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“PedoFunding” Admin Sentenced to 22 Life Sentences

Richard Huckle, dubbed Britain’s worst pedophile for abusing 200 Malaysian children; has been sentenced to 22 life sentences.

Huckle, a freelance photographer lived in Ashford, Kent, and admitted to numerous offences against children between the ages of six months and 12 years old. The Judge, Peter Rock QC, ordered Huckle to serve a minimum of 25 years in order for him to reflect on his so called “campaign of rape” which spanned some nine years.

He was sharing his pictures and videos of his sexual exploits with children worldwide on the website TLS, or The Love Zone. He even tried to make his assaults on children a career by crowdfunding the release of his images, and was in the process of putting together a manual for pedophiles at the time of his arrest.


Among the 200 reported victims of Huckle, 233 children from Christian communities in Kuala Lumpur were identified in 71 charges, even though from Huckle’s own “Pedopoints ledger” the number was much higher. Huckle stood silent, hands folded resembling someone in mid prayer, as Judge Rook sentenced him. Judge Rook told him that his “self-delusion has no bounds” and the 60-page pedophile manual he had written himself was a “truly evil document”.

“You were and are sexually obsessed with children. You have spent years abusing them. In one of your postings you stated that you had become consumed by your pedophilia,” the judge told him.

“It is clear from your postings on hidden encrypted pedophilia websites on the dark web, and from the manual you were in the process of drafting, that your life revolved around your obsession with your own sexual gratification by child sex abuse. It is also clear that, had you not been arrested, you planned to continue the same lifestyle using the expertise that you were keen to show off to and share with other abusers so as to continue your sexual exploitation of the children of such communities,” the judge continued.

Due to Huckle refusing to hand over passwords to encrypted files on his computer, the judge also said,

“In my view, you may well harbor feelings of regret but there is no feeling of genuine remorse in this case.”

A woman in the public seating inside the court room was compelled to issue Huckle with her thoughts as he was sentenced, saying “1,000 deaths is too good for you.”

Huckles first visit to Malaysia was for a teaching gap when he was 19 and fooled everyone into thinking he was a respectable Christian English teacher and philanthropist. Five of the children resided in a foster home for children, and he would sometimes take a girl out to celebrate a birthday, where he would molest them at his home in Kuala Lumpur.

Huckle studied IT at a college in Malaysia, and was arrested at Gatwick Airport by NCA agents when he arrived to spend Christmas with his family. Officers took Huckle’s laptop and found more than 20,000 images and videos of him abusing children, and other files which they couldn’t view.

Among the image and video files, they found his pedophile manual titled “Pedophiles and Poverty: Child Lover Guide”, and a “Pedopoints ledger” which he was awarded marks for the abuse of 191 children. Huckle bragged online saying, “Impoverished kids are definitely much easier to seduce than middle-class Western kids.” One of his comments about a victim said, “I’d hit the jackpot, a 3yo girl as loyal to me as my dog and nobody seemed to care.”

He also crowd-funded the releasing of indecent images of the three-year-old girl in exchange for bitcoins, which he achieved over 100% of his targeted earnings. His parents had no idea, and were horrified when he confessed his crimes. So horrified and shocked that they begged police to take him away and made statements in support of the prosecution in court.

Prior to his sentencing, he told a psychiatrist that he wanted to put his wild ways behind him and had plans to settle down with a south Indian woman. Contrary to his claims, the court showed a posting made my Huckle in 2013 in which he outlined his plan to marry one of his victims to help him abuse more children.

The judge came to the conclusion that Huckle posed a substantial risk for an indefinite period. Agent James Traynor, from the NCA’s Child Exploitation and Online Protection command said, “Richard Huckle spent several years integrating himself into the community in which he lived, making himself a trusted figure. But he abused that trust in the worst possible way.”

“He deliberately travelled to a part of the world where he thought he could abuse vulnerable children without being caught. Borders are no barrier; we are determined that those who go abroad to abuse children will be held to account,” Traynor went on.

“It is horrifying that Huckle as able to profit from this appalling abuse by using the web to sell images and even films to other pedophiles, emphasizing the importance, yet again, of the need for cohesive, global effort from both authorities and internet service providers to combat this vile trade,” Traynor continued.

“It is hard to put into words the sheer depravity of this case. For almost nine years, Richard Huckle subjected at least 23 children, some of them very young, to the most horrifying abuse imaginable. Due to the determination of the CPS and investigating authorities, this dangerous man has been brought to justice and is no longer a risk to children,” Anthony Hill, the International Justice and Organized Crime Prosecutor at the Crown Prosecution Service said about Huckle.


  1. What a sick cunt!

    • Made me so sick I had to hijack this thread and flame the shit out of that sickness I felt when I learned about this whole situation… feels better now tho…

      • Damn theres so much pedophiles on this site so that reading the comments feels like a fuckin safari !!
        Thats my first contact with these animals on the loose…
        Too bad we cant have this conversation face to face, me too I might have “acted out on my urges”…and throwed your fuckin body in the river

        • jimbo

          you wanna meet up face-2-face arse-hole?
          here’s me email, you maggot…
          [email protected]

          ‘drop me a line’, cunt…when yr feeling brave enough…..
          bring yr mates too, you mongrel…we’ll fckn party….

          • LOL! You re such a clown…what the fuck Im I supposed to do with your email adress??? Sending you death threats??

            No seriously what did you give me your email adress for? Im really curious, like what did you expect? that I give you mine maybe?

            You see I love clowns like you who condone taking advantage of the weak and try to act tough on the internet.
            But they always be peeing themselves and beg and cry like pussies as soon as they’re tied to a radiator in the basement.
            I dont need my mates I wouldnt share that pleasure…plus my only mate would be a blowtorch. Thats a whole different kind of blowjob.

          • GuccizBud

            Yeah, that’s what we need… more strong, brave, and not at all deluded internet tough guys.

  2. did he actually molest any kids or wtf?
    or….was it all CP?

    sentenced to life by an effin’ Brit judge that, chances are, is also a peddle-pile!
    how ironic!

    • Jimbo the Nazi Pedo

      Jimbo the neo-nazi always defends pedos. Gee you are really strengthening your white power cause. Have you created a sub-sect mixing biggotry with pedophilia ? See what your aryan brothers in prison will do to you when you are convicted for child pornography.

    • Mr. Bear

      the judge was mad he didn’t get a discount when joining bro

      • how many pedos are on this damn site anyways?

        • Anonymeistro

          Yes Emily, unfortunately there are many pedos here. It is an unfortunate side effect of the DW. They, like those that simply purchase drugs, want to monitor what is going on in their community and how to guard against incursion. Even non pedos have an interst in the articles simply because they use the same technology and opsec to evade LE. So the normal people can learn something from the scum of the earth that get what they deserve.

        • Maaaaan Switzerland got it right on spot, I fuckin love it:the judge is actually allowed to rule for the chemical castration of child molesters and rapists.
          No nuts no desire! Simple as it gets!

          Your twisted ass wouldnt be talking that reckless shit under the threat of someone lawfully shutting down your manhood…kudos schweiz!

    • Emily

      You’re kiding me right? Is everyone on here a pedophile? Child porn is not a victimless crime! You’re watching and getting off to an innocent child being raped. Wtf is wrong with you? And apparently you can’t read because the article states in paragraph one he was responsible for raping 200 children ranging in ages from 6 months to 12 years. I hope you burn along with him. It’s horrifying the number of dangerous men there are out there like you. It’s just sad unfair you get to breathe the same air as someone worthwhile like me.

      • Anonymous

        “Child porn is not a victimless crime!”

        And, when someone is sentenced for CP possession, why is there never any victim impact testimony?

        Let’s be clear, I don’t look at the stuff, although, I have seen it. And, in PedoLand, the standing rule is that CP is free. So, whether 10 pedos look at it or a million, it’s the same thing.

        As for those who have been truly victimized, you have my pity, but simply viewing CP is hardly a “victimless” crime; if it were, then FBI agents are criminals! In an open society, we are free to have images of dead children, dismembered children, postmortem autopsy pictures of dead children, and children dying and suffering of starvation and/or disease. And, yet, possessing images of naked children under 18 is somehow criminal, but not for the cops, of course!

        Looking at CP is simply viewing the fruits of another person’s criminal act, nothing more.

        P.S. I once saw a CP image of a preteen girl from Scandinavian. She was just beyond puberty and you could see her newly formed breasts taking shape, as she was nude from the waist up. She had long, golden hair and she stared directly into the camera. It was the most beautiful image that I have ever seen. I simply stared at her beautiful body for a few moments and then moved on without saving it and without doing anything else, in fact.

        • lol stop trying to justify it it doesn’t make it any diffrent.

          If you are sexually attracted to young children and preteenagers you are a pedophile.

          If you are sexually attracted to men and you are a man you are a homosexual

          If you are sexually attracted to women and you are a man or you are attracted to men and you are a woman you are a hetrosexual

          Pedophiles destory lives of those who haven’t had a chance to live their life.

          • Mr. Bear

            >Pedophiles destory lives of those who haven’t had a chance to live their life.

            only those who act out on their urges

        • wf4hui9lo

          Wow you are really hardcore. Depending on where you live, underage nudism may be legal, e.g. USA.

          If he really has raped (probably only sex, but regardless) children between six months and six years, I think he deserves the sentence because that’s really too young.. they can’t even express themselves properly.

          But oh god, how can somebody be that stupid and carry unencrypted cp on his laptop to the US….

        • Am I the only who got sick reading this? How can yall be cracking jokes??
          Yeah poor child porn addicts right?VICTIMELESS CRIME? Then who are they watching on the videos/pictures!!?? WTF?? 10 or 10million viewers is the same? So I guess they will have to figure out who was the first watcher and punish him only? Cant believe what Im reading.Some people seem to advocate him while other r minimizing what hes done in some kinda sickening logic!!You should be ashamed for the comparisons you re making.
          Hope you all get raped with a rusted iron bar like they did this girl in a bus in India…

          Hope your laptop comes next

      • Anonymous

        Emily, most of these people are just trolling. They know child porn annoys people so they do it to get a rise out of them.

        If you notice, everytime these stories come up, its either a pedo that got busted for downloading or uploading porn but never was able to find a child in real life to abuse, or its the child porn addict that got busted because the child told on him. Luckily this guy is that 1 in a million that actually abused a lot of kids.

        Its very easy to see we’re winning the war on child sex abuse when it comes to kids 15 and under. When it comes to those 16 and 17 year olds though, those are the ages that make up most of the sex abuse claims.

        • “Its very easy to see we’re winning the war on child sex abuse when it comes to kids 15 and under. When it comes to those 16 and 17 year olds though, those are the ages that make up most of the sex abuse claims.”

          Or, it may be that CP is just much easier to get a hold of in this digital age. As a result, pedos are less likely to seek-out underage victims. If the Catholic Church scandal teaches us anything, it is that 1 out of 20 men are pedophiles.

        • 16 17 yo is no peadophilia in some cases you cant even tell they re underage. You’re comparing a 16yo quasi-woman to some 6 month old baby? or some 3yo girl, or even 12yo.You should ask for help.

          Well you must think that people do molest children as a first offense right?
          Your goat brain cant figure that 90% of all paedophiles started their journey “innocently”watching child porn…what you called an innocent crime?

          Theres a huge flaw in your reasonning, that has me concerned: a child porn addict who got busted cause the child told on em?
          What did he tell on him? What child? the one in the incriminated movies/pictures? How is he supposed to know unless YOU was there? Are you tryin to say something??

          People are dumb af they dont even think about things as a process, as if everything is fixed since the beginning…poor basterds you re lost

          • Everyone agrees that abuse rates are going down, which is a good thing!!! And, everyone agrees that CP is very easy to get and very easy to hide, and is becoming more easy and more safe by the day.

            Now, if what you are saying is true (that viewing CP leads to the sexual abuse of kids), then abuse rates should be increasing, not decreasing.

      • anon

        see: mijpsrtgf54l7um6.onion/index.php/Why_Child_Porn_is_Illegal%3F

        • WTF is this link? Somebody opened it???
          A “Why child porn is illegal” onion link, that sounds pretty strange.
          Why would it be on DW if its only stating this obvious fact??

          Someone opened it? Im curious but theres no way Im opening this shit.
          So someone please tell me what it is and why it is on DW if it is what it reads.

          • anon

            >Why would it be on DW if its only stating this obvious fact??

            Believe it or not, but TOR is not only used for drug dealing and child pornography. People all around the world use anonymizing networks like TOR or I2P to express themselves freely without fear of exposure to law enforcement and other hostile entities.

            You will find unpopular opinions on this site which may be subject to censorship. That’s why it’s there.

            >So someone please tell me what it is

            It’s a text about why child pornography is illegal, just from a perspective which isn’t being shown in mainstream media.

          • Anonymous

            The article is pro-paedo. It claims CP is illegal so governments can take away citizens’ rights.

            • Thank you for confirming. Of course its pro pedo kinda obvious it’d have been on clear net otherwise…it seems to me that governments can already take away citizens rights as they please with terrorism suspicion…so it looks like some more bullshit to have people being compassionate about their disgusting murder-worthy sick twisted mind

  3. only 22 years!!? This sick piece of cunt deserves 60+ years in prison time! 200 abused kids is not a small number! Do you think he’s gonna transform into a nice person after his prison time? BULLSHIT!!

    • 22 years for a pedophile in prison is a death sentence…. one of the few things inmates agree is that killing a pedo is good, same goes for rapists/women molestors (not as much but it does)

      if he gets stabbed…. uh i swear he fell directly on the thinga sevral times

      • and thank sweet God for convicts with a conscious. Yes he will be brutally raped, assaulted, and murdered. Amen

        • Mr. Bear

          Wishing him that makes you no better than him.

          • WTF man HOW?? she just wished he gets a taste of what hes been doing.
            So the one who wishes someone will pay for what hes done is as bad as the one who’s done it. WOW now thats a mindblowing reasonnement!

      • stabbed how??? think hes gonna make it to general population? He wouldnt last2 days!! as I said these scums are protected.
        25y for 200 broken lifes ! Thats a linear 8 years per kid.Sounds even less than if he molested one child… Its litterally disgusting that society has been protecting them for decades. These rings run so deep half of them are judges, priests and other officials.

        • fat Aussie bastard

          you’ll “survive” for abt a week if you ever set foot in Aussie, you fucking jew bastard maggot!

          • Why wouldn’t I survive is it still mad max style down there?? LOL You must think you’re living in some kind of dangerous place all cause you have some well established bikers clubs and asian mafias?

            well you live pretty far from the world and you might never gotten out of australia, but let me tell you that you’re more known for the kangaroos and koalas than for the violence and shootings…

            As a matter of fact I got in a fight with your rugby team hooligans and we keep a sweet memory of them…you guys are so…fruity..(except for the real thugs of course which obviously you’re not even remotely close to)

            In fact chances are you re struggling to survive in your own country, giving blow jobs to make a living…

            See, unfortunately I went to australia a couple of time. I always had great times. Fucked a lot of your women. and if f you bring me yours I will fuck her as well as I doubt she’s getting good dick from your disgusting kid lover ass.

            Have you ever been with a woman your age Mr. PedoFag or the challenge is to high for you to even try, when you have all this docile children…??

            You worthless piece of shit

    • John Smith

      The title says 22 times life sentence not 22 years.

      • he meant 25 years. If the sentence includes a minimum term of 25years its kind of binding and thats what he and he’s lawyer are gonna reach for. 25y from now people will be less shoked, the judge will most likely be retired, so they’re just gonna let him out IMO.
        Thats why they shouldnt have stated such a short minimum term. Dont know if UK laws says that 25y is a minimum in all cases…what a shame!!

        • fat Aussie bastard

          listen, you mother-fucking piece of kike crap!

          you ever set foot in Aussie, i’ll chop you up and feed you to pigs and rabid dogs…

          • hahaha man as I told you YOURE A CLOWN!!!!
            if I “ever (bold characters)” set a foot in aussie. Fuck I can’t you are too hilarious man…flashing guns on your pictures…I live in the country of lose guns…YOU RE A FUCKIN LAUGHING STOCK TO PEOPLE YOUR AGE!!

            OK I assume you have my ID and a connection at the immigration that will let you know when Im there PLUS access to pigs and rabid dogs…what a fuckin lying hillbilly

            Your threats are so scary man… You spent your whole life watching movies didn’t you?


  4. I’m normally against the death penalty but what is the point of someone like that even being alive?

    He never has and never will contribute a shred of anything decent to the planet, and every single person who inhabits this world would be better off if he was dead.

    • Emily

      He won’t last long. The other inmates will eat him alive. He’ll be dead in a few years. yey

      • Do you really think he s gonna be with the other inmates? They re gonna put him with all the other child molesters and woman abusers. Because they know he wouldnt last his first night…inmates would kill eachother to get the right to deal with him. So hes protected by the law whereas not a soul protected none of these poor little things. He should pay the price and face the general population if thats to be called justice, not a 25y vacation planning on how hes gonna get on another level and not reiterate his mistakes.

      • jimbo

        FUCk off, you worthless fucking cunt!

  5. your pedo sucker, your all disgusting, suck your dick in your fucking moms asholes

  6. he is sleezeball of the century in my books he even looks like a sick mother fucker

  7. You are all so friggin self-righteous! It’s so funny to read your hypocritical comments here on the dark web. Why don’t you go and fight in the light? Cos you’re just as perverted. You make me laugh!

  8. That shit just gave me fucking goosebumps.
    That shit is fuckin up our society. You cant trust no one anymore, not even close relative as I know many people who have been abused by a close relative, they grow all fucked up and dont even know why, shits soooo sad man I swear!!!

    Furthermore he will most likely be placed in PROTECTIVE CUSTODY FOR HIS FUCKIN SAFETY????
    I dont know who thought that he was gonna be eaten alive by the other inmates? HELLOOO! must be naive for thinking that this fuckin cockroaches are protected in this fuckin society! I dont know how or why but they always make it out of prison so fuckin early. He knew what he was doing! He chose to play… so he was willing to take the loss…until the judge got compassionate
    They ll just throw him in protective custody and forget about his ass and all his atrocities and he’ll most likely be out in about 25y.
    My question is WHY protect him from being the other inmates’ bitch and getting on a dick-only diet for 25y???Now that would be justice. Prison has its ways of dispensing justice, and correcting the judges lack. Who protected these children one way or another anyway? These network are so fuckin deep they re like a gaming community willing to lie, die, mislead and deceipt for their twisted lifestyle.I dont even know how there can be so many of them

    We all know that 22 life sentences is for the public opinion, I doubt he will be serving anywhere near 22lifes.
    HOW this fuckin judge came up with the 25y minimum?? He broke 200 innocent lifes and he gets the hope to live his out of prison.
    How do you even come with a minimum sentence?? And why such a gap between 22lifes and 25 years I mean WTF?

    Why even mention 22 lifes if theres a chance for him of getting out safe in 25years when hes done “reflecting”…fuckin judge! PRISON DOESNT CURE PEDOPHILIA!!! Death does, nothing else.

    • jimbo

      the death of imbecile fucking DOGs,like YOU would cure the problem of imbecility that afflicts a small portion of the white gene pool, you fucking retard!

  9. And I dont know theres 2 kinds of peadophiles. Those who know they re sick af and take extra precautions not to be around children and are open about it with their shrink and try to get medicated. Cause to some extent they re aware of the harm they can cause and dont want that, they re aware of their mental illness.
    And this kind of perverted sick fucks who will ride or die regardless. Unfortunately this group is much larger. Plus some of the first who are eventually gonna end up there. TFOH with 25y min what a joke!!

    • jimbo

      you really are an imbecile fucking DOG ain’t you, cunt?
      first off: the overwhelming majority of peddle-piles are NON-white….got that, you shite-eating RAT?
      they’re either niggaz, jewz or spics…..
      in some Turd World cuntries, it ain’t even against the law….
      and….the kike Talmud sez its OK…..
      just !Google! up all the crap abt rabbis molesting kids……its their favorite past-time…

      second off: in First World/western countries…fucking kids is a peculiar past-time of the high and mighty…..big name politicians, media fuck heads, top cops, top military brass, multi-national CEOs….and….they all get away with it…whilst the little man is continually ‘set up’ by bogus allegations of ‘child abuse’ by some shite-eating feminist fuck in the Family Court in order to milk his assets and take his kids……

      the huge amount of material coming out of the UK abt kid-fuckers in high places should be enough evidence for that?

      now…you under-stand, arse-hole?
      you following this?
      if not: go rip yr fckn throat open with a rusty, cut-throat razor and do the white gene pool a big fckn favour, you god-DAMN maggot!

      • You re by far the most ridiculous and hilarious character Ive seen on a forum. You should try comedy I cant help but laugh…

        I guess you didnt go to school for too long did ya?Well I did.You should try stopping to get your knowledge from the first link on google. Im sorry stupid but theres nothing on earth I can learn from you

        Do you even know what talmud is? It even says some sicker stuff. So what? its only human developements of what a particular individual with particular vices and biases thinks he understood from the holy Torah.Only Blacks jews or spics (dont even know what that is)?? Where do you get that from? google on some BS site? or someone whose dick stays in your mouth did tell you?

        But it gets stupid people such as yourself carried away and happy for having sth to say. You idiots think it makes you look more normal to say “Im not the only one”, well it doesnt

        I know its a hobby for big name officials and they always get away with it. I even mentionned it in a comment. I see you’re salty about that. you wish you wasnt an illiterate piece of shit who has no power whatsoever except on innocent children right.

      • Dirty pedo cunt doesn’t deserve to live if I ever get locked up with any pedo or women beaters I’ll fuck them with a blade see how the cunt likes that

  10. fat Aussie bastard

    never come over to Aussie, cunt!
    i’ll fckn bury you…..

  11. I’m annoyed the comments aren’t ordered by date, it’s harder to read. Just thank god they caught this guy as he was definitely not going to stop at any point prior to being arrested. No psychiatrist can help this man, he’s not genuinely deluded, he is fully aware of his actions and had no intention of stopping his abuse.

  12. Kishan aka Richard Huckle was NOT the admin of pedofunding. He was a CP producer and member of TLZ. He did use Pedofunding site to list some of his CP as a user NOT as admin.

    No where in the press or later convictions do they say he was the Admin of the site, In fact if he was then that would have added to the media hype about it. Please check your sources next time.

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