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Another Bust In Germany: Vendor From Ostprignitz-Ruppin Arrested

According to the Brandenburg Police Department’s announcement, authorities arrested a 29-year-old man suspected of running a vendor shop on the dark net.

The Prosecutor’s Office in Cottbus said the vendor offered prescription drugs and other substances for his customers. Law enforcement authorities also added the alleged shop ran for about a year and payments were made exclusively in BTC. When investigators traced back the payment history of the 29-year-old, they found multiple bitcoin payments, some of them in the five-figure Euro range.

Since the statement was quite brief, we do not know further details, such as the exact name or pseudo name of the vendor.

There was a similar case recently where German special forces arrested an alleged dark net vendor. Law enforcement authorities performed an early morning raid on the 29-year-old man’s home in Dinslaken on October 14. A spokesman for the prosecutor’s office said the Special Task Force was called in based on a potential firearm threat. Police believed the suspect is armed and dangerous, however, a police spokesman from Konstanz stated after the raid that the man’s arrest was peaceful. He was detained without resistance.

The 29-year-old is suspected of running a huge scale vendor shop on the dark net. According to investigators, the man sold drugs on multiple usernames. He mainly sold amphetamines, but other narcotics included LSD and ecstasy. Law enforcement authorities followed a trail from Lake Constance (Bodensee) all the way to Dinslaken. The trail consisted of suspects in drug cases, photographic evidence and postal records.

One of the biggest busts in Germany was dark net vendor Chemical Love’s. Authorities arrested five people who are suspected of running the shop and seized 54 kg amphetamines, 1.3 kg cocaine, 4 kg heroin and 25,000 ecstasy pills in a gang member’s apartment. However, the case was not big because the five alleged suspects were arrested. German law enforcement authorities, after examining the sales history of Chemical Love, traced back and carried out a major nationwide raid on the vendor’s customers. The operation resulted in the arrest of 63 suspects.

The five suspects of the Chemical Love case were arrested in April 2016, however, prosecutors only filed the charges against them formally on October 11. The alleged criminals were charged with the importation of drugs (mostly from the Netherlands), and with the transportation and sale of the substances.

Law enforcement authorities in Germany are not only focusing on drug dealers but all kinds of illegal activities on the dark web. For example, the Bavarian police recently arrested a 22-year-old and a 24-year-old man who were running a counterfeiting operation in a garage in Geisenhausen. Authorities seized computers, three inkjet printers, large quantities of paper designed for printing euros, cutting tools, chemicals for the treatment of printed notes, and several 50 Euro counterfeit notes. Investigators also found 2,856 holograms, which they believed were purchased from a dark net marketplace. According to court documents, the men created 5,000 50-euro notes estimated to be worth $276,362. They allegedly sold 1,227 of these to dark web customers.

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