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Hacker Teach How He Hacked Spain’s Catalan Police Union Website

The dark web has become synonymous with hacking, a day doesn’t go by when a white/grey/black hat hacker has completed a hack, and highlighted security issues, or dumped another database with a trove of valuable secrets displayed across various underground forums or dark net markets.

The latest hacker to enter the fray is Phineas Fisher, who shot to fame when he hacked “Hacking team” and “Gamma Group”, an organisation based in Italy that sold, and provided support to various international police forces, or clandestine organisations.

Since his initial rise to fame, Phineas has again hit the headlines for two main reasons.  Firstly his donation of $11,000 in bitcoin to anti ISIS outfit in Syria, and now a few days later for hacking the Spain’s Catalan police union website called Sindicat De Mossos d’Esquadra (SME).

Phineas has even posted a tutorial showing how he completed the hack, tools used, and insights into how hackers work. Video can be seen here:

The dump of data obtained, includes names, bank details and other identifying personal details on the police of Catalan, some of whom have been alleged to have been involved in police brutality during the on-going anti-austerity movement in Spain.

Phineas shows within his video, the tools used to allow him access to the SME website.  Using Kali Linux OS, which has a host of penetration testing tools, Phineas runs through a step by step guide of using a SQLi injection process, launching an attack and downloading the data from the database.

Phineas even released a written guide, with additional reading included for wannabe hackers or internet vigilantes.  Phineas describes himself as a cyber vigilante, fighting for people without the resources or inclination to fight themselves.  Having watched the video in its entirety, it shows how quickly, and easily a hacker can gain control of a system that is not patched, or configured correctly.

Some will say that this was an easy target, and Phineas didn’t display any real hacking skills, yet this is the same hacker who pwned “Hacking Team”, without them realizing for quite some time, and only becoming fully aware once Phineas had admitted to the hack, and released proof of the internal workings of the company.

With his latest round of hacks, Phineas has revealed himself as a cyber vigilante, a social justice fighter, and a philanthropist, although the money was stolen from a bank, the monies were donated and put to good use.  Not many hackers that can claim to have put the future of others before themselves.  Most hackers use their skills to further their own careers, or extort money from vulnerable system admins or normal computer users.

This is a hacker that everyone should keep an eye on, as we suspect that they will be hitting the headlines again, with another database dump, pwning of a website, or another robin hood esque donation.


  1. DDW doesn't bother proofreading their artciles. Fuckers.

    Hacker teach?
    Who are these East European hacks that write for DDW?

  2. Cool article. I’m intrigued with this whole scene. How can I learn more about these hackers and their exploits. Forums, twitter? I really love this kind of stuff. What would be a good place on the darknet to start learning more about these modern day heroes?

    • It is not for fainthearted! In order to learn to hack you need to learn how computers work and mathematical foundation of today’s computers as well as physical concepts. Believe me, 50-75% of people on public forums do not have the skills of undergraduate math and they barely know any programming language. You have to start with well defined curricula. And then you should start reading some lectures like opensecuritytraining.info. This is enough for minimum introduction. By that time, you should be able to figure out where you want to go. I advise you not to read these lectures immediately even if you will understand some parts. It is better to know both how to build systems and make them secure and how to hack them. This way you will get the big picture and broader imagination.

      [1] mathematical logic(propositional logic, predicate logic, boolean algebra …)
      [2] basics of calculus
      [3] elements of discrete math
      [4] basics of linear algebra
      [5*] (if you want to get into crypto) number theory
      [6] statistics and probability(it is not obvious, but it will be helpful a lot)

      that was the math part

      [7] basics of digital and analog circuits
      [8] computer system architectures(gates, cpu, memory)
      [9] basics of rf engineering

      that was the physics part
      considering choice of programming language: don’t get into language religion. language is a tool. each job has an appropriate tool. learn different programming paradigms instead. that makes you think better. these are just general recommendations
      [10] programming in c(imperative, Linux API, WinAPI)
      [11] programming in c++(oop, necessary for some parts of WinAPI)
      [12] programming in java(malicious java applets + android)
      [13] functional programming(haskell is good one)
      [14] Solid knowledge of X86 Assembly(this is must know!)
      [15] a few of scripting languages
      [16] database systems(database schema design, inner structure of database, SQL)
      [17] solid knowledge of networking technologies(this is must know)
      [18] efficient algorithms
      [19] efficient implementation of algorithms
      [20] operating systems(memory management, thread scheduling, filesystems, permissions, security)

      You will ask where can I get such information. Everywhere. Google the required literature. Books are your everything. Read them. Read a lot. But don’t just read them. Challenge them. Is that proof required? What will be if I change the execution order? With each sentence read ask yourself lots of questions. And remember, practice makes perfect!

  3. I am a newbie and these are helpful.
    I need more helps.

  4. Really helpful! Thank you very much! ^^
    And there’s no patch for human stupidity!!!
    I know it ! But how is this possible??? How ???

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