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How to use a Bitcoin Mixer: BitBlender

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Bitcoin mixers are quite popular and they will probably continue to be so even as new privacy solutions like Monero or Zcash come along. Coin tumblers provide a great service, but they should be used carefully.

We want to show you how to use, not only Bitcoin mixer, but four. We want to show you how to use four mixers so you can make your own choice about which one to use. We do not advertise these mixers as being the best out there but they are certainly popular. Remember: When using a third party service, there is always a chance your funds can be stolen or lost. This goes for centralized exchanges, web wallets and coin mixers. Last time, we showed you how to use the BitCloak mixer. This time, we’ll show you how to use Bitcoin Blender, commonly knwon as BitBlender

BitBlender allows you to quickly mix your bitcoin with the Quick Mix function or to create an account if you plan to use the service multiple time. BitBlender has a randomized fee of 1-3%, and a referral program that allows you to earn 0.5% of your referral’s mixed coins, if these reach the minimum amount of 10BTC in one week. Furthermore, with BitBlender you can send your un-mixed coins to five different addresses at once – they will all show up as a single balance in your account for ease of withdrawal. You can also then delete them to get new ones.

Part 1 – Register an account

Step 1: Click here (onion address) to go to BitBlender

Step 2: Click Register to open an account


Step 3: Enter your account data, captcha, and click “Register


Your account will be created and you will be automatically logged in. Now it’s time to mix some bitcoin

Part 2 – Mix your Bitcoin

Step 1: Click “Deposit” to send your dirty bitcoins in


Step 2: You will be shown a Bitcoin address. Like we’ve said before, BitBlender allows your to send your dirty BTC to up to five different addresses. To take advantage of this feature click “Get new deposit address


Step 3: You can now send the desired amount of bitcoin to the wallet address shown. We advise you to take advantage of the multiple deposit addresses feature to increase security. (You can always delete old addresses by clicking the “X” mark on the left side of the address and create new ones)


You can refresh the page to see if the transaction has been successful


Once the transaction has been confirmed, it will be added to your balance

Step 4: Once you have received the bitcoin in your account . Click “Withdrawal


Step 5: Insert the address you want your bitcoins to be sent. You can input up to 10 wallet addresses , one address per line. We advise you to use multiple addresses to throw off any correlation between the amount of coins sent to BitBlender and the amount of coins that come out.


Step 6: Insert the amount of coins you want to mix (1), the time delay you want to add (2), then click “Send bitcoins


You have now successfully mixed your Bitcoin using BitBlender. If you enter more than one wallet, your bitcoin will be randomly split and sent to said wallets. As for the random 1-3% fee, it’s deducted from deposits, not withdrawals.

If you need to stop an ongoing mix, click “Abort withdraws” at the bottom of the page

Part 3 – Auto Withdrawal

If you want to set some wallet addresses to automatically withdraw from, scroll down, enter your wallet addresses (1) and click “Turn on automatic Withdrawing(2)


Part 4 – Quick Mix

If you don’t feel like creating an account, you can always use the Quick Mix feature to quickly clean your bitcoins

Step 1: Click “Quick Mix


Step 2: (Optional) If you have mixed your bitcoin with this feature, enter your previous Quick Mix ID to ensure that you’re not getting the same Bitcoin you deposited before


Step 3: Insert the address you want your bitcoins to be sent. You can input up to 10 wallet addresses , one address per line. Again, we advise you to use multiple addresses to throw off any correlation between the amount of coins sent to BitBlender and the amount of coins that come out.


Step 4: Enter the time delay (1), captcha (2) and click “Create new Quick Mix


Step 5: Send Bitcoin to the address displayed


Step 6: (Optional) You can now use your Quick Mix ID to check the status of your Mix. Copy the code and enter it in the field on Step 2 then click “Check status of Quick Mix



That’s it. Enjoy your newly mixed Bitcoins! If you need to recover your password, you can always do so in the “Forgot Password” section. Also, be sure to read BitBlender’s home page text on the “Best-Practice for Top-Level Anonymity”, It’s a great source of information on how to remain 100% anonymous. .

On the next tutorial we’ll cover CoinMixer.se.


  1. I’d like to see a tutorial on bitcoin debit cards like Wirex, Cryptopay, spectrocoin, and others.

  2. Hey DeepDotWeb! Just a quick heads-up. Several of my friends found the link you included to be a scam. I ran my own test, and I also never received my coins back. While there are some legitimate BitBlender services, many (such as this one) have a tendency to take people’s money. A much more advisable site would be PayShield by SIGAINT or Helix/Helix Light by Grams. They’re not hard to find and PGP verified.

    Like your stuff, but try to verify first…
    ~ rawnull

    • DeepDotWeb

      The link in the article is not a scam, its the official link. Been tried and tested.

      bitb lende rvrfkz r.on ion

      See other link? Verify that you are not on one of DDW onion cloners (duplicates of this sites on fake onion urls)

    • Bitblender

      The URL published here is correct, you can also verify the deposit addresses are correct by PGP message and the same with the quickmix option.

  3. Hey DDW, I used the quick-mixer last night hoping to receive my coins this afternoon. I just logged onto check since I have not received my coins yet and found everything is stuck in the “Incoming coins (waiting for confirms):” field. Any idea what is happening?

    • Bitblender

      You need to wait for your transaction to be added to the blockchain by the bitcoin miners. Its explained in the FAQ on the support page, please check it out. It allows you to do CPFP on not confirmed deposits to add the missing fee needed and get a confirmation fast.

  4. I have managed to deposit my coins into this however it wont let me withdraw to any of the addresses i have used? any ideas?

  5. I also think there’s something wrong with this link. It is the one which worked last time mixed coins there (8 of February) but I don’t trust it anymore. I’m sure I have put correctly my username and password, I’m really careful with these things. I’ve created a new one just to see, and when logging in for second or third time it never ask you to decrypt anything, when you had to do it ALWAYS before loggin in before. Mind your bitcoins.

  6. Sorry for the previous comment, please don’t publish. The link is correct in the end. After a while I manager to log in with help from the administrators. It really looked weird to me, but they finally could help me. Sorry for any inconvenience, just wanted to alert people as I was scammed once.

  7. I deposited coins on this last night and could see them in incoming, 10mins later i was logged out and haven’t been able to get back in since

  8. Still down apparently. Trying to get in through bitblender.io.

  9. down right now!!! i have money on it

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