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Macomb County Computer Enforcement Targets Dark Web Predator

Macomb County, Mich.’s Computer Enforcement, Macomb Area Computer Enforcement(MACE) is targeting child predators on the dark web.

I had no idea there were so many sick people out there who want to prey on children,” Sgt. Pamela McLean, MACE.

McLean goes undercover to catch child predators. Around 80 % of their computer crime cases are child exploitation cases. “The want and desire for seeking out an underage child is so much, they can’t control themselves,” McLean said.


100 % of the people this team brings in are convicted of the crime. MACE arrested 90 % of the pedophiles in Macomb County last year alone.

“Most of our cases plead out in court, the almost all go to prison,” McLean said. “They are all registered sex offenders.”

It can be a dark world. A world where kids are looked at as the most vulnerable. Fox 2 witnessed firsthand as a Macomb County detective demonstrated how easy it was as he fired up an app and pretended to be an underage boy. Within seconds predators are taking the bait, showing just how vulnerable kids are.

“It’s through your computer games now,” McLean said. “Because everyone has online access.”

“Think of Google as the tip of the iceberg. At the tip, it’s easy for police to find the bad guys. Underneath, there is still roughly 90 % of the iceberg. This is what is referred to as the ‘Deep Web’. Even that comes in layers. The ‘Dark Web’ I would consider the bottom of the iceberg,” McLean said to Fox 2 reporters.


“It is the part of the web that like, a terrorist cell would use, you can do weapons, drugs, you can even purchase kids, you can purchase slaves. Anything your imagination could possibly go with, its way at the bottom of the web. It’s there but you need to know how to access it.” McLean told Fox 2.

Once you gain access, all of your traceable information is scrambled.

“Once you get there, all of your traceable information is encrypted, making it difficult to track its users.” McLean noted.

MACE detectives are constantly on the job, keeping up contacts, viewing unspeakable images and it takes a lot out of them.  A recent arrest involving a child predator who was also a mother was especially difficult. In those times they lean on each other. McLean and other Detectives involved in MACE has said they have thought about stopping, or resigning from MACE, but with every arrest, they are reminded why they do it.

“If it means we have to say something, or we have to pretend to be somebody, or look at something we wouldn’t do, to know we are preventing a real child from falling victim, it’s worth it to us. Monitor what your children are doing. Know who they are talking to, keep everything locked down.” This is the advice McLean gave to parents, not only in Macomb County, but the rest of the US as well.

MACE has been in operation for approximately 10 years. It is comprised of three criminal investigators, and two forensic investigators. The unit opened 621 cases compared to 563 cases in 2009. This year MACE arrested 32 subjects for various criminal activities and executed 140 search warrants.


  1. If it means we have to say something, or we have to pretend to be somebody, or look at something we wouldn’t do

    IOW: cops are the crims……ho hum!….the old story…they’re just another bunch of gang-bangers wearing their street ‘colours’….

    It is the part of the web that like, a terrorist cell would use, you can do weapons, drugs….

    now we’re gettin’ to the GUTs of it…these mongrels don’t want the av. punter getting access to guns, explosives…&c….or, even, pain-killing meds….after-all….that might interfere with the ZOG monopoly, eh?
    oy vey!
    how vill ve make a livink?

  2. They aren’t protecting anyone, let alone any vulnerable kiddos. It’s all statistical; arrest one drug dealer, another simply takes his (or, even, her) place. A kid who is vulnerable is vulnerable, period; those kids who are not vulnerable, well, they remain “not vulnerable”. You can’t arrest all of the pedos out there; fact is that they number in the tens of millions, and there is simply isn’t enough prison space for all of them, and with current rates, about 10% of the population are going to be “registered sex offenders” here someday anyway.

    Fact is that people are making money, and that’s why they are doing it. If you want to keep your kids safe, educate them; for those who remain ignorant and/or refuse advice, they will “get lucky”, eventually.

  3. Pedos are all scumbags, but so are these LE fascist creeps. They are an assault on freedom and democracy everywhere. I hope that all of you in the Deep Web take heed, because this is what needs to be done:

    1) Send the Macomb copper creeps false information, from now to eternity. Pretend that you are a pedo and try to arrange a phony “meeting”. They’ll plan on arresting you but you won’t show up, of course; rinse and repeat, and they’ll believe you for a few times at least.

    2) File false reports of child abuse with them from time to time, give false tips, “leads”, etc., etc.

    3) Keep multiple “conversations” going with them; just pretend that you are a different pervert. Use some language translator software to conceal your identity.

    Be sure that you’re absolutely anonymous when doing #1 through #3, which means using Tor, perhaps, with an exit VPN (maybe, one in the Detroit area!) This operation is probably best served by those of you who live outside of the US.

    Good Luck; I’ll be joining you here soon.

  4. No one important

    Before I moved out of state, I lived just miles from this agency’s office. MCSO are some of the biggest pieces of shit, speaking in terms of their road officers, the jail is disgusting, I wouldn’t feed the food from their “kitchen” to my cat if she was starving to death. The jail deputies are fucking assholes, the medical staff is a fucking joke and multiple people die in custody every year in that facility. But I feel like going after pedos is an accomplishment for the team over at MACE, and I NEVER in my life thought I would say this, but good fucking job. They are finally doing something half worth a fuck. Now if just them, and all other LE agencies would stick to this type of shit, and leave the potheads and psychonauts alone, the world would be a far better place.

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