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French MP Wants To Crack Down On Dark Net Drug Sales

Bernard Debré, a member of the Republicans Party in France, is very much worried about the sale of illegal substances on the dark web and the clearnet. To draw public attention, he even ordered some drugs from an online marketplace.

Debré took part in a survey recently where he discovered that illicit substances can be bought online pretty easily. He said:

“All you need to do to find drugs on the Web is log onto an official website, usually in The Netherlands, which offers spice, which is an extremely dangerous narcotic and hallucinogenic mushroom. We could have easily banned all this business, but the problem is that a handful of people in France want to legalize these drugs. In Holland, people are pretty much tolerant about these drugs, while in France they are outlawed. What I’m saying is that we need to end this cross-border trade, because the hallucinogenic mushrooms I found there are banned but are still available online.”

He suggests France to ask the Netherlands to shut off online drug dealing websites:

”If they want to legalize marijuana at home, all right, but this doesn’t mean you can mail it anywhere else in Europe.”

Debré also spoke about the issue of dark net markets and he added that he wants France and other countries to ban Bitcoin since it makes money laundering very easy:

“We even have La Maison du Bitcoin (House of Bitcoin) here in Paris. If we fight Bitcoin and get rid of it internationally, we will be able to destroy the dark net. We need to make this ban international. We can access the dark net to expose those who sell these drugs and those who buy them. I would also like to know why they are not doing this. Maybe they are unaware of this. In any case, I got no definitive answer from our Interior Minister.”


  1. This is some high grade AAAAAAAAAAA+++++ dank BS.
    I’m used to false facts in the news when it comes to drugs, but this guy deserves an award :-) .

    What a clueless moron….

  2. The Netherlands, which offers spice, which is an extremely dangerous narcotic and hallucinogenic mushroom


    you got anymore of those spice mushrooms????

  4. Hillary Clinton's Food Taster

    From the above article you can see why France is a leader in prohibition in the West. You have fools like Debré that French rabbits can’t get enough of and have no trouble accepting. The irony is that France was at one point the leader in exotic drugs, introducing hashish to the Western world via Napoleon’s soldiers who brought it back from Egypt. Now the French are among the most willfully ignorant about cannabis in the West. I spoke with a French wine merchant who told me cannabis destroys lives. He shook his head sadly and sold a drunk some cheap hooch. French college kids will actually tell you that cocaine is harmless but hashish destroys brain cells. Despite being enormous consumers of hashish, millions of French people of all ages are rabid prohibitionists and refuse to listen to any scientific facts about drugs. Hard to believe but France views cannabis the way American’s did thirty years ago. Worse, many French want to continue prohibition because, they claim, if hashish were legal Arabs in ghettos would turn to violent crime. Most French people, of all ages, must go to dangerous housing projects and buy their “shit” from chronically unemployed, surly Moroccans, who swagger about, confident that they are the only game in town. No one can visualize a different way. The Front National under Le Pen are never going anywhere because they want to continue outlawing cannabis. They play the usual con game of itemizing all the terrible things hard drugs do to people, then cleverly take advantage of people’s ignorance and lump cannabis in with it. It’s really disgusting. For the past three months the French have been protesting their hearts out, shutting down the trains stations and high schools, attacking police, all over some workers rights bill out of the 1920’s, imagine if they had put that much effort in protesting cannabis prohibition!!!! A Colorado model in France could turn the country around in a matter of months, the massive unemployment and poverty could end.
    Let’s hope the dark web can keep the crack of light it has opened without undue French interference.

  5. The ass french kissing is both gross & embarrassing… Just an other “yesman” with 0 spinal cord & psychopathic tendencies …
    They plague the political corridors of the world & are the source of all cancers on our Planet.
    To allow oneself to vomit such BS just as to get media interest is so vulgar that I’m @ a loss for words…
    Any self respect @ all? a resounding NO.

    What a piece of human excrement that guy…

    • Doug, in from the cold

      Wow, great comment, Hashishmaster! I’ve never heard anything better said.
      Weird that hash quality in France is very good, but weed is always iffy (unless you live near Belgium). I guess that’s true everywhere you buy it off the street?? If you try to buy weed on the street in Spain, most of the time it’s shit. You can’t even get hash off the street in most cities in Spain. There are some exceptions. In one Spanish town a guy rolled me a joint that was a mix of Moroccan anus hash and homegrown. A really killer high. Now that I think about it, that occasion was the most I’ve ever been stoned from just smoking. The anus hash comes in smelly plastic pellets that Moroccan mules swallow and shit out when they get past customs in Spain. It’s good quality but really stinks of human shit. And that’s in fucking Spain, where cannabis is decrim. Ah, the politics of a simple stone.

      • Cheech Marin: “You mean we’re smoking dog shit, man?”

        There should be a dispensary strain: Moroccan Anus Hash. It might not be too far afield, as Yerba Mate, a strong, vitamin fortified caffeinated tea, must first have the seed of the plant pass through the anus of a native bird of Paraquay: “It took centuries for the Europeans to figure out how to turn the plant into a reliable crop. The “secret”, it turned out, was that yerba mate seeds were only germinated when they passed through the digestive tracts of certain native birds.”


        There is also “civet coffee”, a coffee bean that aficianados claim must be shat out of a civet cat to give the proper taste. It is considered the most expensive coffee in the world:


        I think Moroccan Anus Hash would be a viable candidate for the Cannabis Cup, and could even win, since it would have a very unique aroma and taste, different from all other contenders, perhaps an acquired taste, like Uzo, or PBR, perhaps the high would be prized since it had been, albeit through plastic wrapping, digested in human gut enzymes by very stressed-out humans.
        I realize this is speculative.

  6. Moroccan Anus Hash: a tesimonial of quality

    I was a fan of Girl Scout, Grape Ape, and OG Kush strains, but until I had Moroccan Anus Hash, I never really toked the best. Moroccan Anus Hash helped me become the person I’ve always wanted to be, and attain the high that is rightfully mine as a citizen of the world.
    The quality of MAH comes from the enzymatic properties of the human duodenum when under severe stress. In this case, apprehension by police authorities for trafficking the harmless resin of a harmless plant. The anxiety of loss of freedom, and certain incarceration with violent criminals should arrest and prosecution be successful, causes the drug trafficker a.k.a. “mule”, to secrete enzymes that intensely knead and bathe the several dozen plastic wrapped hashish pellets in the stomach. In addition,the unique aroma and taste, which is due to trace amounts of ineradicable fecal matter, creates a toke that aficionados will pay top dollar for world wide.

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