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First time trying LSD purchased from the Market.

he following article is a work of non fiction. It was written to give a detailed insight into the Authors experience when trying LSD. The Author mentioned in this article believes strongly in harm reduction and substance education.

Buying LSD and having it shipped as an international delivery was a very nerve racking experience for me. It doesn’t matter how many times you’ve ordered a drug/drugs into your country from the Market Place, international shipments carry the most risk. In my country, LSD is a luxury. A luxury because it’s hard to get. It’s not the cost that turns people away, it’s the fact that nobody can source it. All the low, middle, and high level street drug dealers along with Organized Crime Gangs deal in Marijuana, Methamphetamine, Synthetic Cannabis/Designer Drugs, and maybe small bit of MDMA. It’s hard to import in large amounts as it almost always gets seized. The closet thing to LSD a person can get here is N-Bomb which has many side effects of people slipping into a violent psychosis, attempting suicide, and being admitted to Hospital with Heart and Kidney problems, the list goes on.

Before turning to Agora Market Place to buy the LSD, I personally contacted 13 people I knew in real life, asking if they could source LSD. They then contacted all their friends and after roughly two months of no results, I gave up and turned to the Market Place.

I put in place what I thought I was a decent amount of security that I could think of when making this order. I knew of a vacant building which use to be rented to a guy a few houses down, who moved out, but was still having mail delivered under his name. He was a neighbor but never had a chance to meet him. When I found out he was moving away, I knew he would be leaving behind an empty property. I then found out the house was to remain unoccupied as the landlord/owner was planning on doing renovations. I also noticed the landlord was clearly not interested in the house as he never checked to clear the mail of tidy up.

I contacted a close personal friend who I believed that I could trust, to an extent. This person and their family where involved in drug dealing so we had a mutual interest. We met in person and alone. They agreed to collect the drugs. We never communicated via social media or txt while we waited. We did agree on a keyword that my friend would send to me when the drugs had arrived. Using the name and address of the guy down the road, I placed my order details into the PGP clipboard ensuring before hand I had FDE (full disk encryption) and my computers operating system was a secure Linux Distro and the freshly downloaded package “TOR Browser”, was up to date and extracted from another removable USB. All while doing this I was connected to public Free Wifi that was located just over 1 mile away by using a powerful Wifi dongle.

The Glass River

Two weeks after ordering and the drugs arrived, my mind was filled with curiosity, fear, and excitement. I collected them promptly from my friend and by then the paranoia had died down. If Law Enforcement/DEA/Undercover were going to do a controlled delivery or sting set up where I collected the drugs and I’m busted with the drugs in my possession, they would have done it by now and not half an hour before I take the trip. I choose a quiet park out side of the city I lived in. It was a beautiful day, bright blue sky, no clouds and the park was nearly empty. At first I was very nervous raising the tab to my mouth as I noticed my hands shaking. I promptly put the tab under my tongue and said “Fuck it, here goes nothing” in my head. Despite many warnings I was tripping on my own for my first time and I knew if something went wrong and the trip turned bad, I would either die, seriously injure myself, or I would spend a good couple of hours having a full blown freak out.

The tab itself was very tiny and was hard to find in the envelope, the vendor had gone out of their way to hide it. I had to be sure not to drop it or loose it. There was nearly no taste to the tab, a good sign as I had read before hand that real LSD should not have a taste. I placed the tab onto the roof of my mouth for 30 seconds or so then swallowed it. I was curious how strong 160ug was for a first timer, and since the tab came from the Netherlands I had high expectations.

Sitting on a seat watching a video from my phone I waited about an hour before I looked up to see a bush full of flowers and leaves expanding and forming a huge grin. Knowing this wasn’t real I began to laugh but was honestly terrified. I had to keep telling myself to remain positive to avoid changing my mindset from positive to negative. I began to feel a warm energy build up in my stomach and spread out over my body. I had a feeling in my body that was exactly like being really stoned, just minus the feeling of having a strong appetite or feeling “spaced out”. Instead I felt confident as if I was filled with years upon years of wisdom. I glanced to look at the time on my phone. My phone was blurred and the screen looked as if it was made of jelly. I then began walking through the park track observing everything around me. All the trees and plants were breathing. They were moving all in motion like a lung would when exhaling/inhaling. After a while of walking and muttering under my breath at how strange everything was, I found myself entering into a isolated forest area which had a group of small Lilly plants growing in the middle. A closer look at these flowers showed me that they were also falling in and out of each other like a balloon being slowly filled with air and slowly released.


I sat on the forest floor and stared at these plants for what felt like hours but had only been under an hour. Shortly before I left the forest area a group of people walked passed me and asked if I was ok. I looked at them with a puzzled expression and said everything was fine. Curious as to why they would talk to me I used my phone to take photo of my eyes as I remembered that LSD can make your pupils dilate. My pupils looked like they had melted away, I had eyes that looked similar to a scared cat.

Exiting the forest area I came across a river. As soon as I made eye contact with it, the river began moving too fast. It was also changing colors rapidly from orange to brown to yellow/gold to white. I knew that I couldn’t walk on the river but the hallucination was so strong it looked like multi colored glass panels that could easily hold my weight.

At this stage of the trip I began thinking over my life, who I was as a person, who I wanted to be, and many other in depth thoughts about the world. Some of these things I would never think of when sober, they simply wouldn’t cross my mind. I looked across the river to a paddock with trees and the animals. This part of my trip I will never forget. It took me a while to notice but the trees were swaying violently like trees would in storm. But they would move side to side and bend like a rubber band at unrealistic angels then regain position. The animals under these trees would make what seemed like normal animals sounds but their voices echoed and sounded muffled. All the animals would walk amongst themselves in the paddock only to blend into each other.

After having what I could only describe as an amazing yet strange trip, I decided to rest on a seat and listen to some relaxing music. At first things were ok, I was still tripping heavily but I was relaxed. Then out of no where I hear a someone yelling, “COME HERE, COME HERE!”. I look up to see a Dog running towards me full speed. But then the dog slowed down as if it was in a video game and the game had experienced a slow motion scene. The dog would then regain speed then slow down until it finally reached me.

I started to leave the park, after all I had been there for 5 hours. Making my way back to my vehicle I noticed a person biking past me and they smiled. There face didn’t look right though, the eyes nose and mouth had been shrunken to the size of a CD. I began to take notice of the sky, it had changed into a bright blue/purple mix and looked very well animated. Later that night when I thought the trip was beginning to slowly wear off, I tried eating. The food barely made down my throat before I spat it out. It tasted too thick and had a rubber texture to it. My eyes were still diluted and my fingers were beginning to swell thick to the size of sausages then throb as if they were infected.

It’s been just under a year since I tried Acid, and it was quite possibly one of the best experiences I ever had. I still think about it a lot. I did make a personal goal to myself to never use recreational drugs again after this trip as I felt LSD would be enough.

If you are going to take LSD, make sure you’re well prepared. LSD sourced from the Market place will most likely be stronger than the stuff you get from your local drug dealer, so be careful! As for how it effects you, the best advice I can give to anyone who hasn’t tried it and is planning to is:

  • Don’t trip alone
  • Ensure the person you do trip with is mature at least and won’t attempt to sabotage things or scare you while tripping. It sounds pointless reading it but under the effects of LSD, someone simply yelling at you to give you a fright can come across as a terrifying experience and your mind can blow it out of proportion.
  • Make sure you are in a positive, calm, state of mind and you are tripping in a safe relaxing area. Forests, Parks, small hiking areas, places that are away from the chaos of towns and cities and away from suspicious members of the public. If you are in a big city and you’re tripping out over vehicles passing you, or laughing at how pretty the shops and the produce are, people will get suspicious and apart from looking like a total nut case you will probably get arrested for Public Disturbance. Everything around you, what you see and hear is amplified in your mind. People have been known to see things that occur normally in life while on LSD and overreact and panic. This panic and overreaction can carry on for hours and not only ruin a trip but leave the person feeling traumatized.
  • LSD Information for a first time user. What to expect, how to use safely, laws and other information regarding LSD


  1. Thanks for the article! Great stuff. What a shame that this marvelous psychological tool and intoxicant should be criminalized while tobacco, alcohol, sugar, and television are legal and thrive!

  2. That was a nice article.

  3. Drama queen

  4. This article is written by a guy that took one single dose one time. It’s not as bad or scary as he makes it out to be. This article would be appropriate if he taken 10 or more hits. One dose is mostly trails, colors, deep thoughts and breathing plant life. If you’re going to do it do it without fear in your heart.

    • Ermando

      I found two screen shots of the conversations i had with the vendor, the were stashed away

      So the LSD i brought was 200ug and for a first time, that’s pretty strong. I have seen these comments and decided yours was the only one i’d reply to

      I had no fear doing it, it wasn’t scary just unknown, wasn’t bad just different.

      Felt too strange at some stages and made me feel as if i had become a different person through the trip

      As i mentioned in the article, i don’t do drugs at all now, I enjoyed this trip and enjoyed smoking marijuana a lot and taking other drugs occasionally in the past but this was the final straw and i don’t know what it is but i have no desire to do drugs anymore.

  5. ” It tasted too thick and had a rubber texture to it. ”

    Industrial shitfood ?

  6. Very Well Written

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