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Florida Man Arrested for Selling Fentanyl to Undercover Agents on Alphabay

In Fort Lauderdale, Chrissano Leslie, known on the deepweb as “owlcity”, will be facing charges of trafficking Fentanyl, a-PVP, MDMA, and cocaine. The charges stemmed from a DEA investigation that took place on the popular darknet marketplace, Alphabay.

The 26-year-old was arrested by DEA agents raiding his home on Wednesday, the 26th of July. Although the initial operation was put in place to catch Leslie for dealing heroin and fentanyl, the raid of his home resulted in the finding of the cocaine, MDMA, and a-PVP — all of which he’ll be facing charges for in a federal court.


DEA began investigating Leslie after a series of transactions took place on the darknet market Alphabay. In March, undercover agents posed as buyers on the marketplace, requesting to buy some “China white heroin.” Leslie, like any good vendor, accepted the Bitcoin and filled the order. The agents agreed to pay $510 for the shipment and arranged to have it delivered to an unspecified mail drop. For some reason, Leslie told the undercover agents that he would be sending the package from a U.S. Post Office in Hollywood, according to federal prosecutor Francisco Maderal.

“Criminals have taken advantage of the dark web to create websites with online marketplaces dedicated to the trafficking of controlled substances and other illicit goods,” a DEA affidavit read.

Agents watched Leslie make the drop at the U.S. Post Office in Hollywood, and intercepted the package, tested the drugs to find fentanyl, and then raided Leslie’s home. There they discovered the 26-year-old’s computer that contained evidence pointing towards the importation of the fentanyl — from China.

While federal government does allow some drug importation, I don’t think Leslie’s fentanyl trafficking will fall under what they call importation of personal prescriptions.

“In almost all cases, individual citizens are prohibited from importing prescription drugs into the U.S. However, the FDA provides guidance for “Coverage of Personal Importations” of unapproved new drugs.”

Leslie may be facing upwards of ten years in prison, depending on how his hearing goes.


  1. Jimmy-Of-Jimmy-John's

    I don’t get how the vendor was so stupid as to mention where he will be sending the package from. Never would I find this information important to anybody other than the feds, I could be wrong though. Just seems stupid, to me.

  2. > I don’t get how the vendor was so stupid as to mention where he will be sending the package from.

    That’s because it is not what happened. This is basically a copy/paste reprint from the Miami Herald article. What really happened (according to the criminal complaint, which C. Aliens did bother to grab off pacer.gov) was Owlcity checked tracking on usps.com from his home without a proxy on that 10g FURANYLfentanyl package he sent to the undercover DEA agents. And that was his undoing.

  3. So retarded hey guys im going to the post office on 123 failopsec ave to deliver this heroin I hope no federal agencies or surveillance cameras see me

  4. They probably just probability of numbers, trying to buy from them all. The one’s not set up correct are the prey. BOOM! Making a difference!!!!

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