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Introducing Dark Webb – A Dark Net Technothriller

By Harry Dayle (Author) – Technology has always been a huge part of my life. When I was ten I got my first computer — a Sinclair ZX81 (Timex 1000 in the US). I’ve never been far from a keyboard since, which is handy, because in my day job I am an author. Like many nerds, when I heard about the dark net, the idea exerted an irresistible pull over me. I’ll never forget the feeling I had when I opened up Tor and entered this hitherto unknown and alien territory for the first time. Even though I had no intention of doing anything ‘wrong’, I felt like I had become part of an underworld. It was almost like joining a secret society.


In the autumn of 2015 I published the last book in an epic series spanning eight novels. Noah’s Ark is classic post-apocalyptic saga telling the story of a group of end-of-the-world survivors living aboard a cruise ship. It was a big hit with readers, but after eight books it was time to start something new. Any writer will tell you that finding ideas isn’t difficult — they tend to find you. So I had no shortage of concepts I could develop. There was really no choice to make though. I already knew that my next series would be set in the dark net.

Dark Webb tells the story of Thaddeus Webb, a reclusive website designer. Thad has a dark secret in his past, and it influences everything he does years later. Unlike me, he came late to technology. Being someone who makes websites for a living, he thinks he knows all about the internet, until he discovers the dark net. Thad has a very specific reason to use the dark web — he needs a drugs market. It’s when he’s in such a market that he gets a strange invitation — to a red room.

Red rooms are one of the oldest and most pervasive myths about the deep net. The one Thad stumbles upon shows him a live webcam feed of a captive teenage girl. Visitors to the room can vote to decide her fate (live, or die horribly on camera), and they do so by pledging Bitcoin.

Thad is shocked and sickened by the red room. His instinct is to contact the police, but law enforcement don’t take him seriously. And so begins Thad’s adventure as he delves deeper into a world of hackers, drug dealers, Bitcoin, and fraud, in a bid to try and save the girl before the red room vote ends and her time is up.

As with my other books, the technology in Dark Webb is all real. It was important to me to be accurate, whilst also keeping the story accessible to readers not already familiar with the landscape of the dark net. The result is a technothriller that both entertains and, I hope, informs. After all, there’s a lot of misinformation out there about the deep web; popular entertainment is a great way to redress some of that balance.

Dark Webb is out now in both print ebook editions, priced from $3.99 at Amazon. You can find out more about my other books, including how to get a free copy of Noah’s Ark, at my website.


  1. That’s nice & dark…

    Now I suppose I’m gonna have to write a piece explaining the farmer’s side of what the DarkWeb has given us, in ways of protecting us from robbers, gangsters & police…
    Although most would argue that there is no difference amongst those 3…
    @ the end of the day, the dangers of the underworld have been 100% lifted…
    !No more the robbers can follow farmers from broker’s houses(or place of exchange)!!!
    !No more gangsters play the role of brokers until they decide to not remunerate your work & beat you up for it too!!!
    !No more can leo “make out” farmers by association with less prudent people!!!

    Also, no more do the farmers need to have their necks stepped on by entrepreneurial folk with boutique like stores, making 5times the profit we generate for our families, by farming this holly herb in the first place…

    @ long last, the deepweb has brought “Fair Trade” to the Cannabis farmer & Hashish maker…

    When Cannabis went all but legal & the underworld market crashed, they were no nets for us Cannabis farmers… everyone & everyone’s mom, pop’s & granny are now growing pot to make a buck & while they are entitled to, they’ve nearly strangled my ecosystem by lowering the grade & flooding the market…

    With 0% respect for each other because not part of any community that helps one an other, but rather based on society’s model of every one for them selves, by them selves with others working for them, to augment one’s profit margin by working people against each other…

    And then the DeepWeb saved my life :::)

    With fair trade between patrons & I, Patrons literally have given me my dignity back… & by shopping @ the farm, they support it, me & always have farm fresh produce on the kitchen table, rather than some bounced around dealers buds…

    Fair trade allows me to by the right organic food for both my crops & now I :::)

    Thank you DeepWeb, thank you Patrons…



  2. Curt Nicol D.D. Ph.D.

    How much did he pay for this book advert? It sounds fucking terrible, highly formulaic, the author clearly has no idea about the topic, he’s trying to cram in as many buzzwords he’s recently come across in the hope it will appeal to a niche market that he hopes is very rich. And judging by this self written advert, and well under the first half of the first book of his last series (I couldn’t force myself to read any further), he can’t write to save his life either.

  3. marketing + helping fbi to spread paranoia and to justify repression.

  4. Buy the book…………or just download the torrent from piratebay. Not that I would read this bollox.

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