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Listeners Accuse Radio Show Hosts Of Promoting The Dark Web

KIISFM hosts Kyle Sandilands and Jackie O Henderson were accused of ”advertising the dark web” by angry listeners. It is not a usual thing to be criticized live on a radio show, however, the Wednesday (UK) morning show was a surprising exception for the host pair.


At their Wednesday show, Kyle and Jackie were discussing the topic of the dark web. They allowed their listeners to share their story, including buying drugs from dark net marketplaces, when one of their listeners, Penelope, ”unleashed her fury” on them.

”I’m so disgusted, honestly,”’ she yelled accusing them of being irresponsible, especially in the case of young people. She continued:

”You shouldn’t be talking about things like this… Jackie, you’re a mother… You should not be promoting it.”

Penelope admitted the fact that she had never heard of the dark web until the morning show on KIISFM.

During the conversation, both Kyle and Jackie argued with the angry mother they weren’t advertising the dark web, according to the hosts, they were only having an honest and frank discussion about the topic.

Penelope was not the only one who criticized the topic. The morning show resulted in several listeners agreeing with the woman and posting their opinions on Twitter.


  1. Wee Penelope doesn’t seem to have the IQ to know of what she is babbling about. I didn’t hear the show but I hope they set her straight in no uncertain terms. Someone order up some rohypnol and show Penelope a good time.

  2. I love DMNs but as I am an old lady, I pray that the roofies you ordering up wont be used on Penelope, your mother, sister, or nephew. Way not cool dude.

  3. Jackie looks lovely and Penelope sounds like a bitch. I hope someone gets her on a trip while having her chained to a mechanical vibrator

  4. “the Wednesday (UK) morning show”

    Kyle and Jackie O are an Australian morning show based in Sydney, not the UK

  5. Why must people be kept ignorant? Deepweb is internet analogue to shortwave radio…

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