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Darknet Vendor BenzoChems Uploads Video of His Alprazolam Lab

In 2015, famed Xanax vendor Quantik uploaded a video of his pill press pumping out Xanax bars. A new vendor, going by the name BenzoChems, just uploaded one of his own. While Quantik’s video showcased a pill press, BenzoChem’s is focused on the production of Alprazolam. Such a peek into the life of a deepweb vendor is an unsurprisingly abnormal occurrence.

Quantik’s video remains somewhat of an iconic one because of the recorded theatrics. Every time a pill left the press, Quantik could be heard shouting “one dollar, one dollar, one dollar.” BenzoChem’s video is of a completely different nature. Aside from the lack of theatrics, no pills are being made so no pill press is involved. Instead we see equipment used in producing Alprazolam as well part of the drying procedure.

According to the Reddit post, the video features “Unknown chinese chemists & dirty lab.” The dirty lab, he claims, “Doesn’t affect powder purity.”

The vendor also went on and explain what made him upload this video:

Hello. as requested by some of our customers, we made a short video showing our employees making 80-90% alprazolam powder. We depict a few equipements used in the process as well as drying the powder. This is the same powder that we are selling on Alphabay.


Direct link to the video can be found here.


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