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Tutorial: How To Access Exchanged.i2p

Provided by its admin. Please Note: Using an anonymous exchange IS risky.


These days bitcoin regulation has been all over the headlines, With the New York Bitcoin License taking effect your bitcoin services are willing to sacrifice your privacy for mainstream acceptance. Exchanges such as Poloniex are US operated countries and are FinCEN complaint with various AML/KYC requirements.  ExchangeD.I2P is an darknet cryptocurrency exchange, Users can trade Bitcoin and altcoins anonymously, with the comfort knowing that your privacy is guaranteed.

ExchangeD.I2P can only be accessed with i2p, an anonymous proxy software similar to ToR. Users can trade Bitcoin, Anoncoin, Dogecoindark, Dash, Shadowcash, Peercoin, Primecoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin and Vertcoin.

Here is how you could access it:

1. Download i2P for your platform. https://geti2p.net/en/download

2. After it’s installed, start it! use the icon that says Start i2P (on windows) or run in terminal:

Note: after starting i2prouter it will take a few minutes for the client to get integrated with peers

3. Open your favorite browser (we prefer firefox) and set your proxy to port 4444 (see following screenshots if you cant figure out where to set proxy)



4. Insert:

  • exchanged.i2p


  • http://ylmulgfskl6uiwac4hw4ecwqdzd3oxtwaemzj25zc6k5q4rkexra.b32.i2p/

As the URL and hit enter.

5. Exchanged.i2p might not be in your address book, if you get an “Website Not Found in Addressbook” error than you can add it with the following address helper: link.

Just click the “add to addressbook link and redirect me” link and you will be rerouted to the homepage.


6.  You made it! \o/ now you can register an account, deposit some coins and start trading in minutes.

Join Our Community and get free coins:

We have a IRC channel where we chat, talk about the markets and rain free coins on users. If if you want to get some free coins to try out our exchange or have any questions. Feel free to join. You can access it over i2p or tor.

IRC2P Onion:

Advanced Features: ExchangeD.I2P allows several advanced security features such as GPG only accounts and “i2p bote” integration.

Q. What is a GPG only account?

A. This is an account without a username or a password and are only authenticated by GPG signature.

2.  Import your gpg key:

Go to exchanged.i2p/account/gpg_register and paste your gpg public_key into the box and click the box that says “Upload New PGP Key”


3) Clearsign the signature text:

copy the signature text and run in terminal


Copy the full text and paste into the form box and click the box that says “Submit”


4) Congratulations!!! \o/ you created a GPG only account

5) GPG Only Login

Go to exchanged.i2p/account/gpg_login and repeate step #3

Q. What is i2pbote?

A. Bote is an anonymous distributed end-to-end encrypted email system. Users can sign up to get account alerts.

1) Get Bote:

go to http://plugins.i2p/plugins/i2pbote/ and copy the “Local mirror” link


Go to and paste the link into the form “Plugin Installation from URL” and install the plugin


Now the plugin will start downloading, this will take a few minutes.


Once its finished downloading it will automatically install itself.
Once its done downloading and installing you can start it at


And access your i2p bote mail at or click the “SecureMail” link on the top right corner of your router page.


2) Create an i2pbote identity:

Go to
and create a new identity:


More info can be found at:

3) Upload your bote address

Go to http://exchanged.i2p/account/settings/bote/
and upload your bote address, enter your password and submit.


4) Enter the confirmation code:

check your i2pbote inbox, after you receive the confirmation enter in the promt and submit it.


5) Choose what types of alerts you would like to receive

6) Congratulations!!! \o/ you signed up for i2pbote alerts

7) if you have uploaded a gpg key you can specify on the gpg page to encrypt your email alerts.

Happy Trading, feel free to post you comments below.

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