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Strong VPN Review


Strong VPN is operated by StrongVPN.com/Reliablehosting.com. The large and popular US-based entity is on a mission to provide a 5-star support with exceptional all fiber network for your servers. Strong VPN network is a redundant multihomed BPG4 system that utilizes Cisco and Foundry Networks routers and switches. They also connect to more than thirty other networks in North America, Europe, and Asia over a multi-gigabit fiber optics.

We subscribed to Strong VPN and tested their VPN service so we can give you the best Strong VPN review. When reviewing Strong VPN we’re looking at factors such as privacy, security, speed, customer care, and pricing. We also looked at their privacy policy as this is really important for those of you wanting to use it for the deep web, streaming or torrenting.


Strong VPN is a company that begun small in 1994 in South Lake Tahoe selling PC Computers. After that, they ventured to offer dial-up internet services for the local area through their website carlifornia.net. The company has worked gradually to become a giant with location at Digital Realty Trust’s San Francisco Facility. The Francisco location allows Strong VPN to sell band width at a much lower rate.


Customer service seems to be at the center of Strong VPN. They categorically state on their official website’s home page that a business can’t grow on product and price advantage alone, a strong customer service culture is also critical.


Free Trial is an important point to consider when purchasing a VPN service. It gives you the opportunity to test the service of a VPN before actually committing yourself. When a service provider offers a free trial, refund or money back guarantee, it shows that they have confidence in their service. Strong VPN offers a 5 – day money back guarantee for both one month and twelve months packages. The 5-day period may seem short, but at least a prospective client has a chance of trying out the features of the VPN for 5- days with an option of getting back his money should the service be inferior to what he expects. Besides, other service providers offer a shorter trial period with no money-back guarantee a good example being Mullvad VPN, which offers a 3hour free trial without money back guarantee.

>> Click HERE to Visit the Strong VPN Official Site <<


To begin with, Strong VPN has a pretty slick website. The official site is professional, well organized so that it is user-friendly. It gives an excellent explanation of the Strong VPN features and services. We liked the fact that information is not only available in English but also in Chinese, Russian and Spanish.

Strong VPN provides free client software for Windows, MAC, OS X, iOS, and Android.

To set up Strong VPN on your device, you begin by downloading the installation and to do so, you download file from the Strong VPN website


A screen pops up asking whether you want to run the file


Another dialog box pops up asking if you want to make changes to your computer. If you click on Yes


Another one appears asking you to select your language from a drop-down menu.


Clicking OK gives way to the strong VPN client setup wizard


A license agreement box asks you to accept the agreement. Installation cannot proceed until you accept the agreement


You now choose the folder of your choice for the installation.


Select your preferred “start Menu Folder” of your choice and hit ‘Next.’


A dialog box will appear asking you to install the strong VPN client on your computer


On clicking install, installation takes place in seconds and ask you whether you would like to Launch Strong VPN Client


Clicking on finish, Strong VPN provides a two field login window


Enter the Email and password you registered during sign up process and click on log in. Strong VPN will automatically authenticate your credentials and log you in.


Viola! You just completed the Strong VPN client set up process.

Now you can select your location of choice using the drop down menu.



Strong VPN provides PPTP, L2TP, SSTP, OpenVPN and IPSec protocols

Security features include the following:

  • Encrypted Traffic
  • Protected by Virtual Firewall
  • Not you’re real IP address
  • No Logs
  • ISP can’t block your traffic


Strong VPN encrypts your data and routes it through remote servers keeping your online activity, identity and locations private. This is a very important component of a good VPN service. Most people want their online activity to remain completely private.


Speed is of most importance for any online activity. We visited speedtest.net in order to test and record the Strong VPN speed. While performing our Strong VPN review we were pretty impressed with the speed it got for both download and upload

We tested connecting to USA, UK, Germany, Netherlands and Hong Kong and we did not notice too much of a speed loss. We were able to stream video with no problem at all.

This is a very good indicator that they have not oversold their network and provide a good service.


Strong VPN has a variety of features that make it popular with many users. Strong VPN also provides smart DNS service to unlock websites and streaming. In fact, we’ve heard that it is popular in China. Many reviews that we came across online from customers who have used Strong VPN were in praise of its customer support and many other features which include the following:

  • 44 cities in 21 countries
  • PPTP, L2TP, SSTP, OPEN VPN and IPsec .protocols
  • Complete online security
  • High Speed Connection
  • Free Software on multiple devices
  • Compatible with Windows, MAC, OSX, iOS, Android
  • 5-Day money-back guarantee

Above all, you can share your VPN connection with multiple devices on your network which includes PS3, Xbox, Roku, Boxes, Boxee Apple TV and much more.


Strong VPN has two main plans on offer. The first is a monthly plan priced at $10 per month. The second one is 12 months valued at $5.85 per month. All the two plans have a 5 – day money back – guaranteed. Subscribing to the 12 months package will see you save 41%. Both the monthly and the twelve months offer will give you 44 cities in 21 countries, all the protocols, complete online security, High-speed Connections and Free Software.



A good VPN service provider should make it easy for subscribers to make payment at the time of purchase. The more a provider accepts a variety of payment methods, the more chances are that customers will purchase the available plans.

Strong VPN accepts most of the top payment methods available in the market. They accept Credit Card, Pay Pal, Wire Transfer and also Bitcoin.


>> Click HERE to Visit the Strong VPN Official Site <<

Note: Strong VPN website does not support browsers that do not use JavaScript, so if you are using Tor with NoScripts then you cannot purchase. Almost all VPN provider’s websites are like this, which is pretty disappointing.


There are many reviews, and our personal experience while conducting out Strong VPN review indicate  a very good customer service. Strong VPN has invested heavily in this department. We were very impressed by their live support.

We tried them on different occasions, and we can unreservedly conclude that their live support is around the clock. We also noticed that Strong VPN’s customer support is available in a wide range of languages. Another plus for Strong VPN is the use of Team View remote setup whereby a Strong VPN staff can install the VPN for you on your computer remotely. Strong VPN offers support via Skype, email, and voice mail. They also have a support form with fields where you enter your Name, Email and a short description of the challenge you may be facing. On submitting the online Form, an agent gets in touch with you shortly. Our take is that Strong VPN is a leader in the market when it comes to customer support.


In conclusion of our Strong VPN review, we submit that Strong VPN has an excellent user-friendly website that makes it easy for clients to navigate. Strong VPN’s customer support is top-notch. They have immensely invested in their customer support. You can use your VPN for security, anonymous surfing (no logs), have your country IP anywhere, public safety WIFI, which prevents hackers from stealing your information through public WIFI. Strong VPN, will offer you stronger security than the proxy. In countries like China, Strong VPN is a big hit. The VPN assists many evade interference with their online activities. They also accept bitcoin which is great for those of you wishing to use it for your dark web activities.

On the other side, they could use a few more locations for their servers in the southern hemisphere. They really lack in this department as there are none in South America, Africa or Australia.

Strong VPN is a great option for a VPN service provider but there’s room for improvement and they have a bit of a way to go to become number one.

>> Click HERE to Visit the Strong VPN Official Site <<


  1. “Strong VPN is operated by StrongVPN.com/Reliablehosting.com. The large and popular US-based entity”

    This should be the end of the review.

    • asdf

      Hahaha I actually thought the same. ANY VPN-company that is based in USA – GET THE FUCK OUTTA HERE! Literally. You aint real about your shit. Being located in USA cannot mean a safe VPN company. If you are based in USA. USAs nasty laws needs to be followed. Period!

      • Rico

        Which VPN, then, do you recommend? Much appreciation for a response. I am actually concerned about this and very believing in what you say.

  2. Deepdotweb Folks : No matter what we always use Microsoft Windows .

  3. Before you pay for the full or long-term package of services providing by such companies, first of all I would suggest ordering a trial version and checking their VPN efficiency in percentage using, for example, the services here https://2ip.io/privacy/ . I faced the low percentage very often and I felt sorry for the money spent. Don’t be lazy to check!

  4. You have to have Javascript enabled? What a fucking joke.

  5. Strong VPN is a joke. Their customer service is the appalling. DO NOT SUBSCRIBE

  6. I used Strong VPN in the past and I will never ever go back! I’m happy using Astrill now with the speed and security it’s giving me. Leaving StrongVPN is the best decision I’ve made in my whole life!

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