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Controlled Delivery of MDMA Package Leads to Arrests

A package containing 201 pink tablets of MDMA was intercepted by detectives at the Hernando County Sheriff’s Office in Florida. It was addressed to 23-year-old Daniel Lucht. A controlled delivery was then performed where the package was dropped off at Candlelight apartments, the apartment complex Lucht lived in.


Lucht’s roommate, 19-year-old Zachery Bilinski, arrived home shortly after the controlled delivery. He was met by police officers with a search warrant and the apartment was thoroughly searched through immediately. The search resulted in recovery of the package that contained 200 MDMA pill shaped like dominos (The police reported 201 in the intercepted package and 200 found at the apartment but it’s unclear if this is a typo.), three computers, 93 small Ziploc-type bags, and marijuana paraphernalia.

All three computers were used to order the pills. After the search and arrest, Lucht told detectives that he had purchased the 200 tablets of MDMA for $500 over the internet. He also incriminated Bilinski, claiming his roommate contributed $100 to the purchase. The pills were sold for less than regular street value and that “they” did it to help pay the bills, he told detectives.

Bilinski also admitted that he was involved with the purchasing the drugs online, and also to the inherent possession of them. Both suspects claimed the pills were not sold in Hernando, but instead in Tampa and Orlando where they traveled to clubs to “conduct their business.”

Both Bilinski and Lucht were charged with one count each of trafficking in MDMA, possession of a structure for the purpose of trafficking in a controlled substance and possession of paraphernalia, according to a local news source.

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  1. Florida is a state that is literally plastered with signs and billboards that offer reward money for information about a crime that leads to the arrest.
    Looks to me like they got sold for a months worth of groceries, and the police want to play it off like they have just figured out Rubik’s Cube in the Media, Lol.
    Ok, WHO is going to write to these guys for the straight scoop?

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