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Tor board of directors step down, appoint new members

Following the Jacob Appelbaum scandal that ultimately lead to his resignation, the Tor project announced an entirely new board of directors. The board, before stepping down and passing the baton to the new board on the 12th of July, said that their job was to make sure that Tor has the best leadership possible. They had faith that the new board would be able to carry on the commitment to the best health possible for the organization.

The new board includes some names we’ve heard before: Electronic Frontier Foundation Executive Director Cindy Cohn, sociologist and expert on Anonymous Gabriella Coleman, Human Rights Data Analysis Group Executive Director Megan Price, security experts Bruce Schneier and Matt Blaze and Tor programmer Linus Nordberg. One of the most notable is the EFF executive, Cindy Cohn. Given the history between the EFF and Tor, keeping the project’s best interest in mind shouldn’t be too difficult a task –  the EFF has a working relationship with the Tor Project.

Even though the previous board stepped down, two members are going to continue to work with the Tor Project, just not as members of the board of directors. Two of the co-founders of the organization, Roger Dingledine and Nick Mathewson will stay on and continue to lead the technical research and development that goes on. The rest of the board will all continue to support the goals Tor has in place, as well as the community, the management, and the organization as a whole. They offer their help and knowledge to the new board, should it be needed.

In a closing statement on the Tor blog, Shari Steele, the Executive Director of Tor said “I think this was an incredibly brave and selfless thing for the board to do. They’re making a clear statement that they want the organization to become its best self.”

You can read short bios of the new board members here.

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