a potential to grow.

For a first offense for possession, an individual can be given a cannabis warning which is recorded as a detected crime but does not result in a criminal record. After a cannabis warning, the next response from law enforcement would be a penalty notice for Disorder (PND), which is a fine of £80.00. If this isn’t paid or if possession is discovered a third time, this may result in an arrest.

A typical sentence of four to six months could be expected for growing weed in the UK and the defendant can expect stricter punishment based on the following factors:

  • Operation size
  • Production methods
  • Minors are involved
  • Previous convictions
  • Attitude

Currently the guidelines for maximum sentences, which are rarely used, are as follows:

  • Possession – 5 years
  • Possession with intent to supply – 14 years
  • Supply – 14 years
  • Production – 14 years
  • Cultivation of a cannabis plant – 14 years

In these instances, a fine can also apply.

Medicinal use in the UK

While activists campaign for the legalisation of cannabis for medical use, UK law does not recognise the drug as having any ‘therapeutic value’. Thus, prosecution remains the same for personal medical use and it’s an offense to possess and supply.

Should someone be suffering from a relevant medical issue, there is a cannabis-based product known as Sativex that be prescribed at a doctor’s own risk. This is usually used for individuals with Multiple Sclerosis (MS). Details on the history of this element of the law, which was last updated in 2013, can be found in further detail on medicalmarijuana.co.uk where discussion of the law is encouraged.

Future debates on UK law

It has already been discussed amongst MPs that legalising cannabis and heavily taxing it would be a strong economic investment. Towards the end of last year, The Huffington Post quoted Labour MP Paul Flynn as saying that the UK was “left behind” other countries like the US, where medicinal cannabis is decriminalised.

His comments came days before parliament discussed the legalisation of cannabis in October 2015 after 20,000 people signed an online petition for it to be addressed by MPs. Whilst the debate didn’t result in the decriminalisation, it brought the main benefits to the forefront of future reconsiderations.

Traditionally, the Liberal Democrat party has had a pro-stance on cannabis. The party’s Health spokesman Norman Lamb has said: “With successful legal cannabis markets emerging in different parts of the world, the onus is now on the supporters of prohibition to explain why we shouldn’t do the same things here in the UK”.

Seed collection

Currently, you’re able to buy cannabis seeds for collection. Popular seeds include auto and feminised products which have been genetically modified and have produced a number of new types of seeds in recent years.

When purchasing, it’s important to ensure the retailer is adhering to UK law and that you’re also responsible for your actions after purchase.

As the discussion on cannabis law is likely to be re-addressed in the future, it’s important to stay informed to know that you’re not breaking the law unintentionally.


  1. Foundation Trilogy Addict

    England’s harsh and unreasonable cannabis laws are a major embarrassment to that country. Not to mention a huge loss of revenue, think of Oregon, Washington and Colorado. Once the blue-haired old bags drop off dead, maybe a cannabis policy based on sound science and humane social policy can take effect. As it is, cannabis is too exoteric for the average English person to understand, much less bother to research.

    • England is bad? Singapore is worse. You are prosecuted straight away if you are caught with ‘Cannabis’, and they define ‘Cannabis’ as ANY PART of the plant, including seeds. F-our-lives right?

  2. “Popular seeds include auto and feminised products which have been genetically modified” no they are NOT genetically modified, they are completely natural, as are their offspring. To create a feminised plant can be as simply as dousing it with colloidal silver (literally just silver suspended via electrolysis in H2O) which triggers the plant to only produce pollen with female genetics – when this pollen is then applied the offspring are all female.

  3. I have some excellent seeds of “Island Sweet Skunk” …
    Perfect for collectors, with beautiful tiger patterns, glorious healthy beans for posterity ;:;}



  4. Cannabis seed collector Germany

    Cannabis seeds are illegal in Germany.

  5. I’m honestly sick and tired of vendors that claim they ship the same day. NEWS FLASH! We understand you’re on multiple markets and probably receive many orders per day. Quite frankly, that is irrelevant and has nothing to do with your Terms of Service.

    If you, as a vendor, decide that you’re going to offer certain services (and some of you bold enough to charge extra for said services)then you need to make sure you can uphold your end of the transaction.

    Customer service is EXCRUCIATINGLY important in the world we live in. Just because you’re dealing in illegal items doesn’t mean your customer service has to be in the shitter. Dealers are a dime a dozen. The only reasons for coming to the DNM are price and variety. That’s it. I can easily continue to be ripped off by local dealers rather than deal with vendors online that refuse to uphold their services.

    This whole “Finalize Early helps the vendor” thing is ridiculous and overblown. If a vendor would make it their priority to put customer service first, there would be very little need to worry about price fluctuations with bitcoin.

    The reason most vendors complain is because by the time the deals get finalized and they can cash out their coins, they’ve lost value. In my humble opinion, this is the fault of the majority of vendors. In the United States, packages shipped Priority will arrive in 2 days, no later than 3. If you order froma vendor on the West Coast on Sunday and they ship Monday, you should have that package anywhere in the continental US by Wednesday, Thursday LATEST depending on the time of day they shipped.

    The problem is vendors often like to ship whenever the fuck they feel like it because hey,the money is already in escrow or the deal has already been finalized on the site so their money is pretty much secure. But what about your product? Between your legit address and drops you may use, it’s nerve racking to have to wait for a package, just to see the mailman come and go without dropping it off. If a vendor would ship the package out the same day or the next day or whatever day their TOS claims they’d send, then you could reliably show up at your drop 2 days later and collect without hanging around 1 day, leaving without product and having to come back the next day and do it again; now you look suspicious.

    This is a pretty long rant and absolutely no one will give a fuck enough to change the way they do business but this should give an idea to people new to DNM about how this place works. Yes, you can get good product from some vendors and yes, some vendors ship when they claim they will. Some answer all your messages and they don’t play games when problems come up.

    But then you’ve got some vendors that give no fucks, are in it only for the money and run horrible operations because of it. 3 weeks to get a package of weed from the DNM is ridiculous at best, fucked up at worst and creates an atmosphere where the buyer has no clue whether they’re dealing with a scammer, the FEDS or just an inadequate postal service.

    Vendors: Take the time out to send your customer a quick message when you ship. Don’t just mark shipped when you didn’t ship it yet. Don’t just mark shipped when all you did was package it and have it sitting in your house. When you mark shipped, me, as a buyer, expect that my package is on it’s way. Even if you don’t ship the same day or the next day, honestly, that’s fine! As long as your TOS is in line with how you operate, I’m ok with that. I will know to avoid someone that doesn’t ship in line with my requirements. Just don’t give false advertising about how you do business. While you make think it’s ok and any backlash will be minimal, you have to remember that you sell a product and a service that is sold by many others, some WAY better than you. Step your game up and you will not only retain customers, but gain customers and good karma.

    Be safe! /rant

  6. ICE Cannabis Seeds seems awesome, I might check them out soon.

  7. Really love this article. I am glad to here. keep posting such articles.


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