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German Police Arrests User Who Bought Weed On Silk Road Years Ago

An unnamed German user of the former Silk Road Marketplace and Outlaw Marketplace had been fined over €3,000 for ordering cannabis 17 times from dark net marketplaces. According to independent researcher Gwern Branwen, who the buyer just contacted, the customer’s 17 purchases varied from 1.5 and 7.4 grams of cannabis and the time frame when the purchases took place was between January and October 2013. Branwen also uploaded a letter from German law enforcement authorities in March 2016 detailing all of the transactions.

Dark web buyers are punished often by law enforcement authorities. However, those cases are mostly related to purchases of poison, weapons or anything highly illegal. There are only a few drugs cases (where there’s only small quantities) and most of those are related to “harder” drugs, such as MDMA or amphetamines. There are only a handful of instances where weed is involved.

It appears the customer, who always encrypted his address when sending it to vendors, was identified after German authorities busted a cannabis vendor who had kept records of all of the customers. Branwen thinks the police may have gone through records of the Silk Road server to find more of the customer’s purchases since he consistently used one username. However, it remains a mystery how the authorities discovered one of the customers’ orders from Outlaw Market, which is still running. The letter only says that “communications” from Silk Road were used. Branwen wrote this in a Reddit post:

“Can a buyer, in the absence of any intercepted packages or possession of illegal drugs, be prosecuted or otherwise get into trouble? At least in Germany, the answer seems to be yes.”

This case could show that even after buying small amounts of drugs from a long-closed down marketplace, law enforcement authorities still can get you.


  1. VENDORS!!! STOP SAVING BUYER INFORMATION!! WE DONT GIVE A FLYING FUCK IF ITS CONVIENT FOR YOU. IF ITS CONVENIENT FOR YOU ITS CONVENIENT FOR LE. take that extra step to protect the people who were so kind as to buy your shit and leave reviews. only 3 ways a dealer doesnt deal anymore, they get killed, arrested, or quit. So if possibility 2 happens before possibility 3 be sure you go down alone.

    • I agree with you but appeals to the ethics of dealers is a non-starter. They are just too fogged in the head. What is needed is a tech fix. A way buyers can keep their anonymity intact. How they are supposed to get the goods would be where the tech fix comes in.


      yeah, a tech fix is what is needed. Appeals to the integrity of drug dealers, for them to do the right thing, will never work. Some IT whizz needs to implement a tech fix that protects the anonymity of buyers without the dealers getting wind of who they are. BUT HOW??

  2. Correction:
    Its was one order from “DnB Market” (DrugznBets), which was the earlier version of outlaw market. But not on outlaw itself.

  3. This is a shame for German Politics. Even though the whole German society is consent about the pleasure of smoking weed, the reactionary German Police machinery is still after harmless consumers to rip them financially. Its pure

  4. Yet another reason why sending your name and address to drug dealers is a bad idea. I can’t for the life of me figure out why anyone would not just go buy it themselves.

  5. Unfortunately this is nothing uncommon in germany.
    Whenever Canabis Products are involved, the Cops are going Nuts.
    1-2 Years ago they Raided a Headshop based on a false statement and seized all Customer Data.
    With this Data they then Raided people who bought stuff like Flowerpots etc.. Because you can “use” it to grow weed…

    But try to report a stolen Handy or something then they´re never short of excusses why they can´t (they´re just to lazy) help you.

  6. Yup, Patrons should definitely choose a Farmer that ask for their addy each time, even after over 50+ orders…

    No I can’t commit your addy to memory LOL…

    I mean I don’t expect a visit or anything, but I figured “just in case…” right? & then this story… WoW…

    For dealers out there, use TOR,Trail, VPN to protect your kiester; PGP & no hand writen addy’s to protect your patrons locations.

    I for one APPRECIATE being free from the shackles of local weed brokers to enjoy fair trade with the consumer directly :::)
    These guys, dealers/brokers just step on farmers neck to make all to profits…

    But I am compelled to protect the hands that feed me, I guess that’s just human but still… Not that big of an effort.

    I feel bad for that kid…
    “Can a buyer, in the absence of any intercepted packages or possession of illegal drugs, be prosecuted or otherwise get into trouble? At least in Germany, the answer seems to be yes.”
    Not looking forward to my day… Hopefully I die of old age before they knock on my door :::)

  7. So if you were in Portugal or Czech republic, you could order drugs without fear of the cops?

  8. I openly ponder if the German weed buyer, after being arrested and interrogated, didn’t “confess” or “plead guilty,” etc.?

    If his orders were encrypted then I’m really not sure how the authorities caught onto him? Maybe the dealer kept handwritten notes and whatnot.

    I really think he confessed, spilled the beans, and/or plead guilty once in court.

    ***Moral of story: Don’t plead guilty. Don’t speak when interrogated without lawyer present. Don’t do the police’s work for them!

  9. Propably Bavaria. Yes, the bums here have nothing more important to do than bust weed consumers.

  10. People – you don’t seem to understand…. the dealers collect your addresses as LEVERAGE to use if they get hit by LE. They offer to roll on their customers in exchange for leniency. LE than goes after the customers hoping to get them to roll on other dealers. Any dealer worth their salt is keeping an encrypted list around somewhere just in case…. The ONLY safe way to order something illegal is to practice proper OPSEC and never mail to your real address!

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