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Protesters Are Calling for a Tor Blackout on September 1st

A collective is urging Tor users not to use the service for 24 hours on September 1st in protest of how the sexual misconduct allegations were dealt with. Another reason for the protest the group says, is because of the rumor that is circulating about how developers might be letting former government agents join Tor.

#torstrike was uploaded to GhostBin, and is asking those who use the service not to for 24 hours, and for workers at Tor to shut down its nodes and no longer work to upgrade the projects software. Protesters not only urge regular users to stop using Tor, but have asked the Tails OS and the Library Freedom Project to join as well.

“Tor can no longer be trusted after #jakegate/#torgate and hire of CIA. Its stinking credibility is putting people at risk. We hope it can be healed and regain trust with mass action. A short blackout may hurt in the short term, but save Tor in the long term. It will also allow dissenting voices to be heard,” a statement from #torstrike said.

There have been 16 demands made all together. Ten of which are directly related to the Applebaum investigation and ruling. The other six is directed at the possibility of allowing former government agents in on the project.

They request first and foremost that Shari Steele be removed from the project all together, and a new Executive Director be appointed. They also are demanding that Roger Dingledine, the President and co-founder of Tor, to leave also.

Protesters are also asking that the new board members reveal their connections in the Applebaum situation, if they were to have any at all. Another set of demands by the group are asking that all the details of the investigation and punitive process be made public, and are asking that all Tor employees that participated in the investigation be asked to resign.

The protesters are heated because one of the people Applebaum was under investigation for was made part of the official investigation. The same reasons were used by Tor node operator Stephan Seitz when he said he would be shutting his node down. In July, yet another important Tor node operator shut his node down and left saying it was due to ethical reasons.

Before he left, Seitz pointed out a blog post for the Tor team, from Marie Gutbub. Gutbub also left the team for the same reasons.

“I have never heard of any respected court in a democratic country where an accuser is part of the jury or a judge,” the post read.

A third Tor node operator has also asked that the Project clarify the allegations against Applebaum, threatening to leave as well.

Next on the list of demands, they are also asking that the people behind the Applebaum online bashing, JacobAplebaum.net, @JakeMustDie, and @VictimsOfJake to come out publicly. The website and Twitter accounts were used to publish details about the sexual misconduct allegations against Applebaum.

The group of protesters also want all the cyber-bullies to be removed from the project, and that Applebaum as well as his accusers detail their stories.

Lastly, the collection of protesters wants Tor to explain why it gave the New York Times an exclusive about the investigation, citing it as being very unusual and an embarrassment.

The six demands regarding the government infiltration of Tor are simply asking that any members, current, and prospective, reveal if they have any, or had any connection with any government agency. If they do, the protesters demand that they leave, or be fired right away.

They are also demanding that an annual report be published, containing a current list of staff and volunteers to the project. They also want each member’s background to be published as well.

“We know from IRC logs that Tor Project staff knew of a CIA hire on at least one occasion and kept it a secret,” the protesters said.



  2. Devil's Advocate

    Screw Applebaum. If you want me to quit using TOR suggest an alternative.

  3. Its a farce, used to crash the nodes that are too many for the feds to crash one by one, we go down then the new nodes are ALL CIA HONEYPOTS nice try guys we see you, and by the way no one would protest for sexual assault, this is tor guys, you cannot crash the deep web, at least not so easilly!

  4. This seems fishy to me. The NSA and CIA really want to use tor for their own benefits and this is a way they could do it.

  5. BorisBlazedaYeltsin

    Nunya biz comment kinda makes sense…

    wasn’t TOR designed to be organic…?

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