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India Investigating the First Known Domestic Darknet Vendor

While much of the world had gotten caught up with the new wave of digital currency, India had fallen far behind. This may soon change as Indian officials start their investigation into at least two separate syndicates that have ties to the dark net market. The focus is on vendors who are currently operating inside India’s borders. This is a first for India, the Director General of NCB, RR Bhatnagar, tells a local newspaper.

The Indian anti-narcotics agency, called the Narcotics Control Bureau, started reporting increased activity and traffic of deepweb related drug deals in India. The NCB in India is what the DEA is to the United States; both are responsible for law enforcement and intelligence against any serious drug related crimes, such as drug trafficking.

According to this article, the Narcotics Control Bureau has two particular drug organizations on their radar. The ongoing investigation appears to have yielded results in tracking identities as the NCB claims they have some syndicate operatives being probed. Taking down these operatives will be an important step for Indian officials, especially now more than ever. Both the NCB and other Indian law enforcement agencies have recently been working on shutting down a major influx of heroin and opium – and their efforts have been mostly successful. Delivering drugs across India’s borders is growing increasingly difficult and the NCB has concerns that a nearly undetectable flow of substances through the mail would hinder their progress.

While Bhatnagar recognizes that this new era of drug trafficking is a major concern for law enforcement and the population as a whole, he is confident the problem will be dealt with appropriately. The NCB is devising new methods for detecting these types of illegal transactions and the current system is being enhanced in an effort to keep up with the modern world.

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