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Tutorial: How To Buy From the Hansa Market?

Today we want to show you how to use the Hansa Market, which uses a system that ensures that no funds are lost in the case the market is shut down, making exit scams highly difficult. It uses a mandatory multi-signature wallet for every transaction, meaning that the funds are never fully controlled by the market. You can choose between a 2-of-3 multisig for the buyer, seller, and staff or 2-of-2 multisig as a fallback if you don’t want to bother with multi-signature. Funds can only be accessed by the vendor after orders are finalized and can never be accessed by the market staff only, making theft impossible. Finalizing Early is not allowed in the Hansa Market.

Part 1 – Protect your privacy

Step 1: The first thing you’ll need is the Tor Browser, which allows you to conceal your location by redirecting Internet traffic through a network of nodes. Click here to go to the Tor Browser download page and download the version that best suits your O.S.

Step 2: Although the Tor Browser conceal your location and usage from anyone conducting network surveillance or traffic analysis, your Internet Service Provider will be aware that you’re using the Tor. You can use a VPN to ensure maximum security. You can find a list of VPN providers here. There are a lot of free VPNs, but remember that they are probably worth what you pay for them: Nothing.

“When using a VPN Service it will hide your identity and location while also encrypting all of you internet traffic from everyone including your internet service provider. This technology will also protect you from identity theft and hacking when using free wifi because everything is encrypted.”

Step 3: In order to communicate on the deepweb markets, it’s advisable that you use PGP encryption. This ensures that in case the market is shut down by LE, your conversations will not be read and your address will not be revealed. One thought to keep in mind is that not all versions of GPG are created equally, so avoid using online GPG methods such as iGolder and those utilizing BouncyCastle libraries.

This site has basic guides covering GPG for each main OS. Linux, OS X, and Windows. Linux is the better choice, obviously; however, you will be fine ordering personal goods on both OS X and Windows.

Part 2 – Create and fund a Bitcoin wallet

Step 1: Click here to download the Electrum wallet. Download the version that best fits your O.S

Step 2: Install the setup and create a new Standard wallet.

Step 3: Go to “Addresses” and use one of the addresses there to receive your Bitcoin with. It’s advisable that you use one address per transaction.

Now that you have created a Bitcoin wallet, you can fund it. Bitcoin can be acquired on na exchange like Kraken or Bitstamp, but these require you to reveal your identity to a third party. You can also buy Bitcoins with cash or cash by mail using LocalBitcoins or Paxful. This ensures a higher degree of privacy.

It is also advisable that you use a Mixer when funding your account. Bitcoin Blender (onion address) has been around for quite some time and it is one of the most used mixers.

Now that your wallet is funded it’s time to create an account on the market.

Part 3 – Create an account with Hansa

Step 1: Click here to sign up for Hansa. Make sure to use a username and password you don’t use anywhere else (including other markets) to ensure that it can never be traced back to you.

Step 2: Complete the Security Challenge to enter the market.

Part 4 – Configure your Hansa account

Step 3: Click the “Login” button on the top right corner

Step 4: Fill in your account information.

You are now logged into your new Hansa Market account, now it’s time to configure it.

Part 4: Setting up your PGP

Step 1: Click your “yourusername’s Dashboard

Step 2: We will start by setting up the your public PGP key so that vendors can communicate with you safely. Click “PGP“.

Step 3: Paste your public key and click “Save“.

Step 4: You will now ask to confirm that you are the owner of the PGP private key by signing a transaction with your private key. Decrypt the message with your private key and paste it on the “Enter decrypted message” field, and click “Confirm

Part 5: Setting up your Wallet

Step 1: Now lets move on to your multi-signature address. This is essential to ensure that the funds in escrow can be accessed even be accessed if the vendor gets banned, loses his/her private key or refuses to settle a dispute. Click “Multi-Signature“.

Step 2: Click “Add a new wallet

Step 3: Go back to your Electrum wallet, select na address, click the right mouse button and click “Public Keys”

Step 4: Select your Public Key and copy it

Step 5: Paste your public address into the “Public Key of a Bitcoin address” field and name your wallet. You can also store your private key (it must be PGP encrypted). Hit “Save“.

Step 6: Go back to the Electrum wallet and get your private key by clicking on the address with the right mouse button.

Step 7: The wallet will prompt you for the password. Enter it and copy your private key and paste it somewhere to use in a second.

Step 8: Go back to the Hansa market and copy the Bitcoin transaction to Sign


Step 9: Normally we would sign this transaction using Electrum, but for some reason Electrum is unable to sign the Hansa multi-signature transactions, so we’ll use coinb.in. Click here to go to Coinb.in. Paste your Private key (From step 10) on the first field and then paste the transaction to sign (From step 11) on the second field. Hit “Submit

Step 10: Now, copy the signed transaction from Coinb.in and paste it on the “Signed Transaction” field in Hansa and hit “Submit

You have successfully signed your transaction. You should see something like this:


You can still configure additional security features under “Settings” like activating 2FA and a welcome message (useful against phishing), but we’ll leave that up to you. We will need, however, to set up a refund wallet address, so go to “Settings” and enter your wallet address under “Your refund Bitcoin address”



and then hit “Save Settings

Now it’s time to buy something your heart desires!

Part 5: Searching for an item

Step 1: You can search for items using the Search tool or by browsing the categories. When you use the search tool, you can narrow down your search by choosing the categories. In this case, we want to read a book on LSD, so we’ll search for “LSD”


Step 2: Then, we’ll narrow down your search by clicking “Guides & Tutorials”


You can also use “Filter” to narrow your search down even more


We have chosen this Item:


Part 6: Check your vendor’s feedback

Once you’ve chosen an item, you’ll want to check the seller’s reputation by clicking his profile and checking the number of positive feedbacks, number of orders and Feedback history on other markets. Some users will have a “Trusted member” badge which means they are active in other markets.



Part 7: Make a purchase

Step 1: We have deemed this user as worthy of our purchase due to his positive feedback, time as vendor, and feedback history on other markets. We’ll go back to the item and click “Purchase


Step 2: We will be taken to the item’s page. Since this is a digital item, there is only one shipping option. For physical items, you’ll want to check the Shipping Options, choose your favorite and click “Buy Now


Step 3: In the message to the vendor field, you’ll want to enter you address and any other notes you may want to leave to the vendor. You can see the vendor’s preferred address format in his profile.

In order to ensure your address is always safe from L.E, you can encrypt the message manually with your PGP software or using Hansa’s.

Step 4: Click “Continue to Payment


Step 5: You will be shown a wallet address. send the designated amount of BTC to the address shown and refresh the page



Your funds are now in a multi-signature wallet controlled by you, the seller, and the moderators. All you have to do now is wait for the vendor to accept your order and for your item to be delivered. Once that happens, you’ll want to release the payment.

You can check the status of your order by clicking “Orders


Once the Order is accepted you’ll receive a notification


and the order will show a “Processing” Status


Once the vendor ships the item, you will receive another notification and the status will change to shipped



Now that you have received your item, it’s time to release the payment to the buyer.

Part 7: Release payment

Step 1: Go to orders and click “Details” on the order you wish to finalize


Step 2: Once there, all you have to do is click “Finalize


It’s important to note the “Auto Finalize” timer, as the payment will be automatically released to the seller once the timer runs out.

Step 3: Confirm by clicking “Finalize Order


Step 4: Now it’s time to leave feedback. This is very important as the whole trust system is based on feedback left. Choose the rating according to the quality of the product, time of shipping and price. You can also leave a comment (optional). Click “Submit Feedback


That’s it! The process is complete. You have purchased your item, and you’ve helped the next customer to make up is mind regarding the seller and item.

If your item doesn’t arrive until the Auto Finalize timer runs out, you can ask to dispute the order by clicking “Dispute”. This stops the Auto Finalize timer and allows you to chat with the moderator assigned and with the seller.



  1. Used this market once but it’s a ghost town now I don’t think that any of the respectful vendors are active in Hansa anymore. E.X. UKWhite is on “vacation” since forever, Narco as well, FastFoodUK doesn’t even have an account…
    I am pretty sure when AlphaBay performs it’s vanishing act this place might see member and vendor numbers explode…
    Have seen this one time too many ….. Sheep, Tor Market…..

  2. I LOVE Hansa’s color scheme & all but…

    That crazy escrow stuff, where one could receive an empty box with trk #, that dealers have & lose one’s scratch…

    Just sayin’… click on my name is an option.

  3. I love it. I dont know what Larson means with ghosttown. I am ordering my products there without any problems, lots of nice offers, lots of sellers

  4. If i have a service of vpn like IPVanish, I need to star IP vanish and then ejecute Tor Browser or simple start IP Vanish and navigate for Mozilla?

    Very thank you.

    pd:sorry by my english

  5. Thank you so much. New to this whole deal and this guide got me where I needed to be ! orders and all :)

  6. Hello, I’m new on hansa, someone could tell me where I find my pgp key? I do not understand much of it is, if someone could tell me, thank you!

  7. I would like to join and I lost all the master codes for the other sites

  8. MODE: You should start your VPN client, use mozilla firefox, or similar, to find and download the Tor browser. Innstall it and then you can start surfing the .onion sites (with the Tor browser).

    GEAH: You need to download GPG4win, or similar, and set it up. That’s where you make your PGP keys, and encrypt/decrypt whatever you like. There is guides on youtube if you need help with that.

  9. hey, I can not get past the stage ”the following challenge” i need help please.

  10. Anybody ever use the dnm successfully with a smart phone? I once had a pgp app, tor app..an made an account on one of the markets an it wouldn’t let me import no one’s pgp key..so that pretty much didn’t work but I think this one imports sellers keys …but if anyone knows if it’s possible or been done lmk asap .I have yet to make use a dnm

    • Many many times it’s my preferred method. Android, Data/location off, 2nd user account or better yet inactive phone not linked to you any way, Torguard VPN, Tor, Orofox, OpenKeychain, LastPass, Electrum for multisig BTC account or Mycilium otherwise. Android 7.0 (maybe just 4.0 is needed whichever version gives you full access to program permissions).

  11. Having trouble at part 4 step 3. I cant seem to find the huge block of text that the example shows being pasted in no matter where i look on electrum. Where do i find it?

  12. Can som 1 explein step by step how to order from android? (no sim, no gps)?
    what prog? are it nesesery to use pgp in order? are it posibol order no use pgp?

  13. Holy crap, whoever said that this process is simple is out of their minds! Ive always been considered pretty advanced intellectually, but trying to follow these steps is like trying to solve a calculus equation. I don’t know anyone who knows a thing about this stuff, and I really need someone to help to make this process seem a little bit more simplistic because I’ve got coin and I’m itching to buy from here, but as it stands right now,it and I are frozen in our tracks. If anyone can offer some insight into how this was made more simple for them, I would appreciate it.

  14. When I have to change my multisig wallet in HANSA?

  15. georgie porgie

    I logged i n via my cell phone but could not log in from my pc. I dont see the need the need to enter my btc account. I just want to order stuff theres no guarantee of mee reciveing my stuff so the only btc accoun that would be neccesary is the vendors. look at proroid.com for a smooth running system.

  16. Having trouble with the multi sig setup. I copy/paste the public key by right clicking a Electrum address and pasting exactly what it copied. I’m getting the error message saying “Please enter a valid public key!”.

    If I remove the spaces from the public key it will accept it & go to the next step. But after I get transaction signed I get a error saying it’s the wrong private key. Maybe because the private key & public keys don’t match because I removed the spaces.

    I’ve followed the instructions to a tee it seems but I can’t get it to work. If anyone has any suggestions I’d appreciate some help.

  17. A little outdated – or Hansa is online again somewhere?

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