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Nucleus Is Gone: These Are The Top Alternatives!

Yeah, exit scams are not really news, but the tradition says we must post the obligatory gone pic:


Nobody knows why, so do yourself a favor and ignore the trolls & meaningless meth fueled walletexplorer inspection posts you read on Reddit and the news articles who quotes them as if they were real, the fact that we still see those is almost insulting. That aside, the bottom line is that Nucleus, until last week the second largest market (after Alphabay) seems to be down since the 13th April, unannounced, and we know what that usually means.


I trust that the more experienced DNM users who already experienced the many market take downs, hacks and exit scams since 2013 know the drill by now and just move on to the next market or direct dealing. But for those of you who are still not sure where to go, here are some options and practical advice:

Looking for vendor “X” contact details?

Grams Infodesk is your friend: http://grams7enufi7jmdl.onion/infodesk


Make sure you have the correct url – check the one in the image!

Just enter your vendor name and see if he’s active on some other market.

Other options if you are looking for specific vendors:

  1. Post the question as a review on our Nucleus listing page or Q&A system.
  2. Go to the Hub forum or DNMavengers and try to find him there.
  3. Try Reddit.

Which markets are the Top Alternatives and most important WHY?

The first are our Top markets:

  • AlphaBay – The biggest market with most traffic by far, where you could find most vendors, the market offers multisig and some phishing prevention measures, be sure to use both.
  • Dream market – The second oldest running market (since 2013) created by BMR veterans, earned its reputation as a pretty reliable option, with easy to use interface , many users and vendors already operating on Dream, and more migrating from Nucleus.
  • Valhalla (Silkkitie) – The old Scandinavian market (since 2013) turned international, offers multisig transaction and many drugs listing and considered to be a very reliable option.
  • Outlaw Market – The oldest running market (early 2013, before the re-branding as Outlaw) offers multisig transactions, no online wallet, dead drops, PGP login, enforced PGP messages and many other interesting features, if you can handle its “unique” design that is.
  • Hansa Market – The new rising star with clean design, full multisig, no online wallets (no exit scams) Sophisticated search engine, i2p support, Bitmessage notifications, optional auto-delivery for digital goods among other features & responsive admins – positioned it as one of the top markets.

Other markets:

  • Acropolis Market – Great market with clean design and full multisig (recently added regular escrow since many users were too lazy to use the multisig). Needs more active vendors.
  • Crypto Market – One of the older operating markets, the UI is a bit annoying and there is no multisig transactions, but has quite a few vendors on board.
  • T•chka Free Market – Russian market with social orientation and dead drops option, with clean design and responsive admins. Needs to grow some more, but i’m sure this market has a future.
  • Oasis Market – Clean design and no fees at all along with multisig transactions says Oasis is on its way to become one of the preferred options.
  • Python Market – One of the newer multisig markets, not big, but seems to be liked among the people who tried it.
  • Dr. D’s Multilingual Market – Currently with 0% fees and been around of a while, Dr.D is trying his best to give back to the community after the rebrand.

For more details – check out the dark net markets chart & dark net markets list.

And keeping the best for last – don’t forget that some vendors have their own vendor shops – you could try them as well, don’t forget to check out the reviews first.

And remember: Learn how to use multisig, its here to protect you!


  1. once they stopped selling guns ‘n’ ammo…i knew they were finished….prblby got ‘compromised’ by the coppers or some-thing……

  2. Johnson_and_Johnson

    I was shocked to lose 10k to Nucleus this week. Please move to HANSA for a safe alternative (multi-sig market)

    Referral Link (tor):

    {referrals not allowed here}

    • why does deepdotweb continue supporting markets that have central escrow? i dont say this in a hostile way DDW – but im hoping ull consider what i say as it could save people millions of dollars.

      Why not launch a campaign to squash central escrow once and for all?

      only hansa should be recommended out of that list. They are the only ones who technically prove they are worth trusting large sums of money to because of their unique escrow method.

      DDW has an audience large enough to teach a final lesson about nucleus and central escrow.

      DDW – will u publish an article supporting the facts?

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    • Jemima Puddle Duck

      That maybe so, but you prices are outrageous HashishMaster. And what evidence do we have that you are genuine in anyway? Not being on a market means their is no feedback system. I’ll pass thank you.

  4. multisig must be the norm for everybody in DNM

  5. Anyone got info on vendor Hollandutch?
    Mail or another market he is operating on?


    Hash: SHA256

    Limited Opportunity For Nucleus Vendors

    If you had a Nucleus account with feedback and can prove it with PGP, Sign up & send a support ticket to become Vendor (Free).

    Additionally, if you verify yourself as described here as having accounts on those previous markets, a special badge will be displayed on your vendor page with statistics from those markets

    to help you reuse the users’ trust you have built up on those markets.

    follow this steps and get your vendor account

    1. Sign up at http://leomarketjdridoo.onion

    2. Set you pgp in profile > PGP ( pgp/username of applicant checked in Grams )

    3. Send a support ticket and inform us about request for vendor free ( Info / Help > Support )

    4. Follow the instructions

    5. Done, Now you’re a vendor :)

    Version: GnuPG v2


  7. I have been on the darknet since 2011, and since then Hansa is the only market that asks for your “PRIVATE WALLET KEY” This is a huge security risk in my opinion. Because anyone with your Private BTC Key can control your wallet, in the same manner that a PGP Private Key gives up you anonymity and secrecy with PGP.

  8. I’ve pointed long long time ago, that Nucleus had the same bug in CSS as the Sheep market had, what threw a big suspicion if it was not made with the same people as thieves from Sheep were…

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