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Law Enforcement Watch Helplessly as Deep Web Crime Thrives

While hidden services and illegal marketplaces on the dark web are growing, law enforcement authorities are facing inner problems. Since the lack of manpower and proper skills among authorities, the dark net remains a “safe place” for criminals to operate.

According to cybersecurity specialists, law enforcement agencies need to do a major change in terms of their tech infrastructure and human resources. Dinesh O Bareja, a cybersecurity expert, suggests designing specific programs to increase efficiency levels and training of law enforcement personnel:

“Law enforcement agencies in the country are obsessed with the creation of ‘state of the art’ cyber cells and equipping them with analytical tools. But digital investigation skills, beyond the tangible world of hard disks and IP addresses, is still beyond their imagination. Training programs must provide skills and knowledge in the right mix of technology, law, processes and people. By creating cyber cells, the expectation is that expertise will come naturally but that is not so. Every law enforcement official must be trained in all aspects related to cybersecurity and must accept that this is critical and important.”

Sastry Tumuluri, another expert in the case, believes that it is a must for law enforcement authorities to have information security skills and knowledge of operational security in cyber space. He also says that police needs to improve the cybercrime intelligence apparatus and go beyond borders:

“Our police lack the deep InfoSec technical skills to plan their intelligence and investigation properly. This is the first critical requirement for the cyberpolice. Operational security in cyberspace is the second critical factor, which is also missing. Often, a near obsessive focus on hacking technologies is a contributing factor in ignoring these vital elements. Cybercriminals are not limited by jurisdiction. Our police lack the ability to quickly and efficiently coordinate multiple internal jurisdictions and obtain cooperation across our borders. There is also a lack of suitable cybercrime intelligence apparatus. Unlike the traditional situations, in cybercrime, human intelligence and technology must work together to infiltrate, uncover and prosecute.”

Working on cybercrime, PK Sinha from the Punjab IG, made this statement:

“Tracking and catching cybercriminals in places like the deep web is a big challenge for us. The government is aware of illegal activities on darknet and is working towards making the cyber police force efficient enough to bust them. It may take time but eventually we will do it.”


  1. LE wants “improved training” to fight the illegal deep web markets, but how can they begin to do this if they can’t even begin to conceptualize the deep web itself?

    Then there’s the other problem in that LE culture in general isn’t intellectual at all. Many of them are just hacks with zero technical knowledge whatsoever. They won’t win over any blooming tech guys either because most of them want to work for the private sector, which pays more and has more growth/advancement potential.

    Right now, the dark net is going strong and there’s not much governments can do about it. This was kind of expected after Operation Onymous, where the remaining markets would improve and the bar would be raised, ultimately making LE’s job harder in the long run.

  2. Bob,you are so wrong. Most all law enforcement and especially detectives and federal agents are highly intelligent people.

    Of course any profession is gonna have a loon or two but over all the vast majority of law enforcement officers/agent are very smart both street wise and book wise.

    You don’t reach that station in life by being stupid my friend.

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