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More on Hurt-core King Pin David Graham

Mathew Graham, 21 at the time, was found to be the Administrator for several extreme child porn sites on dark net. He ran all of them from his bedroom at his parents home in South Morang on Melbourne’s north side. He went by “Lux” as he ran the global child porn ring, which contained images and videos of sexual torture, murder and mutilation of children and infants on the dark net, all running it from his bedroom in his parents home.


Arresting officer Detective Sergeant Christine Stafford stated that Graham was “staunch and confident” when his parents home was raided. Of course he denied everything and handed over his phone with no fight. He had forgotten about three images however, that were of dead children being abused.

Graham was arrested and charged with possession of child abuse material and for failing to comply with an order to give up his laptop password. After the BI managed to break into one of the many hard drives they seized from “Lux”, he was given the option to be tried for the crimes in the US, or to plead guilty to all the charges, and be tried in Australia.

Mathew David Graham plead guilty in September 2015 to all 13 charges from setting up child pornography websites on dark net to advising a Russian man on how to rape and murder a five year old girl. Assistant Commissioner for the Victoria Police Steve Fontana said “Since the Lux investigation, 30 children have been rescued internationally, all who had been victims of his global child porn network.”

Judge Michael Tinney said at Graham’s sentencing that the level of offending was unprecedented and that something of this magnitude had never been seen before  by authorities in Australia.

“You were, in fact, a world player seeking to exercise influence and actually achieving influence on like-minded people in this country and around the world from the comfort of your bedroom in South Morang,” said Judge Michael Tinney.

At Graham’s sentencing the court was given detailed information about how he controlled other pedophiles and gave them tips and instructions on how to produce child pornography, and how to abuse  children.  “You were at the very top of the tree,” the Judge also added.

Graham’s sites dealt in an extreme form of child porn called ‘hurt-core’ which is a more violent form of pornography. The images are typically of rapes, torture, and sexual violence towards children. Two of his sites that were taken down during the investigation were called “Hurt 2 The Core” and the other was “Love 2 the core.” In order to become a member of either of these sites one stipulation where the prospective member has to post a certain number of video’s before aloud joining. The categories among these sites included titles like, “yummy little girls”, and “sexy little boys and girls.”

Along side these image threads were also help threads labeled, “Producing kiddie porn for dummies” and, “Need ideas for blackmailed girl”. Lux’s sites got over 400,000 hits a day and also included members posting pictures of themselves abusing they’re own children. Among the media talked about in court, they focused on a video that was one of the most shared on the site that depicted the assault of an 18 month old girl.

Graham however, produced zero images and videos himself, but told police that he wanted to be the biggest and the best on the web.

“Well it looks like this empire hasn’t fallen just yet. To any law enforcement agencies reading this, F##k you,” a post on one of Graham’s sites read tauting the FBI.

Graham was diagnosed with a schizoid personality disorder, and has been disconnected from the suffering of the children, seeming to have no feelings towards the victims in the images and videos he posted.

His parents have said although they will continue to support they’re son through this ordeal, they never could have imagined that Mathew would have ever been capable of aiding in such an evil deed.

Graham is now serving out 15 years and six months in prison, but is eligible for parole after he serves 10 years.


  1. 15 years and 6 months.. eligible for parole in 10 for this fuckin guy…. and Ross gets LIFE?!?!?!

    There is something very wrong with the world.

    • Truth

      Have you seen the statistics on the number of inmates killed or assaulted every year? Jared the Subway pedophile was recently beat up, somehow it made news. For these guys, 1 year is often a life sentence, because they never leave the jail alive.

    • Something

      There is no logic behind this judge’s ruling compared to Ulbricht’s sentence. Still, the judge knows how rough prisons are. Graham is young, small, and looks very weak. The judge knows Ulbricht will outlive Graham.

    • wtf

      People are fucked in the head, seriously WTF

    • Angie Brooke

      I agree. He should never again see the light of day.

  2. This bastard gets parole after ten years while Ulbricht rots? Today’s legal justice is so twisted it makes me sick.

    My only hopes are that this bastard shares his cell with a 250 pound monster who likes to play the “giving” role in relationships.

    • Booboo

      Doesnt mean he will be out in ten. The parole board will know why he is locked up. I know I wouldnt let any one out early with that kind of charge if it was up to me.

  3. Had Graham ever been to the US? Just amazing that the United States can try whoever it wants. It’s of little amazement to me that terrorists want to bomb the US. With its imperialistic attitude, I hope that they succeed.

    • Quinton Anderson

      you’re fucked in the head for even saying that 100 percent all governments should be trying and extraditing these people as these aren’t regular crimes but crimes against humanity. Not even American but I’d want my gov to do the same.

  4. …And Ross ulbricht gets two life sentences without the possibility of parole. So ridiculous.

  5. fuckin ugly soul

  6. Fuck the Fedz!

    15 years for this kind of calculated and particularly repulsive brand of evil?! That’s it?!?!

    While Ulbrecht rots in jail on a life sentence for running a site that enabled people to procure goods for their own use, to keep them from having to risk life and limb in street dealings?

    While Snowden lives in exile for doing the public a service.

    While Manning is tormented for who she is and tortured with long term solitarty confinement because some wannabe hacker tattled on her for bringing the deaths of innocent people to the attention of the public?

    No, this man should die just like Dylan Roof. End of story. He will never be ANY use to anyone in good society.

    Our justice system is perverted to its core and needs to crumble to its foundations so a system of TRUE justice can be built, by the people, for the people.

  7. David Gramham is legend.. hopefully in 15 yrs from now the Darknet is so secure that no LEA will ever get in. Mr. Gramham can then be free to start up a new site. i look forward to his release.

    • Anonymous

      He had actually shut down his Pedo DW sites months before his arrest.

    • Good luck with that. From the pictures I’ve seen he’s small, weak and not street smart. Honestly, he’s likely going to be raped almost daily for the first few months until the inmates get tired of him, then they’ll just finish him off. He might survive the first year of prison, but he won’t survive the second.

    • h. gearhart

      ya I eagerly await his release, too. if anything in the hopes that should you both continue to desecrate the human existence you will be taken out by those who know how fucked up you are. cull the herd.

  8. Commado Fed Dank

    For those of you trolls who think this is travesty on the Dark Web, I leave you with two men, both of whom were into underage people and went to prison for it, at least in part:

    Jeffrey Dahmer (not specifically jailed for his predilection for young boys)

    Jared Fogel (Subday sandwich, anyone?)

    Both beat to shit in jail because even some criminals have mores and they tend to have no will to be penned up with the likes of child murders and rapists.

    Dahmer died of his altercation.

    Fogel just got beat down recently.

    Rest assured, this guy whose balls you’re lining to lick gonna be everybody’s bitch and everyone’s punching bag in the pen.

    Ha ha, what a legend.

  9. InternetInThePen?


  10. It’s easy to say that those images and videos aren’t traumatic to be seen. Try looking at them and get back to us here. Thank you. Innocent kids are being abused on a daily basis. Most are people’s own kids. Fucking disgusting. S&M and children does not mix because they cannot consent. Fucking paedophiles should all be CASTRATED therefore they won’t be able to rape and molest kids anymore.

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