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BKA Chief: Organized Crime Shifted Actions To The Dark Net

Organized criminal groups in Germany has started to increase their actions on the darknet, BKA (Federal Criminal Police Office – Bundeskriminalamt in German) Chief Holger Münch said at a joint presentation with Interior Minister Thomas de Maizière in Wiesbaden.

“Terrorists may get no opportunity to pursue their dangerous ideology,” Münch said. “We must take every opportunity to obtain evidence also of organized crime for the fight against terrorism.”

“Criminals can gain access to sophisticated cyber tools without their own great technical knowledge. So new opportunities for crime are opened. It is therefore not surprising that the investigators found an increase in cybercrime in the area of organized crime,” he continued.

According to several German media outlets, the gunman at the Münich shooting allegedly purchased the firearm from a dark net vendor. The shooting resulted in the death of the perpetrator, David S., and nine other people. He used a 9mm Glock 17, which was a reactivated theater weapon.

Since the Münich shooting in Germany, both government officials and law enforcement authorities started to concentrate more to crack down the dark net weapon trade. However, German police are not only taking actions against dark web gun vendors but drug dealers too. There were numerous cases in the past few months regarding drug busts. The biggest operation performed by law enforcement authorities was the nationwide arrest of dark net vendor Chemical Love’s customers. During that raid, 63 suspects were arrested apart from the five men running the vendor shop.

CRIME AREAS 2015 2014
Drug trafficking / smuggling 208    (36.7%) 188    (32.9%)
property crime 84    (14.8%) 108    (18.9%)
Crime i. Cm the economy 67    (11.8%) 73    (12.8%)
Tax and customs offenses 51    (9.0%) 52    (9.2%)
smuggling 46    (8.1%) 35    (6.1%)
violent crime 28    (4.9%) 23    (4.0%)
Cybercrime 22    (3.9%) 12    (2.1%)
forgery of documents 16    (2.8%) 22    (3.9%)
Crime associated with nightlife 15    (2.7%) 19    (3.3%)
money laundering 12    (2.1%) 20    (3.5%)
environmental crime 5    (0.9%)    (1.1%)
Weapons trafficking / smuggling 5    (0.9%)    (0.9%)

Despite the government’s efforts, organized crime is still present in Germany. The criminal procedures linked to organized crime were 571 in 2014, while it only changed by five to 566 cases in 2015. More than one-third, 36.7 percent, of the crimes were related to illegal substances, followed by property offenses with 14.8 percent and financial crimes with 11.8 percent, according to the National Situation Report by the Wiesbaden department of the BKA.

About 80 percent of organized crime cases were having international contacts. Only one-third of the total 8675 suspects in 2015 were German citizens. This means the two third of the criminals were foreign nationals.

Interior Minister Thomas de Maizière (CDU) says the damage caused by organized crime in Germany is estimated in billions of Euros. He also added that the number of unreported cases is high.

“Organized crime threatens us all,” said the Minister. “In the case of the fight, it is above all the law on the disposal of wealth that is important, with which the assets of unclear origin are easier to recover. This grabs the criminals where it hurts them.”

“The BKA will continue to investigate organized crime and counterterrorism. This is a valid concern about the arms trade, smuggling and falsification of documents”, according to BKA President Holger Münch. “Especially with these offenses, steps to combat terrorism should be taken.”


  1. control freaks….. im starting to think they dont want people making any money from drugs, incase they gain enough power to wake people up to the false system we live under…

    if i made 1,000,000 i could change people’s thinking the way the system does now to us … but for the better

  2. DNM should drop weapons sales and forged document, counterfeit money and most of all pedophile crap, it’s turning the heat on all of us normal people..

  3. What needs to happen is the organized crime of the gangsters and mafia need to flip the scipt on those nazi fuckers and make them the target. I mean for fucks sake there is a hell of a lot more of us then there are of them. If all these dope dealers and hustlers worked together we could start taking these cops out one at a time. Frame these cops with dope and give them a taste of their own medicine. Fuck, guess I might be dreaming but damn, Why the fuck not? Make them start watching their own ass instead of ours..

  4. and this thread realy boring, i mean im see more gruesome on darknet an this guys search crimes like this, boring


    muuuuaaaaaah, i am reading those stories over and over for years now.


    NONE of the police, bka, bnd, europlo, fbi or any other authority is able get any real hacker or black hat with sophisticated knowledge about anonymity and network security !!!!
    NEVER EVER !!!!!!!!!

    the only ones the authorities get is the fucking lamers and losers whom think they can use TOR and have anoymity and privacy then.
    but this is okay because not everyone can be an expert in security and this is why i am doing cybercrime for more than 7 years now.


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