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Dark Net Vendor XanaxKing Writes from Prison, Details How he Got Busted

In 2014, we wrote about one of the largest deepweb Alprazolam vendors, XanaxKing, getting arrested and convicted of several drug-related charges.  A Reddit user, al_eberia, has been writing him throughout the past few weeks and has been able to get some updated information regarding his case. The letters that XanaxKing has been sending in reply to al_ebria have been posted on Reddit and they shed some light on the fed’s case against him and how he got arrested.

In the excerpts of his letters, please note that the typos are his own and in order to preserve the integrity of his letter – I won’t be correcting them. The emphasis is my own to help with skimming through the walls of text.

After getting access to his discovery, he found there were at least three informants in his case, but there was only that was essential. Sadly, the fed’s #1 informant was XanaxKing’s friend of 15 years. Some time before XanaxKing’s  arrest, his friend Mike Pettis was arrested in California. We assume he was pulled in on drug charges, but it isn’t made clear. In exchange for a lighter sentencing, Mike starting feeding information to the DEA about XanaxKing. (XK for the sake of this article). Mike had helped XK with his operation for some time, apparently. We don’t know just how involved he was but XK tells us that his friend knew about most of his op and sent out several shipments for him.

Anyhow he talked with the local police, palced a call to the DEA, and officially became there #1 informant. This was the start of the investigation. The DEA would have him wear a wire (audio and video) to do controlled buys. From that point the DEA began to follow me which lead them to the operation. Mike gave them the number to my burner phone. So the Feds got a warrent for that phone called trap and trace. They trap the most frequently called numbers and trace them back. This along with the servalance lead them to my codefendents, who by the way all stayed strong and kept there mouth shut.

We can see that XK’s friend was the epitome of a snitch. He talked and reported to the feds. He was actively involved with the investigation and HK’s life by doing controlled buys, wearing a wire, and provided the DEA with HK’s burner number.

Since XK was around during the time where the Silk Road was still in existence, he mentions dealing with a vendor on the marketplace that went by “Arena.” He worked with Arena in creating a XanaxKing page to direct sales to. Arena was paid in Xanax and had a business relationship with XK. When Arena got arrested for importing methenolone from China, he followed the same path as Mike and flipped on XK. He apparently handed over XK’s identity and information on XK’s operation. This information didn’t prove to be as useful as the previous information handed over, although it correlated with what Mike said and solidified the fed’s case againt XK.

“…So he decides it would be in his best interest to copperate with the Feds in exchange for a lesser sentence. As you can imagine he decided to tell on me who he knew as xanax king. He was not a huge factor in my case, although his statements did tie back to mikes statements ans strengthen the feds case against me.”

XK mentions another informant; a local acquaintance who XK had done some business with in the past. This informant, named Eric, helped HK’s operation by receiving incoming packages that arrived from outside the U.S. Fortunately for XK, Eric had not helped out with the operation for some time when he got arrested. He was only able to give up minimal information that was far from essential. Out of the blue, XK states that he received a call from Eric where he was trying to pick up some Xanax. Xk says that this was suspicious and immediately changed his number.

Of course the person he chose to tell on was me. This really lead no where, as I had not been working with him for a while. When he all the sudden called me out of the blue to buy xanax, (obviously to set me up) I found it suspicious and changed my phone number.

XanaxKing writes that he was picked up on a number of bogus charges based on claims that Arena and Mike made – they claimed that he had future plans to produce different drugs. As the case went on, the lack of evidence started becoming apparent and the innacurate charges were dropped.

I was charged with many bougus charges that at the time made no sense to me. I later found out that some of the charges were due to the fact that Mike and Arena made statements, claiming I had plans to make certen drugs in the future. Of course these charges didnt last. There was also evidence issues. As time went on, more of the discovery became exposed. it became apparent to the DA proscuting me, that I was not guilty of many of the pending charges.

He goes on to write about how he thinks that the DA was very reasonable in his case and that the time he was serving was beyond fair. He has some other interesting tidbits in the article and I highly recommend giving it a read. The link is below. I covered the most important stuff in this article, but to keep it brief, I only covered what was essential.

Something to take away from this is that the key informants were people who knew who he was in real life. One may never truly be able rest easy, knowing that even their closest friends are a potential danger to an operation. Stay safe out there.


  1. The only successful drug dealers will be those who work completely ALONE; you need to do a story on Prisoner’s dilemma and have a permanent link to it. Just look it up in Wikipedia; may save you two or three decades in prison. In fact, I’ll post it for you:


  2. I would like to read his letters. Seems like there is more he wants us to know…

  3. GrammarDoYouUseIt

    “In the excerpts of his letters, please note that the typos are his own and in order to preserve the integrity of his letter – I won’t be correcting them”

    THAT’S WHAT (sic) IS FOR…

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      GTS (Google That Shit)

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      A girl I sat next to in class thought sic was short for Said In Coversation LOL.

      The Latin adverb sic (“thus”; in full: sic erat scriptum, “thus was it written”)[1] inserted after a quoted word or passage, indicates that the quoted matter has been transcribed exactly as found in the source text, complete with any erroneous or archaic spelling, surprising assertion, faulty reasoning, or other matter that might otherwise be taken as an error of transcription.

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