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Dark Net “Weed Reseller” Jailed After Parcel Intercepted

Mark Dornan (22), bought weed from the dark web and had the intention of selling it, however, the UK Border Force intercepted a package from Belgium with half a kilo of marijuana inside. Soon after that, law enforcement authorities obtained a search warrant and raided the man’s home in Raploch, Stirling on April 8.

According to Stirling Sheriff Court, in the bedroom of Dornan, officers found a shoe box, which contained digital scales, around £570 in cash, and a card with notations. A message was also found on a phone about an agreement to supply someone with half-ounce of weed for the amount of £125.

Dornan, working as a plasterer in Raploch, pleaded guilty to the charge of being concerned in the supply of herbal cannabis. His lawyer, Frazer McCready said that his client had no criminal record. His statement goes by:

“He was having financial difficulties and was clearly beyond his means. Unfortunately rather than go to some sort of debt counseling, as he is now doing, he foolishly decided to embark on this exercise with regard to his debts by involving himself in the supply of cannabis. Clearly that type of drug was going to be intercepted, and it was. There were consequences immediately.”

Sheriff Wyllie Robertson told Dornan that despite the fact he had no offending history, he had “no alternative but to impose the jail sentence, because of the value of the drug involved”. Dornan was jailed for six months in prison.


  1. How the fuck did the pigs know Dornan was getting Weed from the DN? Did he actually SNITCH on himself? People need to shut the fuck up if pigs start snorting and grunting out questions to them!

  2. BastaYaDeProhibicion

    He could be a successful businessman in a place like Colorado or Washington.
    Instead they’re putting him in jail.. for a non-violent drug offense.. completely unbelievable.
    He could go work and be a productive part of society,live his life and enjoy it, instead of costing taxpayers money for locking him up.
    I’m gettin’ sick of that shit.

    • Agreed. His sentence was excessive. Even in the socialist UK, the rich (who are the ones getting their cronies elected to office) want to keep the poor in their place, and anyone dealing a harmless drug, such as weed, is going to be punished to the same extent that someone who is guilty of vehicular homicide.

      It’s just despicable.

      • ThisDudeLucky

        Jesus christ guys come on…..6 months for half-a-key is NOTHING…..I did 4 months in JPN for 2oz….And he clearly had intent to distribute…This should serve as a good lesson to him, he’ll be twice as good next time hopefuly ;)

  3. That’s the point…. the UK government was not making money he was…. and in every country on this planet if your making money and they are not getting a cut it’s a crime…. sounds reallllllly similar to gangs and “protection” fees lmao glad I’m in CA I just walk to my store and can walk round with a half p

  4. Buying dodgy things over international borders by mail is notoriously unsafe. The border narcs do random samples (a lucky dip of packages to inspect). Buggers take x-rays as the parcels move and have dogs on the conveyer belts. It’s nearly impossible to make the outside of a lovely new package not reek of weed (dogs point of view) from packaging it, if it is packaged in a location with lots of weed. Again- from a dogs point of view it would be obvious. You’d haveta partly package it, then move someplace totally clean, wipe it all down with christ only knows what ki b d of chemical cleaning crap, and package it a second time. Even then, fuck who knows. Never ever buy across an international border by mail if its something you can get in the shit from. That much weed might get missed a few times, but given enough repeat business you would get caught.

    • Jean Bibron

      Man I’m from Belgium… international borders are just an hour ride away no matter the direction

    • ThisDudeLucky

      “You’d haveta partly package it, then move someplace totally clean, wipe it all down with christ only knows what ki b d of chemical cleaning crap, and package it a second time. Even then, fuck who knows.”

      People did that in 2005…..Trust me, stealth is really really really mindblowing nowadays….The process you just described is now seen as Basic, but i agree with you, there IS ALWAYS risks.

  5. Just deny everything man! They have absolutely no proof you bought this package and also they did found nothing illegal in your home…

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