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Death Penalty Call For Child Sex Offender Peter Scully In Philippines

According to chief prosecutor Jaime Umpa, there is a death penalty call in child sex predator, Peter Scully’s case. The 53-year-old Australian citizen is currently standing before Cagayan De Oro court where prosecutors want to re-introduce death penalty to properly punish the man.

Umpa told the media Scully’s deeds are the most shocking officials had ever seen. The Australian man is facing murder, rape, human trafficking and 69 charges related to his dark web video business (he made videos for his clients on the dark net).


The most disgusting and notorious video of Scully is “Daisy’s Destruction” where he and her Filipino girlfriend tied an 18-month-old baby upside down while they were sexually assaulting and inflicting pain on her. The girl was returned to her parents after, however, she is deeply traumatized; she becomes hysterical every time a memory of her abuse is triggered. Scully allegedly sold the video to dark net clients for up to $10,000.

According to prosecutors, an 11-year-old was another victim of Scully: she was raped, murdered and buried in a shallow grave under a house rented by the sex offender.

Eight other girls are being held under witness protection who were at the age of 13 when Scully allegedly abused them. The Australian pedophile pleaded not guilty to the charges against him, which could slow down the case thanks to the speed of the Philippines judicial system.

Despite the fact Scully said last year he was “remorseful” for the acts he had done, he is now contesting the charges against him, which forces the alleged victims testify in court.

Prosecutors say the 53-year-old Australian was the pixelated person on the child porn videos who forced the children to commit such acts. Many of the people (journalists, officials, investigators) who have watched any of the videos have brought to tears.

“They were the most devastating thing I have ever seen. I cried when I was watching them … in fact, I feel like crying just now while talking about it,” she said. “It was hard to believe what I was seeing … that somebody could do those things to children,” Ruby Malanog, from prosecution said.

“If I had my choice it would be death for Scully. I want it to happen,” Umpa said in a statement regarding the question of death penalty. “We have to send a strong message to others that if they come to the Philippines and torture and abuse our children in this way they will be investigated with the full force of the law and executed.”

Umpa added if prosecutors fail to re-introduce death penalty, Scully would be still jailed for up to 100 years, which means life imprisonment for the sexual predator. However, under current Philippine procedures, the man would serve 30 years in one of the country’s prisons and would be deported to Australia for more jail time.

“We don’t believe this is sufficient for these crimes that were committed,” Umpa said.

Philippine president Rodrigo Duterte, who is currently waging war against drug-related offenders resulting in 3,500 deaths, wants to return death penalty for “heinous” crimes, such as rape and murder. Death penalty was abolished in the country in 2006 due to the pressure of the Catholic Church.

Scully, who is remanded in Cagayan de Oro City jail, portrayed himself as a victim of a priest who allegedly abused him sexually in Victoria when he was a child.

The sexual offender, who was arrested last year, complained about the conditions of the prison he is held in.

“He wants the same conditions as there are in Australian jails but this is not Australia,” jail warden Ferdiand Pontillo told the media.

The first six charges Scully will face in court will be the sexual abduction and rape of two girls in Cagayan De Oro in 2014 September. According to prosecutors, the children were lured to a house on the promise of food by Scully’s girlfriend who gave them alcohol before the man raped them and forced to commit sexual acts in front of cameras. When they tried to escape the Australian forced them to dig a grave under the house where they were told they would be buried. When the girls escaped after five days they ran terrified to their parent’s home.

Scully is linked to Matthew David Graham, AKA “Lux” who ran a dark web child porn website specialized in hurting children. Graham was sentenced to 15 years in prison by Victoria County Court. Videos, such as Daisy’s Destruction, were uploaded on Lux’s website.


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  3. fat Aussie bastard

    Scully, who is remanded in Cagayan de Oro City jail, portrayed himself as a victim of a priest who allegedly abused him sexually in Victoria when he was a child


    well…that’s not likely to ‘wash’ in the Phillipines…an overwhelmingly Catholic country;

    i’v examined many of these “child molestation” allegations against the Catholic Church;
    the evidence is very shaky, indeed….mostly involving decades old claims with little or no hard proof except for some-one’s “say so”;

    seems to me, its mostly a money-grubbing exercise….and the ‘victims’ are gold-diggers….. :(

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