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Rise and Fall of my Counterfeiting Experience

Names and details have been slightly altered to conceal my true identity from anyone who could recognize it, but this is the time of when I got involved with counterfeit bills and escaped with barely my freedom.

I’ve been browsing the deep web since the days of the original Silk Road. Back then, that’s all I did. I was just a spectator walking amongst the players of the biggest game in the world. I watched because I was intrigued. I had so many questions. Can you really buy drugs online? Is it really safe? Is the quality and price really that good? As my knowledge grew, one by one these questions were answered and invariably replaced with other, more questions. I realized that drugs were not the only things to buy and sell on these markets of freedom.


By the time the second Silk Road had failed, the lure of this world got the best of me. I had been eying a few vendors selling the same product. Counterfeit bills. I had only heard of them before. No way, I thought, that people could actually print their own money and have it work! And if they could, why would they sell them? After reading up on how to use these bills (for example, don’t deposit them at a bank!) I decided to risk a couple bucks and ordered small samples from 3 different vendors. All 3 were legitimate sellers. The first vendor, I didn’t dare try to use his bills. The second, had an extra something about it that I felt just might work. And the third, was even better. Looking at these bills I knew it was a big risk. They were clearly fake when inspected but if passed in the hustle and bustle of rush hour in a big store where employees have no personal stake in, they just might work. I lived in a major city, I would hide with the crowd.

The first time I ever handed a fake bill to a cashier I knew my life was over. I would be caught, sentenced, and incarcerated in a federal pound-me-in-the-ass prison for 25 to life. Then I got handed my change. In real currency. A fake $20 just turned into a real $18. For the price I bought them for, I just tripled my money in seconds! I spent all of the bills by the second and third vendor (destroying the bills from the first) and ordered more from the third vendor. And I was in luck. He had just changed his printing procedure and now the bills were even better. I spent those bills like I had no pockets. I was ordering more and more with the profits I had made. It got to the point I was making hundreds each hour I was out. And I was out passing these bills around everyday. I didn’t think I could ever fall, and I probably wouldn’t have, if I hadn’t gotten so cocky and tried to replace my supplier with myself.

One of the things about these bills you have to know is that they look real at a glance. But when looking closer, you can notice some things are off. It’s not a perfect print. They used the correct paper but the image was not perfect. As I later found out, this actually helps it look more real. If you have something so perfect, but a tiny detail or two is out of place, those mistakes will scream out to the world. But if the entire thing is consistently only very similar to the real product, you won’t notice unless directly compared. Money has so much detail you can’t capture all of it so you don’t want to print the best quality you can, because even that will not be good enough. I did not realize this.

My dangerous path began. I bought a printer, downloaded high resolution scans of bills, and started printing my own. I was impressed at first. The quality seemed high! The picture was spot on but I had only used normal printing paper. I told myself I would get the real paper later. The bills sat there and I couldn’t stop the idea from creeping into my mind. I tried to fight it but I slowly succumbed to the thought that the type of paper wouldn’t be noticed. The picture was near perfect! They wouldn’t notice the feel; surely the cashiers only pay attention to how it looks right? I set out immediately. Another mistake. One of my rules was to only go during rush hour. When the cashiers are too busy dealing with customers to inspect money. This was early morning, at a small 24 hour shop with no other customers.

I walked in, picked up a small snack and headed to the counter. I didn’t pay too much attention to the cashier as he took the bill from me. After a couple seconds, he told me to wait for a bit. Another mistake. Within a minute, half a dozen police entered and started interrogating me. I was held for a few hours in the cold of winter, denying everything when I should’ve kept my mouth shut, while they procured a search warrant for my vehicle. It seemed like luck had humor that day. In my car there were 2 receipts. One for something which is needed to print bills, and another for $20 cash back. The first brought more suspicion on me and the second gave me a way out. It was a reasonable doubt that I didn’t print the bill myself, I got it from a store where someone else spent a fake bill. I drove home shaking and thanking every god I could think of. I destroyed my equipment, bills, everything that could tie me to the crime. I had another large shipment of bills coming and as soon as they arrived, I burned them.

The next day, a couple of military looking guys wearing polos knocked on my door. It was secret service. Apparently, they investigate every occurrence of counterfeit bills and now they were investigating me. They took me down the the police station and interrogated me, keeping everything on tape. I wasn’t being detained or arrested, so no right to a lawyer, but they made it clear that it would not end well if I decided not to go through with the interrogation. I just kept repeating the same thing over and over. I had no clue about anything. They even did the whole good cop bad cop routine but I didn’t crack. I wasn’t going to make their job any easier. Eventually it ended and somehow I went home, not in cuffs. The next few days, no, weeks, were spent in paranoia. I never heard from them again but even now, every time I see a black SUV with blacked out windows, I walk a little faster.


  1. Very interesting story! Glad you made it out without a scratch. Thank you for sharing.

  2. EEEeeesh… Burnt the hair on yer neck did ya lad :::)
    Wicked read, awesome experience…

  3. Fat Black Guy

    You sound like you belong on reddit.

  4. sounds like you can make 200+/hour USD, perhaps a good way to make money with minimal investment? have the others tried this and has it worked good for them? thank you.

  5. The Real Chubacca

    On the face of it I’d say the author is a rancid cunt for ripping off mom and pop stores with funny money. But the Fed is even more vile for rigging exchange rates. I guess it depends on how you look at it. From our view the author is sill a punk.

    • Eh, maybe the author only spent them at big stores, not mom and pop shops. You want to spend them where the employees don’t have a vested interest in the finances of the company. Walmart’s not gonna go bankrupt anytime soon but counterfeit bills could really hurt mom and pop shops.

  6. I say bs

  7. This message brought to you by the US Government:

    Lovin’ Jesus and killin’ anybody we can gaslight since 1776!

    : )

  8. He passes a blatantly fake bill, then asually waits around…?!?!? WTF was he thinking? Clearly nothing, even the dumbest criminals would think “whydid that guy ask me to wait here patiently?”. Plus the ops dont exatly rush to a fake 20 dollar bill call, probably take anywhwere from 5 mintues to and hour. This guy is full of shit.

    • If he ran off and they had him on camera it would be tough to explain that when they eventually caught up with him to investigate a federal crime. This story is totally plausible. The secret service is known for taking their job extremely seriously. It’s common knowledge that any and all threats made against the President, jokingly or not, which are reported to them are followed up on as if they were serious. I wouldn’t recommend testing that though. I don’t doubt in the slightest that they’re just as thorough with their responsibility to investigate counterfeit reports. It’s not about the one guy ripping someone off for 20 dollars. They want to find the source and stop it just like a Narc works his way up the distribution chain. The federal government may not be good at everything but they don’t mess around when it comes to tax collection, war efforts, national security and protecting the economy. This guy is lucky they didn’t intercept his mail or setup a sting outside his house.

  9. cool story bro

  10. why should i believe this this?

  11. hey why i dont see many vendirs selling cf notes i mean im sure they have people making top of the line notes help please im trying to get some and no scammers

  12. Edson Bethancourt

    Can you please email me the contact info of your supplier I want to make an order

  13. Smoot Group LLC

    not only bullshit but hilarious if true as your OPSEC is terrible

    Burn it all get the Belize Nigga

  14. I found a guy on darkweb he is shockingly real.i was scammed many times but finally found a real one.i was so surprised when a package came to my adress. i have his phone number so if anybody is interested about this i can give him the phone number.

  15. Cool story
    you shouldn’t have bitten the finger that fed you
    i got my own legit supplier and his shit is real. i can post it up if you let me bro

  16. someone please help out here, in need of the cotton money and need it to be undetected and no sloppy printing send me the hook up in need very fast just got screwed out of alot of money so here i go

    • Chat this guy on Telegram @Nader265. He is the real deal but only those that want huge quantity. His notes is very hard to detect. He cannot sell you anything less than $10k depends on your location. If you stay far. He sell higher volume but be rest assured you get your package and highest quality.

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