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First Literary Magazine Of The Dark Web Released

When people think about the dark web, they always associate it with drugs, child porn, weapons, hackers and other illegal activities. However, The Torist just made its debut on the dark web, which makes it the first literary magazine on the dark net. ”G.M.H.”, the anonymous co-founder of The Torist, wrote in an email to the media:

“There’s no reason our innocent activities—creative or mundane—should be wiretapped, and there’s every reason they shouldn’t be.”

In the post-Snowden, post-Panama Papers era, G.M.H. wants to introduce the dark web and encryption to the people with the magazine.


Poet and journalist Alissa Quart wrote the first two poems for the first issue of The Torist. She made this statement:

“I saw it as a place where there was criminality and black market activity, but also rebellion and political resistance. I thought a poem about Snowden and preserving data would speak to this audience in a different way than in a normal literary context. The web has made cultish literary fandom harder in some ways.”

What most people don’t know about the dark web that around 52% of the websites are legal under US law. A good example for this is Facebook, the social media site had been used by 1 million users via the Tor browser. Aram Sinnreich, communications professor at American University and author of The Piracy Crusade said this about the case:

“The notion that Tor is only good for buying ecstasy from a stranger is just not an accurate description of the platform’s capabilities. Someone might come to Tor to see a movie they don’t want to pay for, but it also allows them to get access to political communications and ideas that are being systematically excluded from the clear internet.”

Through its form and content, G.M.H. hopes to change the misconceptions for its audience. The Torist can provide its readers with literature, but with a compelling reason to access the dark web.

You could find and follow The Torist here:

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  1. charlse dickens

    seems a marvelous idea, who needs the political narratives exluded from clearnet? we be getting creative xP

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